Sarah's Gatling Beat throw. Can anyone pull this off against the CPU?

Discussion in 'Sarah' started by EmperorRob, Apr 1, 2002.

  1. EmperorRob

    EmperorRob New Member

    I've never been able to use this throw successfully on a CPU opponent. I had it used on me one time by a 4th Dan in Kumite mode. It appeared that she buffered the throw with a b+P+K and I had no chance to escape it, but when I try that on the CPU they always low punch me.

    Just curious if there is a way to buffer this throw or pull it off in a way that the CPU cannot escape.
  2. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Buffering is indeed the only way to execute it. Remember that it can be buffered through all her Flamingo activators. The "Switch Kick" is by far the hardest as it's her quickest move so for speed that's your best hope.

    The "Guard Crush Sword" is the perfect move for breaking the opponents defence. It's unblockable, stuns and turns your foe around on a counter hit so you have a guaranteed opportunity if it hits.

    Take into account that both her Flamingo throws are "Catch Throws", they have start up animation that can be used to your advantage. Sarah travels forward a fair bit while starting the throw so you can keep some distance from your opponent.

    Other than the above points it's really down to your own skill to determine the best time to use it. Just remember that you can buffer from any move to or in the stance that doesn't take you out of it.
  3. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    Adio, that's all true, and I'd also point out that you can buffer the 270 throw into any move that KEEPS Sarah in flamingo stance if you're already in flamingo. The key is you have to go thru the backward joystick direction during the recovery of another move so that Sarah does not backflip.

    The original question, however, was how to get it against a CPU kumite opponent... I don't know. They always low punch or throw me out of it with their own throw too... /versus/images/icons/frown.gif Trying to be smart, I did a flamingo advance (tap forward) into P+K low punch inashi, but they won't low punch when you do that... argh. Probably the only way you'll be able to get it is if you get a float and manage to buffer it in while the opponent does a quick rise. High level kumite Jeffry's are probably the best choice. They seem to QR/TR from the f+PK, b+K combo (elbow-knee, switch kick) Try buffering the 270 throw in during the b+K.
  4. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member


    Well my technique to pulling it off without back flipping is to tap U then immediately HCF (Half circle forward) so that by the time the frames for the move I used as a buffer are complete I've just reached f+P+G. The key mistake I made when I first tried was performing each direction separately. It can be done but it's far easier to do one simple motion.


    Returning to getting the throw to hit. Unlike human opponents, you can't intimidate the AI into choking. To that effect, landing the throw point blank will rarely work past stage five. My solution is just to mix it up when you're in the Flamingo.

    For example:

    [FL] K, f+K, Throw: you can use the first two kicks of the Flamingo to your hearts content. As long as you aren't countered you have frame advantage, add a "Guard Crush Sword" and you have a free hit.

    b+K, [FL] P, d+K, P+K, [FL] Throw: You have the advantage entering the stance, using the "Punch-Side Kick" as a pressuring tool you could fool the AI into attacking where the Hide Side Kick would then Sabaki or leap over any attack thrown at you. Again, because it's a Flamingo activator you still have or get the advantage back depending if the P, d+K hit or not.

    [FL] d+K+G, Throw: Whiff a sweep on purpose and use it to buffer the throw. This usually works on human opponents. They back dash, you have more time, the throw will follow through and nails them or, on the other hand they see you've missed and walk into the throw.

    b+P+K, [FL] df+P, K, [FL] u/d+P+K, Throw: This usually works, the first two moves in quick succession are safe followed with the "Side Neck Cut Sword" as the buffer. The attacking level is changed throughout to avoid counters and if the opponent ducked under the "Setup Combination" the u/d+P+K will catch them out with a mid hit. With regard to the "Side Neck Cut Sword" variants, they're identical in damage but not execution. "U" as in going into the screen is actually faster than going out, it also recovers faster if blocked. The trade off is that "D" gives you two extra frames of advantage over the former if it hits or counter hits which, for the use of a buffer for the throw is ideal as you want as much time as possible to cover the 20 frame execution lag of the Catch Throw.

    These are just suggestions. focus on pressuring your opponent, keep your attacks varied, doubly so if your opponent can counter. Don't make the throw your priority while your in the stance, that was my main mistake, you'll only neglect other chances to use her other moves. If you see the chance of course take it but always try to do some damage first even if it's a simple [FL} K, K, K combo because if you miss the throw then you've just wasted an opportunity to attack in the regular stance where you are far less vulnerable.
  5. EmperorRob

    EmperorRob New Member

    Thanks for the Advice.

    Mainly I was curious just b/c the way the CPU landed that on me was deadly fast. The only way I'm able to buffer the throw with P+K setup moves is to time my throw to end at the same time Sarah pulls into her stance. That didn't appear to be the case with my CPU opponent. It was as if she didn't even go into flamingo stance.

    I should upload the replay somehow so you guys could see it. Is there a way to do that?

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