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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Llanfair, Nov 13, 1999.

  1. Llanfair

    Llanfair Well-Known Member

    Ok, let's end this retarded discussion.

    Jason, I'm glad to hear that the situation has been tested and indeed Sarah is punished. No argument there.

    Shota, firstly, it wasn't a controversial FAQ. It's was a controversial discussion about a FAQ. Secondly, you *haven't* read the FAQ? This truly surprises me. I think you need to spend some time researching what has been available to VFers for a long time at Gamefaqs.

    Wolfstudent, how would you know if the numbers on our site are inaccurate? Considering they are found no where else *and* we freakin calculated them ourselves, on what do you base this? Now, I'm not saying that we are right, end all be all - not even close. I think you do realize that numbers don't say it all, in fact many times if one relies on numbers, things don't work out. This is understood, not everything goes according to plan, but if the real life situation contradicts the numbers, the numbers may still be right, it's just that the situation is likely to be multifactorial.

    Anyway, let's just settle down.

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  2. Guest

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    Llanfair, you tell Wolfstudent you calculated the numbers yourselves? kbcat says in another thread that the stats came from Gamest. Strange...
    As for how Wolfstudent knows some data at VP is wrong, that just probably came from the answer he got to his Shun uf+P+K question. As he says, both uf+P and uf+P+K are listed on the VP site with different stats. Yet he is told they are the same move. Also, you yourself claimed (and I agreed) that the Lau/Pai PK+G, Pd+K+G, PPK+G, PPd+K+G stats were wrong. Does that answer your question?
    I might add, now that DC VF3tb contains a revised training mode, it is possible to at least test the damage stats. I've done so extensively, and found a large number of differences between those printed at VP, and what the DC shows. There are lots of ways this can happen. The Gamest data being wrong is the most likely, and no one would blame you guys for that. Other possibliites are I screwed up somehow, or the DC VF3tb team made damage changes. I don't know. But the stats do appear to be wrong in some places.
    Just so you know what I am talking about, here are some examples. VP gives the damage for Lau's and Aoi's PK as 29; in training mode, I got 20 for both. Kage's TT reverse kickflip is given as 40; ice-9 and I got 25. Aoi's PPPK is given as 35; I got 30. There are many other inconsistencies as well (roughly another twenty or thirty or so, I don't have my notes and am relying on memory) --- I'm not trying to give a complete list here. Certainly, if some of the damage ratings are wrong, the advantage ones might have errors too. Now I reiterate, I am not blaming you guys. I am just pointing out facts. I DO APPRECIATE the work that went into VP. I just don't understand why people who provide updates or corrections or ask questions get attacked. I am willing to put work into developing an updated corrected movelist, I just don't have complete knowledge of all the characters sufficient to do it myself. So I ask questions too.
  3. Llanfair

    Llanfair Well-Known Member

    >>> Llanfair, you tell Wolfstudent you calculated the numbers yourselves? kbcat says in another thread that the stats came from Gamest. Strange...<<<

    Both statements are true actually - the stats that kbcat originally calculated were from an equation provided by other words they supplied us, and VP did the dirty work. This equation was for VF3ob. So, when we got our hands on the VF3tb mook, lo and behold Gamest had calculated them out for themselves. We compared our current numbers and changed some that were different and the result being that which was VP.

    As for the damage discrepancies, I'm not surprised. We all know Gamest has loads of typos and the damages differences may indeed stem from that. However, it could also be a result of versions. The difference between arcade and DC Japanese is huge and there may be even more differences for DC US, who knows. At this point in time, stating details about something in VF3tb should be accompanied by which version it applies to and/or tested on. This is becoming more and more apparent as discussions on the board continue.

    I know you appreciate the site and it's very clear that you want a movelist to be as close to perfection as possible. Take Rich's words to heart and go at it full on for yourself. ;)


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  4. ice-9

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    Hey, this is ice-9 posting from Nutlog's computer. (It's his birthday party!!!!) Anyway, just to clear something up, I didn't exactly "test" Sarah's TA kick...I thought I'd use it just for fun. But, I will admit that it didn't exactly help me win games. I wouldn't know if the KU is guaranteed if Jeffry blocks Sarah's TA kick, but it was definitely quite difficult to get away from when the TA kick whiffed.

    ice-9 | Sennin
  5. Llanfair

    Llanfair Well-Known Member

    Happy Birthday Jason!.


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