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Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by solfizz, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. solfizz

    solfizz Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone,
    Who here lives around San Diego to get together to play some VF either in the arcades(where are they here??), or over at my place or anywhere else for the ps2 version? I'm looking for people who have the same passion for this game who'd be willing to show me the ropes or just provide some good sessioning. I've only played vf4 for a couple of days (before my friend took back his game and the modded ps2 needed to run it), but I can already say that the game's so good i'd be willing to play against complete strangers.
  2. chandlerz

    chandlerz Member

    It seems that there is no VF4 in SD.
    vf4akira live in SD. I played VF with him a few times.

    If you come to LA, you can play vf with sevral players.
    ( please read LA thread )
  3. Brisal73

    Brisal73 Well-Known Member

    Hey Sol... Im from that L.A. group. I also recommend meeting up with Vf Akira and carpool up to LA. We have pretty good competition up here and it might be just what your looking for.- Brian

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