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  1. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Sarah Bryant Combos.


    FL=Flamingo stance moves.
    MC=Major counter.
    Light=Light characters, all the girls especially Aoi.
    Stun=Your opponent will loose control for a few seconds.

    Various Combos:

    1. df+PK, FL: u+K

    2. f+K, df+PK, FL: u+K

    3. db+K, df+PK, FL: u+K

    4. f+K, df+PK, FL: df+PK, FL: d+K+G

    5. d+P+K, d+KK

    6. u/uf+K, G, PPK (everyone) or PPPK variant (MC otherwise light or wall bounce only.)

    7. f+K, b+K, FL: u+K

    8. d+P+KK, ub+K

    9. f+K, f+PK, b+K

    10. f+K, f+Pdf+P

    11. f+K, b+K, FL: d+K+G

    12. u/f+K, db+K, b+K

    13. db+K, PPPK variant

    14. d+K+G, df+K+G, df+K

    15. f+K, db+K, db+K

    16. db+K, ff+K

    17. f+PK, b+K

    18. f+PK, b+K, FL: u+K (MC otherwise light)

    19. ub+K+G, dP+KK

    20. u/uf+K, d+KK

    21. u/uf+K, b+K, FL: u+K

    22. f+K, PPPK variant

    Flamingo Stance:

    The following combos can be started with any of the Flamingo activators:

    Hydro Side Kick: P+K = Priority>power>speed>range.
    Switch Kick: b+K = Speed>priority>power>range.
    Double Rise Kick: b+P+K = Range>power>priority>speed.
    Chop-Kick: df+PK = Priority>speed>range>power.

    For the sake of things I will use P+K as it is a High and Mid Punch Sabaki.

    1. P+K, FL: d+K, FL: d+K+G,

    2. P+K, FL: d+K, FL: df+K, FL: u+K

    3. P+K, FL: d+K, FL: u+K

    4. P+K, FL: df+K, FL: f+K (stun), FL: u+K

    5. P+K, FL: df+K, FL: f+K (stun), FL: d+K+G,

    6. P+K, FL: df+K, FL: f+K (stun), FL: f+K+G, d+P+KK

    7. P+K, FL: df+K, FL: f+K (stun), FL: K+G

    8. P+K, FL: df+K, FL: K+G, df+K+G

    9. P+K, FL: d+K, FL: df+K, FL: K, FL: f+K (stun), FL: u+K

    10. P+K, FL: d+K, FL: df+K, FL: K, FL: f+K (stun), FL: f+K+G, d+P+KK

    11. P+K, FL: d+K, FL: df+K, FL: K, FL: f+K (stun), FL: d+K+G

    12. P+K, FL: d+K, FL: df+K, FL: K, FL: f+K (stun), FL: KKK

    13. P+K, FL: d+K, FL: df+K, FL: K, FL: f+K (stun), FL: KKd+K

    14. P+K, FL: d+K, FL: df+K, FL: K, FL: f+K (stun), FL: KKK+G

    15. P+K, FL: PPK

    16. P+K, FL: Pd+K

    17. P+K, FL: PPPK variant

    18. P+K, FL: df+PK, FL: PPPK variant

    19. P+K, FL: df+PK, FL: Pd+K

    20. P+K, FL: df+PK, FL: u+K

    21. P+K, FL: df+PK, FL: df+K, f+K (stun), FL: u+K

    22. P+K, FL: df+PK, FL: KKK

    23. P+K, FL: df+PK, FL: KKd+K

    24. P+K, FL: df+PK, FL: KKK+G

    25. P+K, FL: u/d+P+K, FL: u/d+P+K, FL: d+K+G

    26. P+K, FL: u/d+P+K, FL: u+K

    27. P+K, FL: df+K, FL: u+K

    28. P+K, FL: u,hcf+P+G

    29. P+K, FL: f+K (stun), FL: u,hcf+P+G

    30. P+K, FL: P+G

    31. P+K, FL: f+K (stun), FL: P+G

    That's all I can come up with right now but I hope you see my pattern of thought. Within the Flamingo, excluding the canned combos (KKK variants) and the kicks that knock down an opponent, almost every kick can be chained into another kick. Feel free to check them and amend or dismiss what you don't agree with.
  2. Vansen

    Vansen Well-Known Member

    Very good. I'll try most of these out tonight.
    Most of the combos you have covered but you've seem to miss some combos that start with the Heel Seed / Overhead kick (ub+K+G). I think this move is great to start combos with because she really nails opponents down hard so they bounce high.

    ub+K+G, ub+K (great to counter rising attaks)
    ub+K+G, P, d+K+G (I'm sure you can add another punch in there)
  3. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Adio, do I feel a VF4 Sarah guide coming?
  4. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    When I use the Spin Heel Sword (ub+K+G) I stick with the Toe Kick-Punt Kick because though it doen't produce greater damage it leaves me in a better position (TK-PK=15>20, KF=38). Don't you mean ub+K+G, D+P, d+K+G?

    Is the open/close stance rellivent to the ub+K+G, ub+K?
  5. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    I'm not the type of guy to give in depth character advise as I feel that's up to the player. I am though working on height and damage ratios for the combos. I've posted this to VFProject also, perhaps they will pick some of it up.
  6. Vansen

    Vansen Well-Known Member

    Had some fun tonight trying all your combos. All of the normal combos work ok, stances and other factors come into it as well. There is a floor combo which will teach people to Tech roll so they rise quickly:

    u/uf+K, db+K, f+K, b+K
    Did this to a VF3 player and he wasn't happy that I killed him on the ground. I also tried this vs computer Lion as well, took half his energy bar (granted that I play on a best of 3 VF4 b arcade so the damage rates might be a bit higher).
    Another staple combo I've seen and us a lot is:
    "Float" chop kick (FL) kick flip
    Choose what move you want to float with, I personally like the DC (db+K) or ambush with elbow (delayed) knee and Toe kick (delayed) Punt kick. However if you MC with a knee and they are close to a wall I do the following:
    MC Knee (normal or part of the elbow-knee) chop kick (FL) PPPK or b+K. If the first punch of the sequence hits your opponent to the wall you will see your opponent bounce like a ball between the wall and you fists and finally your knee. Very gratifying and damage is huge too!

    To answer you questions about the Spin Heel Sword.
    1. I mean do mean P (not d+P) d+K+G. As I said before, they really bounce! First time I did it by accident I didn't believe it until I did it on Jeff.
    2. I think stance is important here, not sure which stance I should be in though DOH! However the best way that you can get this combo out is against low rising attacks. Just stand outside there rising sweep and hammer them once you see there opening frames of the sweep.

    One more thing before I go tonight.
    I've watched some movies of Sarah players using her leg takedown (bf+P+G) as there staple throw. Granted that it is one of the most damaging throws, I personally like her knees. Why? Because most of the time you can pounce after. The only way your opponent can escape the pounce is to roll back and away and not all can do it. I know for a fact that Vanessa is a slow riser and so does Myke:) If you have them close to a wall then pounce regardless, no room for them to escape, even better if you got them in the knee wall throw
  7. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    I'm just glad that people are getting something out of what I produce. I'm the only Sarah user in the Casino as far as I know and it's frustraiting. The Switch Kick is great for extra damage and works well especially against Aoi.

    The Chop-Kick, Kickflip is my combo of choice too but, I go for the PPPK variants if I get a MC near a wall.

    Try using the Crash Tornado (while rising K+G charge), many of my opponents don't even block it but if they do they get stunned which if done close up can guarantee a throw or her Rolling Face Crash catch throw.

    My throw of choice is the Fallen Angel (f,db+P+G) as like the Lightning Knee Smash if you miss you can follow through and CD backwards. Everyone who plays me knows that's what I use so I try to mix up my routines. But yes, the Leg Hold Takedown is her strongest throw, then the Front Suplex (P+G) then the Fallen Angel. The Lightning Knee Smash is the weakest throw after her Neck Breaker Drop (ff+P+G)

    I never do a pounce after the Lightning Knee Smash, it can be escaped, I just dash in and do a Soccer Kick (df+K) which is much safer. A pounce after a Fallen Angel is safe though.

    I use the Dragon Cannon for my floats instead of the Knee because it goes under high punches and has less frames than the Knee, both are equally strong so the Knee is quite redundant unless you are following through from a MC.

    I can't believe you got a P on Jeffery of all characters after a Spin Heel Sword. Thats nuts! If you get the P, is Punch Sidekick (Pd+K) possible then?

    What weight was the character you used u/uf+K, db+K, f+K, b+K on?
  8. kbcat

    kbcat Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah. Llany is definitely going to incorporate your list into what up coming VP sarah list. Hopefully Llany has some that aren't on your list as well.

  9. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    My throw of choice is the Fallen Angel (f,db+P+G) as like the Lightning Knee Smash if you miss you can follow through and CD backwards.

    Great point there, and your notes on Sarah's Crash Tornado are *very* encouraging... I'm very excited that moves like this were added to the game to kill turtlers.

    Adio, keep on posting your very informative posts... I would comment more, but I just don't have access to VF4 yet. When I do, I'll be digging up these old Sarah threads, and if I see something that's worth commenting on that no one has mentioned yet I'll bring it up then.

    Cheers man!
  10. Vansen

    Vansen Well-Known Member

    I know how you feel, I've used Sarah as my main character since VF2 and not many other people use her in Sydney. Its frustrating mainly because that you have to see how other people use her to get more ideas and different tactics to improve your game.
    Thanks for your tip on pouncing after the Fallen Angel, it will be put to good use against Myke and the other regulars I challenge.
    To answer your questions:
    1. I think you can get the side kick in but then I'm pretty sure that if you do, your shin slicer will miss (d+K+G). I'll try this out tonight (I play at least one credit after work each day :)
    2. I can do that floor combo against computer Lion every time when each round begins. I do think that you have to have a closed stance as well.

    More on your FL combos you posted earlier. I'm not sure if I'm doing them right but a FL low kick followed by another kick is interruptible by punches and elbows. If you MC with it wouldn't you P+G link throw anyway? However that aside they do chain well and I know she can be a bitch when in FL. Computer Sarah has kicked me to death numerous times and thank god she is second last in the 1 player game because she has taught me a little bit as well. One thing that she is great at doing is punishing a blocked shin slicer (d+K+G) or any low slowish recovering move with a rising knee + combo after. I've tried this a number of times but I can't seam to execute it as well as the computer, I think you need to CD first. Have you have any luck with it? I want to use it because it can take off heaps of damage.
  11. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    It's tough using Sarah here too. The top brass only use Lau Wolf and Kage, now and then Akira or Pai and then there is the odd Jacky. Every other character is only used by a speciffic player (Madin is the only Vanessa player I know) so I'm the only one who bothers with Sarah. It's sad really...

    To be blunt, Never use the Shin Slicer unless you can 100% guarantee it will be an MC it's far too risky and the Lunging Sweep (df+K+G) is just as strong and much faster.

    My Rising Knee game is pretty tight. I get evil stares because my opponents always forget about the Landing Knee follow up (D,f+K,K) which is a great move as it's guaranteed from the risining knee and is stronger than the Double Rising Knee (D,f+KK). Always counter anyones double low kick (Especially the Chans) with the rising knee it's her stronget counter for the move by far. Apart from countering the double low kicks it's really down to your own judgement, I don't like playing low punch games as I think they're ugly but low punch rising knee does work. Just try to get in the mind set of using it to counter a missed high attack instead of say a Kickflip or a throw like after a Chan PPPK variant. CD into rising knee can work too. Just be conservetive. I only use the knee for counter attack it's too high risk for me to attempt it as an offensive move unless I feel I can trick the opponent with the landing knee part.

    One good move that will get the slower opponents I face is the Knee>Rising Knee (f+Kdf+K). The rising knee won't combo off the regular knee (though, I've never bothered to attempt it at a wall) but, if you do the knee right infront of your opponent they may get suckered into attacking then get a rising knee in the face.

    The Flamingo notes are chains not real combos. Though, the moves listed that follow the Guard Crush Sword (FL: f+K) are guaranteed like the Heel Sword Slash>Toe Kick-Punt Kick. You can be interupted, heck if you couldn't you'd be unstopable but all the moves are possible. I was trying to express how dynamic the stance is. If you can fool your opponent it is possible to chain all the moves I've listed, it's just the matter of the fear factor. You want your opponent to curse under their breath the second you enter the stance. all her kicks are quick and have strong priorty so just poke your opponent randomly. I tend to do the first two kicks of the kick variants (FL: KKK/K+G/d+K) then mix it up between mid (FL: df+K) and low kicks (FL: d+K).

    A routine that always gets me some success is low kick sweep (FL: d+K, d+K+G) as they think you will change your attack height. it really is a guessing game for your opponent so you should do your best to be as random as possible.

    Another key factor is Sarah's Flamingo Backflip (FL: b). This move is key for getting out of range and will often escape most moves with ease. I always use this after a full kick variant or just as a form of back dashing as you can't be thrown. For example, just do Switch Kick>Backflip constantly and you'll find that you get quite a distance away from your opponent.

    How do you go about using the Kick Tornado? I buffer it from other moves but something I thought worked well was to buffer it from the Flamingo Step in Menace (FL: f), It works wonders and takes many by surprise due to it's slight nature.

    And finally, do you have any tips on the Link Throws? I can get the Heel Seed>Neck Cutter 10% of the time against CPU Lion on a good day so I really need to figure out the timing, it's so bloody tight.
  12. Vansen

    Vansen Well-Known Member

    I use both rising Knee delayed knee and knee rising knee to ambush opponents, its a great tactic.
    As regards to her back flip from FL, I've also noticed that it evades a great deal of attacks (ducks punches and elbows) and recovers quite quick. I've had success in throwing my opponents that try to rush towards me or run towards them with her catch throw. My FL work is coming along fine, I've been told that I'm a bitch while in FL. There is one thing that I've notice is against good opponents, that is after they are done being dazzled by her new stance (who wouldn't be, no one players her much anyway) they tend to get the hang of how linier and fast her moves are. They will block, try to counter (if they have them) or evade attack. This is when I try to wait and throw or mix in her FL evade attacks (u/d+P+K). Sweep works well after, as well as buffer in her kick tornado. Other places I use my kick tornado;
    after FL KK
    Stagger into FL with b+P+K or her FL f+K stagger
    Any of the moves which out you in to FL, because they expecting a flurry of kicks.

    Link throws are hard to get out with any character. I've read some where that it only works if you MC (anyone confirm this?) and I think that's right. Because I have the same success rate as you (more testing tonight)
    You ever got her FL low counter out vs. a human opponent? The nature of people I play don't low punch me often while I'm in FL. I did manage to get it out once but I was in shock and forgot to follow with Heel Sword Slash>Toe Kick-Punt Kick :(
  13. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    I'll try to use them on an MC but The Heel Seed often knocks over when it MC's. So much for the link throws...

    If your opponent blocks your Flamingo moves, throw them from the Flamingo or get out as you have zero deffense when in the stance. I often do a P variant out of the Flamingo as that tends to take people by surprise. Flamingo etc then Punch Sidekick is one of my choice routines.

    Do you use the Illusion Kicks? this is a move I use quite a lot now as it's great tick damage and the Illusion Kick Low kick (df+KKb+K) now knocks down without fail, it's great for rising attackers and those crunch moments when you need a hit.

    With your opponent blocking in general I just catch throw them, many people don't recognise her basic moves (the only perk of her being unpopular) and often fall for it. Also, the Tornado Kick works well against players who like to counter as they think that you will only hit them with mid attacks.

    I've got the counter work against CPU Lion and Akira one two or times but it's not something I expect from a player opponent as they often try to keep their distance from me when I'm in the Flamingo.
  14. Vansen

    Vansen Well-Known Member

    I actually don't use her illusion kicks that often. I use it main against big guys as all 3 kicks would connect for a knock down, however now that I know that the low kick knocks down I'll use it more. *puts move into ambush bag*.

    How often do you elbow-chop? I use it quite a lot in general play. Also the punt kick mixed in with a couple of punches, normal chops, Punch side kick and low punch when i must. I play an aggressive in your face Sarah, you play the same or different?
  15. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    I play a counter attack sort of style. I use her K+G kicks to keep my distance and set the pace of fights. Punishing mistakes with the Dragon Cannon and throws or using the Step Round Kick or Lunging Knee to hit opponents from a distance. The Rising Knee is my move of choice for countering missed high moves and I make use of her catch throw whenever I think my opponent gets lazy. I use the Flamingo randomly and, if I see an opening I attempt the Kick Tornado. I use the Full Spin Dive a lot too as it can't be countered and, depending on who you fight can get quite a lot of damage if you follow through. I sweep a lot too with the Lunging sweep and take every chance to pounce I can get. Punch-Sidekick is my move for close up fights but I rarely let that happen now that I've learnt to use the Crash Tornado to scare my opponents. I always use the Illusion Kick instead of the single Sidekick for good damage.

    I often start fights with the Dodging Crescent or Punt Kick. I hardly ever use low punch. To enter the Flamingo I use Double Rise Kick from a distance or Chop-Kick point blank. The Hydro Sidekick is good for hiting risers and following through while the Switch Kick is used as a poke where I then use the backflip.

    The Step Round Kicks are great for getting rising opponents if you can time it right. I rarely Knee at all because the Dragon Cannon is better.

    Side Hook Kick has great priority and though it doesn't knock down it stops opponents in their tracks and can often provide enough stun to follow through with the Spin Edge Kick (b+K+G) which I always follow with a pounce.

    I always follow the Spin Heel Sword with Toe Kick-Punt Kick If I'm close enough otherwise I just pounce.

    Elbow-Chop is another move I use for close up fights but it's not something I do on a regular basis as If I believe the elbow will hit I follow through with the Knee instead then chain on the Switch Kick and Kickflip if I get a MC.

    I hardly use the Mirage Kick in a fight, it's far too risky unless you get a wall bounce or a float. Besides, the Illusion variants (Low Kick=b+K. Punt Kick=f+K) are stronger

    One move I can't do without is the Moonsult. 80% of my fights will have me doing the move as it's the ultimate distance maker and aggressive player counter. The amount of times I've jumped over a super cheesy Lau and lunging knee'd then in the back is endless. Also, the reverse moonsult has a lot of use in my style as I use a lot of TA and TT moves and make use of the Walls.

    If I use the Punt Kick on a standing foe I always follow through with a delayed Sidekick but I use Toe Kick-Punt Kick more these days as a float from which I either do a PPPK variant or the Punt Kick-Sidekick. I always follow my Step Round Kicks with a Dragon Cannon or, with a Punt Kick-Sidekick if it's an MC.

    For me, it's about taking advantage of every chance to get a little extra damage.making use of every move that she has as they all have a use somewhere. I try keep my distance though I put the pressure on when I see the chance of getting my opponent's back to the wall especially against the larger characters. It depends who I fight, I adapt to each opponent.
  16. Vansen

    Vansen Well-Known Member

    Look like we are the only people who play Sarah :(
    (those that post anyway)
    Had some challenges tonight and did OK.
    Have to learn to dodge, moonsult and dodge attack more.
    Against a really good, aggresive Pai or Lei I get pasted going head to head with them, any tips?
  17. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Dragon Cannon instead of Knee, make use of lunging Sweep and Spin Edge Kick. Lei and Pai have a lot of useless fancy animation between there stances, try to exploit them.

    Rising Knee Pai the second she does her PPPK variants or double low kick.

    Illusion Kick-Low Kick, Punch-Sidekick and Elbow-Chop. are good for dealing with low punch-elbow-high punch scrubs. Don't be afraid to use Chop-Kick, it has super priority and the kick is guaranteed after the Chop hits. Following through with a delayed Kickflip or backfliping are good ways to catch people out.

    Play it safe and counter attack. When you get the chance charge a Crash Tornado. If they block follow through with a throw, (Go for the strongest one you can pull off at the fastest speed, don't bother with the Lightning Knee Smash, try the Fallen Angel or the Leg Hold Takedown if you can.) if they get hit they will eat 40+pts of their health.

    Happy hunting.
  18. Genie47

    Genie47 Well-Known Member

    Here is another that plays Sarah. Not been having many vs matches. Mainly with CPU. The Step Round kicks are indeed very good against rising attacks. I found another good thing in these hoppy attacks. Against low punchers. But you can't be close. If they are on the defensive and decide to low punch and you are rushing in, don't rush into low punch range. Hop over with the Step Round Kick. Gets them mostly. This doesn't work against those agressive low punchers who rush in and start low punching. This situation calls for Sarah to backdash or crouch backdash. IMHO, spoils the inertia of attack for Sarah. I usually get low thrown when I try to get out of low punching fests. The best thing is to avoid these contests by stopping them before they come too close.
  19. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    "The best thing is to avoid these contests by stopping them before they come too close."

    Indeed. That's why I use the Spin Edge Kick And the Side Hook Kick a lot. For me, it's all about keep the opponent at legs distance so you can hit them but they find it hard to hit you.

    There are a lot of people who use low punch in my arcade also. I try backdash and then Punt Kick them.

    Do you have any advise on the Flamingo Link Throws?
  20. Vansen

    Vansen Well-Known Member

    Just spent the night challenging the locals here in Sydney. Did OK. However I did figure out how to do a FL d+K link throw everytime. The most important factor in getting this move out is how close you are to your opponent. If you are right next to them you will get it out, if you are out of her arms reach you will miss, regardless if the kick hits. If you look closely at the animation you will see Sarah grab the arm of her opponent before she throw them to the ground. I guess this makes sence.. her legs are much longer than her arms.

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