Sarah's "catch" throw ?

Discussion in 'Sarah' started by EmperorRob, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. EmperorRob

    EmperorRob New Member

    Maybe I'm just not understanding what is meant by a "catch" throw. But I thought a catch throw is one you use while your opponent is in the air or falling. I think I read here on VFDC that Sarah's 'u/f + P + G' was a catch throw. But I haven't been able to use it like that. Anyone else?
  2. HC82

    HC82 Member

    Catch throws can't be escaped, and is some cases can only be avoided by hitting the enemy before it connects, ducking, or just manuvering your self out of the throws way.

    Sarahs catch throw is done on a standing opponent. A player can avoid it by simply ducking/low attack or doing an attack thats circular. The good thing about the throw is that it can interupt a player during an attack.

    You can totally catch a player off guard with catch throws, since they can work even when the player might be doing something odd.

    Like when pai does that low stance, you can catch throw her out of it during certain frames of her going in and out of it. In the case of sarah her catch thow side steps certain moves, making it a effective move to do at the right situations.
  3. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    "Catch throw" in VF does not mean that it works against a character in the air. All catch throws work like normal throws in that they will only connect against standing opponents who aren't attacking at the time. Catch throws take longer than the standard 8 frames to come out, have more range than normal throws, and are unescable once they connect.

    Kage is the only one that has an "air throw." His izuna drop b+P+G, u+P+G, but most people would call that a throw combo or multi-throw and its not even the best option after Kage's b+P+G ten foot toss throw.

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