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Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by Mike90210, Mar 29, 2002.

  1. Mike90210

    Mike90210 Well-Known Member

    I know that this has been posted before but since the US version came out theres been alot of new people joining. Itd be cool if we get some kind of SD VF scene started. Post here if u know of any VF machines or youre just from SD.
  2. solfizz

    solfizz Well-Known Member

    i live in SD, anyone else? Mike, we should get some gaming going on the ps2 sometime.
  3. vf4akira

    vf4akira Well-Known Member

    i'm still lurking around, but I won't be able to do anything until next week.
  4. Mike90210

    Mike90210 Well-Known Member

    Man this is sad only 3 people from SD on these boards...
  5. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    There's a guy named Wen who plays a good Jeffry, he came up to SF to visit and play VF4 a couple of weeks back. He's studying in UCSD this semester. Send me a PM and I can give you his email if you're interested...
  6. xMETHODx

    xMETHODx New Member

  7. Mike90210

    Mike90210 Well-Known Member

    Cool. We need as many people as we can get around here. Anyone else?
  8. akiralove

    akiralove Well-Known Member

    hey mike,

    nice to meet you last week, I was thinking about seeing if some of the LA people wanted to go to san diego sometime soon. would you guys be game?

  9. vf4akira

    vf4akira Well-Known Member

    Hey all!
    Pretty good gathering in SD... finally! /versus/images/icons/smile.gif It was nice meeting everyone.
    Sorry I had to leave kinda early. Next time we should try to get another TV going. I can bring my PS2 & VF4 too.
  10. Mike90210

    Mike90210 Well-Known Member

    Ya I had a good time aside except for the part when Wen kept kicking my ass(j/k). I finally got it together against his Jeff. He still beat me but at least I got a few wins in and I played respectibly. Sorry I only have 1 TV at the house right now. The waits were kinda ridiculous.

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