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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by sta783, Nov 24, 1999.

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    Well, Nutlog listed Sarah's b+K+G as one of her worst moves, but it may not be so bad. First of all, b+K+G recovers 10-frames if blocked. This is a tricky number. Throw will connect but not the elbow. AND P will whiff because of the weird recovery position that b+K+G has.

    One application of b+K+G is to bait the enemy to attack with elbow. Consider Sarah vs. Jacky match where both of their energies are running low. Jacky blocks Sarah's b+K+G. Jacky, misunderstanding that elbow-spinkick is guaranteed, will hastily do elbow-spinkick, of which Sarah blocks (and punish with her guaranteed counter of choice).

    This trick works because b+K+G surely seems to have long recovery. But it does not. I saw Muscle Sarah trapping one Jacky player into this rather 2nd-rate trick. It worked though, and Sarah won that round.

    Jacky's b+K+G is not so bad either, especially in the guaranteed counter situation. After blocking Lau's f,d+K or Lion's d/b+K, b+K+G plus kickflip yields the maximum damage. I don't use it in the live combat though, unless I am absolutely sure that someone is gonna go for low.

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