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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Adio, Jul 19, 2001.

  1. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Now that I've played the game at Bayswater (UK) (though I believe it to be the test version) I can give a proper opinion. Sarah is great in VF4, She's had a slight change from what I could gather. I feel she's kept her speed but her flip kick has been changed a bit. It's opposite to Jacky's in that her's is slow to start making it hard to combo now unless you get a serious counter and very quick to recover. On the other hand Jacky's is Lightning quick (forgive the pun) but he does a short if not time consuming taunt when he lands leaving him open. For the life of me I can't get Sarah's F+P,B+K to work, my guess it's gone.

    On the other hand Sarah has been given a whole new dimension! Her new moves which use P+K are amazing.
    P+K does a quick hop crescent kick that ends with her in her new kick stance (like that Taekwando guy in Tekken). She has one leg up, and while doing this she can launch a frenzy of high kicks, a side kick, a stronger high hook kick, a powerful axe kick and even a sweep! Even better, she can escape by pressing B which will make her do a backflip!
    You can enter the stance in 3 ways so far as I know:

    P+K: as I have already mentioned.

    B+K: which will do a simple front kick.

    B+P+K: which will make her do a jumping double front kick which is stronger and covers more ground than B+K but is slower.

    Here are the moves you can do while in the stance:

    KKK: Two high kicks followed my a middle one.

    DF+K: A middle kick.

    D+K: A low kick, great for poking.

    F+K: High hook kick, it's stronger than the regular kick and knocks the opponent back a bit more.

    G+K: The axe kick, It's an overhead.

    D+G+K: Sweep. Excellent!

    B: Backflip.

    P+k: This is a fake kick move she'll wiggle her leg in a cute way and makes you think she'll kick. It will do wonders in matches!

    You can get out of the stance anytime by pressing guard. She has no recovery time from the stance and you can even start a PPPK combo from it!

    That's all I could figure with regards to the Stance. The other new move was DB+G+K which was her old Heel kick from VF2.

    All in all im content. Feel free to dispute the above and I look forward to suggestions.

  2. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Woops. Forgive me as I haven't been an active player in ages. the db+K+G is NOT a new move! Silly me LOL.

  3. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Update on Sarah's New moves:

    You can also enter the kick stance from forward P+K. This is simply the same move as P+K but it hops further. Both hit high. B+K hits medium range and B+P+K hits medium then high. You can get out of the stance by blocking or by pressing back to do the backflip.

    From Kick Stance:

    F+K: This is a strong high hook kick that will push the opponent back or even turn them round! But it's slow.

    U+K: this is a weaker version of the F+K but it's faster and she kicks in a reverse angle compared to F+K.

    KK,K+G: This starts with to high kicks and finishes with a Dragon Cannon (DB+K) The opponent will be knocked down and Sarah will come out of the stance.

    KK,D+K: Two high kicks and a low kick that looks like the one from the illusion kick variant.

    G+P: Sarah's new throw! From the stance just press this and she'll hook the opponents leg with her front leg, and then with her standing leg she will jump up and do a back kick. I don't know if the opponent can escape from it or if it can be done on a crouching opponent.

    Moves that have changed:

    Sarah's B+K+G has a new animation. It no longer bends at the knee like in VF3, and now remains straight giving it a little longer range. Also, the F+P, B+K doesn't seem to work anymore. My guess it's been removed (though this may change in the final version). It still dishes out decent damage but it's slower. Range for speed IMO.

    Tornado Kick: Done with a UF+K motion. It's her stronget kick but her hardest to hit with. Though, I've have found it easier to connect with. 4/5 times i'll get the hit. This is against the computer but it feels faster. At point blank rage it will still go over a crouching opponent but, But its priority is high meaning any move they do from afar ie a punch or kick, will allow them to be hit. Be warned, it's not invincible, you can still get knocked out of it but I would say it's faster like in VF2 and it still packs a punch!

    The Dragon Cannon (DB+K) has also been tweeked It now sends the opponent HIGH in to the air on a counter hit meaning you can no longer combo off it unless your near a wall though I have yet to try running in and doing a combo etc. The regular version can be followed by a moonsult kick (U+K or UF+K) or either pounce (U+P or DF+k). Damage wise it's strong and still good for getting under the opponents attacks but you'll have to use it more wisely now.

    Kickflip: Done with (UB+K) This has been changed a lot. It's not as strong anymore as it was in VF3 or 2. Sarah now has a quick bit of animation at the start which slows it down a bit compared to jacky's which is instant. Though on the other hand, her recovery is fast and she come right out of it compared to her brother who will taunt thus wasting time.
    Because of this new start-up animation you can't combo the move so easily anymore, you can follow up a counter Knee (F+K) with a Kickflip but not a regular one unless near a wall. Her Kickflip combo is intact and is just as fast as ever. All in all it's ok but the lack of speed means it can't be abused anymore.

    SARAH SUPER STORM KICK: That isn't it's real name but this is Sarah's Charge attack! While rising press K+G and Sarah will cock back her hind leg like the animation for her Tornado Kick (UF+K). But instead of jumping she'll swing round with one almighty roundhouse kick with her full leg extended! Without the charge this move will give a good 40% but when it's charged! you're looking at 80%!!! Because of it's execution it's great for countering a high PPPK combo or anything Jacky, Lau and Pai dish out that ends with them spinning. Also, the animation isn't so obvious and can surprise the hell out of some one if you use it sparingly, It hits at mid range. It looks good and hurts bad! What more could you want?!

    Thats all I could get out today feel free to make comments.

  4. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    recommendation - use lowercase letters for directional notation. it's easier to read, as well as distinguish between tapping (df) and holding (DF).
  5. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Fair enough. Sorry for the confusion. For the record. All the above moves are done by "tapping" the joystick.

  6. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Ok here is my Third and final update to this small faq.

    Moves that have changed:

    Chop (df+P): This move wasn't much use in VF3 due to its low damage but VF4 it's still weak but sooo FAST. It's best used for those crunch time moments when you need a hit to win as it comes out immediately and has practically no recovery time. It works wonders against Lion or Jeffery as a poke and should be used instead of a low punch IMO.

    Side Hook Kick (db+K+G): This move has gained a lot of stun now. Just do it and you can follow up with pretty much anything thats quick, for example:

    Heel Sword (ub+K+G)
    Overhead Edge Kick (b+K+G)
    Dragon Cannon (db+K)
    Punt Kick-Side Kick (d+K,K)
    Lunging Sweep (df+K+G)

    In fact, with regards to the Dragon Cannon, if your near a wall you can do a Side Hook Kick into a Dragon Cannon and then do some serious damage with a PPPK combo or a Kickflip (ub+K).

    Full Spin Dive (u/uf+K): Due to more float friendly engine of VF4 you can now do two Full Spin Dive's in a row! Or, you can do a Lunging sweep. Because the second Full Spin Dive is a canned combo you can do a Moonsult after it.

    Moonsult (uf+P): You read correctly, as far as I can figure, you can no longer do a backward Moonsult to escape. This is a sad loss for Sarah as it was a great tool for getting some air and setups etc. Like her Elbow Edge Kick, it will be missed.

    Hopping Spin Kick (u+K+G): Again, like the Full Spin Dive this can also be repeated for extra damage! or you can do a Full Spin Dive or even a Lunging Sweep if your opponent is in a corner. Nice!

    Kick Stance:

    There are some minor changes with regards to the activation of the stance:

    Hopping Crescent Kick (P+K/f+P+K): "Hopping" part explains this really, Sarah will hop and kick and land in the Kick Stance the beauty of this move is that while she hops she'll go over low punches and more importantly sweeps! Great for taking out Lion and his low moves and anyone else who like to rise from the ground with a low kick. Even if you don't hit the opponent as they come up you will still safely transfer into the stance and have the advantage! The kick itself hits high and though doesn't travel very far it's quick and has high priority. The f+P+K version goes a little further. Use either at your discretion.

    Hopping Double Kick (b+P+K): In my opinion, this is a combination of the Hopping Crescent Kick (P+K/f+P+K) and the Front Kick (b+K) as it starts with the latter and ends with the former but with out the quick turn of the former. It's stronger than the over two moves and covers more distance than the forward version of the Hopping Crescent Kick. Like the Hopping Crescent, the second kick will go over sweeps and low kicks but in this case not low punches IMO. I'd recomend this when you are too far away for the other two moves they are faster at getting you into the stance at close range.

    Now onto moves you can do in the Kick Stance:

    Outside Hook Kick (f+K):This is the strongest kick in the stance that will keep you in it. if done on a counter it will turn your opponent around! But keep in mind it's the slowest kick and can be blocked quite easily.

    Dodge Roundhouse Kick (u/d+P+K): YAHOO!!! this is her best move of the stance by far! Sarah will either step into or out of the screen (depending on direction pressed) and then immediately do a quick and strong roundhouse kick to the side of the opponents head! If done right you can dash in and out of any linear attack (I was bitch slapping Akira!) the opponent can throw at you! Also if you perform the move to escape a combo you might even get behind the opponent (Lau, Pai, Lion, Sarah and Jacky if you're lucky). It gets better, on a counter (which it will probably be always if used wisely) it will turn the opponent around! After kick Sarah will remain in the Kick stance so you can repeat this to your hearts content!

    Axe Kick (K+G): This has been mentioned before but I now know this will take you out of the Kick Stance with no recovery allowing you to follow up whatever you want. I recommend the Lunging Sweep for a surprise attack.

    Leg Hook Back Kick (G+P while in Kick Stance): This Throw is quick and gives decent damage (as strong as the clothes line (f,f+G+P) IMO. Unfortunately, it only works on standing opponents and can be escaped from. Also, if you miss she will still do the "Leg Hook" animation and thus be open to a counter attack. Still a good surprise move.

    Thats it for the Kick Stance.

    New moves:

    SARAH SUPER STORM KICK (While rising from a crouch tap K+G, hold to charge): The 3SK as I like to call it ^_^ is Sarah's most devastating move. It's execution allows you to do it right under the nose of your opponent, and the chances are they won't see it coming either. Without the charge it gives around 40% compared to the Tornado Kick (uf+K+G) this is not bad at all. But once fully charged ..... OH DEAR ..... Sarah WILL kill the opponent! Though, anyone of decent caliber would have figured out what you were doing by then but still, you're looking at 85% if you succeed. Even without the charge the kick will make the opponent stagger back a bit giving her a chance to recover. The only real down point to this move is that it hits high contrary to what I said before in an earlier post. So you might miss completely and be left open though, the recovery isn't long at all really, if they block, unless your between a wall you should be safe.

    Well thats it. I hope someone will get something out of this.

  7. Jason Cha

    Jason Cha Well-Known Member

    Neat little Sarah combo,

    Knee, CD(backwards) b+k,k d+k,k

    So you do her knee, her little turn around kicks (the one that you would shun-puri in vf2), then d+k,k, neat little combo doing about 80 points of damage. Full combo hits medium and lightweights pretty easily, against Jeffrey I can't get the final k to hit.

  8. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Cheers. I'll try it out.

  9. Jason Cha

    Jason Cha Well-Known Member

    The most interesting thing about Sarah is how her lightning kicks have changed from vf3 to 4. Basically they seem pretty useless on the ground - even if the first two hit, the third is easily blocked (or ducked?)

    But if you use it as part of a float combo, not only does it almost always hit, but if the first hits off the bounce, it seems to often bounce em up enough that all 3 will hit in the air.

    Oh, this move, and Pai's d/f+p, are now executable while the opponent is in a float, using the traditional D/F, like with Akira's yoho. Pai's is pretty neat because that too seems to lift them OTB so that the rest will hit.

  10. Vicks Biru

    Vicks Biru Well-Known Member

    Judging from the descriptions from Sarah's P+G throw in Kick Stance... it seems like Nagi's neutral P+G throw from Last Bronx. Tell me if I'm wrong.

    <font color=black>Yowai...yowai sugimasu wa!</font color=black>
  11. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    With regards to Kick Stance throw.

    No it doesn't look like Nagi's throw. After all, Nagi hooks the head of the opponent then so on. Sarah will hook the leg (heel of the foot) with her forward raised leg. Then with her straight leg (her hind leg that's supporting her) she'll hop up while doing a back kick to her opponents stomach. She'll un hook her leg as she kicks and come out of the stance with her leg position changed so in a way the kick could also be classed as a side kick as she twists her waist. You really need to do it yourself to get the idea. But I hope it helps.

    With regard to Sarah's Illusion Kicks.

    I never use the full three kicks (Mirage Kicks) unless I get the opponent against the wall (after a bounce) as it's the only time it's guaranteed to hit. To think of it I have never used the kicks in a float combo either as a Kickflip or PPPK would be more affective especially after a wall bounce.

  12. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Sorry big mistake here. the first one is about Sarah's Kick Stance throw. The way I described the animation is wrong. Sarah Will kick the opponent with the hooked leg with a side kick not a back kick she will then come out of the stance. She doesn't twist or change her foot position at the end. Sorry for the mix up.

    Though I said I wouldn't update my faq in my last post, I have lots of new info and changes to make. So here goes:

    Moves that have changed:

    Forward/ Hopping Spin Kick (f/u+K+G): This can be followed with a Dragon Cannon (db+K) it does good damage. Allways tag it on after as it's stronger than a Soccer Kick (df+K when opponent is down) plus, it looks so cool!

    Dragon Cannon (db+K): On a counter hit, you can follow up with a Lunging Knee (ff+K) but your timing must be spot on. This really hurts as the Dragon Cannon damage has been increased. For the regular version use a Lunging Sweep (df+K+G) or the up-forward Full Spin Dive (uf+K) Again, this requires timing.

    Full Spin Dive (u/uf+K): This is now a great move! Thanks to VF4's emphasis on floating Sarah now has a new weapon. Do a Full Spin Dive and while landing guard cancel (Press G) this will allow Sarah to go straight into ANY of her PPPK variants! PPK is guaranteed from this move but, if you want to go for anything bigger you will need a counter hit. Though I did get the full PPPub+K off Aoi on a regular hit I wouldn't recommend this as as the timing must be TIGHT and she is the lightest character in the game. Feel free to do the PPPK variants if you get the opponent on the wall. This has become a key move in my strategy now, it can completely turn a fight!

    Side Hook Kick (db+K+G): Nothing has changed from what I said before but you can also follow up with a Knee (f+K) and go for a PPPK variant or a Kickfkip (ub+K) for serious damage!

    Toe Kick Punt Kick (d+P+K,K): Follow this up with the Punt Kick Side Kick (d+K,K) for good damage.

    Kick Stance:

    Hook Kick (f+K): As said before, this is the strongest kick of the stance that keeps you in it (otherwise it would be the Axe Kick (K+G)) Unlike what I said before, this kick will turn the opponent around every time.

    Dodging Roundhouse Kick (u/d+P+K): Again, this kick will turn the opponent around regardless of a counter. Two of these kicks in row regardless of the direction will take you out of the stance. So leave a small gap if you wish to do stay in the stance.

    Thats it for now. But I'd be an even bigger fool if I said I won't add to this in the future So keep your eyes peeled ^_^

  13. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member


    Tornado Kick (uf+K+G): This like the Hopping Spin Kick (u/f+K+G) this can also be followed with a Dragon Cannon (db+K) for super damage. Both guarantee a pounce afterwards so try: Hopping Spin Kick/ Tornado Kick, Dragon Cannon and then a pounce. Lovely!


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