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Season 1 - Virtua Fighter esports Challenge Cup

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Jun 17, 2022.

By akai on Jun 17, 2022 at 3:38 PM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    Finals for the first Challenge Cup of Season 1, this Saturday, July 18th, 2022! This is part of Sega's official online and offline events for Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown (Virtua Fighter eSports in Japan). Season 1 features three Challenge Cups and ends with a Pro player event in 2023.

    I will keep this thread up-to-date for Season 1. By the end of Season 1, there will have been 5 Challenge Cups. I will refer to the different Challenge Cups by #.# (Season # . Cup #)

    Challenge Cup 1.2 Finals Stream
    16 Groups of FREE Qualifiers
    2 Groups of 3on3 Qualifiers

    Challenge Cup 1.1 Finals Stream

    Details of the offline event (Japanese)

    May 28th Challenge Cup 1.1 Qualifiers - May 28th - VFDC thread with info on the Qualifiers

    U22 Category
    • Metsu Ryū Jacky (JA, Winner's Side) - 滅リュウJacky★ - Runner-Up in U22 Challenge Cup 0.2
    • Raguna (KA, Loser's Side) - ラグナ
    FREE Category
    1. Densetsu SP (JN) - でんせつえすぴ~ - Finalist in Challenge Cup 0.2.
      Path to Finals
      Defeated α 2-0
      Defeated PON_SARAH 2-0
      Defeated Yogo ヨゴ 2-0
      Defeated Kashin カシン 3-1
    2. Shiwa (PA) - 赤丹 しわぽ - First time finalist, defeated Challenge Cup 0.2 finalist Chopper in 1.1 qualifiers.
      Path to Finals
      Defeated Kazu かず 2-0
      Defeated Shoketan しょけたん 2-1
      Defeated Chopper ちょっぱぁ〜 2-1, then 3-1
    3. Janne (JA) - じゃんぬ - Finalist for all three Challenge Cups.
      Path to Finals
      Defeated Drum's Ko Drum'S子 2-1
      Defeated Ītomo いいとも 2-0
      Defeated Metsu Ryū Jacky 滅リュウJacky★ 2-0
      Defeated Tachikoma たちこま 2-0
      Defeated Ītomo いいとも 3-1
    4. Kubinashi Rider (LE) - 首無しライダー - Finalist for all three Challenge Cups.
      Path to Finals
      Defeated Hira ひら 2-0
      Defeated Yotarō 与太郎 2-1
      Defeated Choutaro ちょーたろ 2-1
      Defeated Osage おさげ 3-0
    5. Shizuo (JA) - しずお - First time finalist.
      Path to Finals
      Defeated Jin ジン 2-0
      Defeated MSZ-006 2-0
      Defeated Raizu らいず 2-0, then 3-0
    6. Pometarou (JE) - ポメタロウ - Finalist in all three Challenge Cups.
      Path to Finals
      Defeated Polaris GKJポラリス 2-0
      Defeated Shiokara 塩辛 2-1
      Defeated Gorugonzoora ゴルゴンゾーラ 2-1
      Loss to Gorugonzoora 2-3, reset and won against 3-0
    7. Tane (AK) - たね - Finalist in Challenge Cup 0.1
      Path to Finals
      Defeated Kamishakujii Sarah上石神井サラ 2-0
      Defeated Ihatakashi 伊波貴志 2-0
      Defeated Shizuru しずる 2-0
      Defeated Chibita ちび太☆らふぁ~る 2-0, then 3-0
    8. SHU (SH) - Runner Up in Kakutou Shinseiki IV (VF5); defeated two-time Challenge Cup finalist Umecchi in 1.1 qualifiers.
      Path to Finals
      Defeated Akikan 空き缶。2-1
      Defeated Porori ぽろり 2-0
      Defeated Zonchan ゾンチャン 2-0
      Defeated Umecchi うめっち 2-0, then 3-2
    9. Raion (JA) - らいおん - Finalist in Challenge Cup 0.1
      Path to Finals
      Defeated Ikebukuro Sarah 池袋サラ 2-0
      Loss to Suiryū Isao kumesen 酔竜功久米仙 1-2
      Defeated Neppa ねっぱ 2-1
      Defeated Fukuchan ふくちゃん 2-1
      Defeated Suiryū Isao kumesen 2-0
      Defeated Kudoukun 苦道訓 2-0
      Defeated Arumajiro Otōto - 3-2, then 3-0
    10. Buruha (SH) - ぶるは - Finalist in Challenge Cup 0.1
      Path to Finals
      Defeated Ginta ギン太 2-0
      Defeated Tamo3 タモ3 2-0
      Defeated Tomarion とまりおん 2-0, then 3-0
    11. Tonchan (JA) - とんちゃん - Runner Up in Challenge Cup 0.1, and finalist in all three Challenge Cups.
      Path to Finals
      Loss to Julietta ジュリエッタ 2-0
      Defeated Tehepero てへぺろ 2-0
      Defeated Heddohakase ヘッド博士 2-0
      Defeated Pegisara ぺぎさら 2-0
      Defeated mega-syon 2-0
      Defeated Julietta 3-0, then 3-0
    12. Shiro (JA) - しろ - First time finalist and winner of the first official Sega event for VF5US, the online Pre Season Match.
      Path to Finals
      Defeated VF-ou Kishougun VF王騎将軍 2-0
      Defeated AS 2-0
      Defeated Komochikobu Ikunai 子持ち昆布いくない 2-1
      Defeated ChinpanJ ちんぱんJ 3-2
    13. Barugo (JN) - バルゴ - Runner Up in Pre Season Match and a finalist in all three Challenge Cups. Defeated Challenge Cup 0.1 champion, Haato-sama, in Challenge Cup 1.1 qualifiers.
      Path to Finals
      Defeated Masa Goh マサ剛 2-0
      Defeated Haatosama ハート様 2-1
      Defeated Guriyan グリやん 2-0
      Defeated Haatosama 3-0
    14. Homestay Akira (AK) - ホームステイアキラ - Finalist in Challenge Cup 0.2.
      Path to Finals
      Loss to Hiraganadeaoki ひらがなであおき 0-2
      Defeated Minazuki 水無月 2-0
      Defeated Entan エンたん 2-0
      Defeated Hiraganadeaoki 2-0
      Defeated Panda Kage パンダ影 2-0
      Defeated Kiriko キリコ 3-0, then 3-2
    15. Puuta (JN) - ぷうた - First time finalist and runner up in Kakutou Shinseiki VI (VF5FS)
      Path to Finals
      Defeated Iromaru イロ丸(YeSU) 2-0
      Defeated Calm 2-0
      Defeated Oyatsuman オヤツマ~ン 2-1, then 3-2
    16. Reorao (GO) - レオラオ - First time finalist.
      Path to Finals
      Loss to Zan 斬 1-2 Defeated
      Defeated Bāmu 2-0
      Defeated Kyouchan 狂ちゃん 2-1
      Defeated Nacchisan なっちさん 2-0
      Defeated Zan 2-0
      Deated Kaesaru カエサル 3-2, then 3-1
    Remaining schedule for Season 1
    Challenge Cup 1.2 -
    • FREE/U22 Online Qualifiers - October 1, 2022
    • FREE/U22 Offline Finals - November 6, 2022
    Challenge Cup 1.3 -
    • FREE/U22 Qualifiers - December 2022
    • FREE/U22 Finals - January 2023
    Pro Event -
    • March 2023 - specifically for the 8 pro players.
    • U22 exhibition match(s).
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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Jun 17, 2022.

    1. akai
      For those planning to watch the event live, Shidosha plans to do a watch party - twitch.tv/Shidosha
    2. akai
      U22 Results - Metsu Ryu Jacky (JA) vs Raguna (KA), Metsu Ryu Jacky wins 3-1. Gets the in game Star Player title.

      FREE Results -
      Round 1
      1. Densetsu (JN) vs Barugo (JN) 2-3
      2. Shizuo (JA) vs Shiro (JA) 3-2
      3. Puuta (JN) vs Kubinashi Rider (LE) 0-3
      4. Tonchan (JA) vs Reorao (GO) 3-1
      5. Homestay (AK) vs Raion (JA) 0-3
      6. SHU (SH) vs Pometarou (JE) 1-3
      7. Tane (AK) vs Shiwa (PA) 0-3
      8. Buruha (SH, GO) vs Janne (JA) 1-3
      Round 2
      1. Barugo (JN) vs Shizuo (JA) 3-1
      2. Kubinashi Rider (LE) vs Tonchan (JA) 3-2
      3. Raion (JA) vs Pometarou (JE) 1-3
      4. Shiwa (PA) vs Janne (JA) 3-0
      Round 3 - Determines who gets JeSU Pro License
      1. Barugo (JN) vs Kubinashi Rider (LE) 3-1
      2. Pometarou (JE) vs Shiwa (PA, BR) 1-3
      Round 4 - Determines who gets the Star Player title.
      • Barugo (JN) vs Shiwa (PA, BL) 2-3
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    3. Paul68kdmd
      Thanks for the post, Akai!
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    4. 40i4
    5. DK
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    6. akai
      He goes by Haatosama and was doubly eliminated in the 1.1 qualifiers by Barugo. In the qualifiers, I believe Haato switched to Jeffry for some game(s) after his Taka loses. Interestingly, I think he is playing in a Jeffry team for Pre BT this weekend.
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    7. 40i4
      Oh, I see, it's here

      I'm glad Beat Tribe has returned, so awesome. Any links for that? Thanks!

      Just found


      on ReoRao's YouTube
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    8. beanboy
    9. akai
      6266713f-4686-4656-a7a5-6ca3fe961d2a.jpeg Update to the Challenge Cup series. As of right now, the U22 category is being replaced with a 3on3 Team Tournament. The goal is to create a team event where the younger generation can positively interact with the older generations.

      The requirement in team composition is that one player on the team must be between the age of 12 and 22.

      Each player on the winning team will get a trophy and also a Qanba Obsidian with an eSports design:
    10. akai
      Will try to update this and with better formatting when I have time. No official stream, but many of the players stream their play on their personal streams (usually through YouTube). Online qualifiers on October 1st, offline finals in November 6.

      Challenge Cup 1.2 3on3 Qualifiers
      Single elimination. 24 teams. 26 players are 22 or younger.​

      Group 1 Teams:
      Team Haneoshi! - はねおし! -
      Zonchan ゾンチャン - https://youtu.be/ZIDwWKICttI
      Pometarou ポメタロウ
      Hane (BL) はね​
      Team Shin Metsu Jūshin - 心滅獣身 -
      Barugo バルゴ
      Metsu Ryu Jacky (JA) メツリュウJACKY - https://youtu.be/0Ep5HYvQWjk
      Densetsu SP でんせつえすぴ~ - https://youtu.be/9xdklCYA2jc
      Team Kishidan Kouen-Kai - 氣志團後援会 -
      Shiro しろ - https://youtu.be/17RN6qvZFzo
      Kishidan Jr. (WO) 氣志團Jr.​
      Team GEKOKUJO -
      GKJ Polaris GKJポラリス - https://youtu.be/WJ6bdLvXDe0
      Torakuma 虎熊
      Ruri (JA) 瑠璃​
      Team Sushi Doukou-Kai - 寿司同好会
      Monkichi 悶吉 - https://www.twitch.tv/monteru3
      Akani Shiwapo 赤丹 しわぽ
      Miyu (PA) ミユ - https://youtu.be/bhvTz-FEN3c
      Team Majiyatte Yaru Wa Yo- マジやってやるわよー
      Tatsuya たつや
      Kyouchan 狂ちゃん
      Cheru (LE) チェル​
      Team Ohsira Shin'eitai - オシラ親衛隊
      Tomarion とまりおん
      Fullswing フルスイング
      Oshira Taichou (BL) オシラ隊長​
      Team Noizu Rimittā - ノイズリミッター -
      Sekukyami せくきゃみ - https://youtu.be/lf65gjklRHM
      Ninjakun 忍者くん
      Rabirinsu (JN) らびりんす​
      Team Sakigake!! TURBO Juku - 魁!!TURBO塾
      Gyabaso no Teki (BL) ギャバソの敵
      Sandoicchi サンドイッチ
      TURBO - https://youtu.be/ylOqU7N3ZpE
      Team Daishin Sekai - 大新世界
      Umecchi うめっち
      Shizuru しずる
      Bejitto (WO) べじっと​
      Team Kyoto Kougakukan Koukou - 京都廣学館高校
      Wanwasu (JA) わんわす
      Haku (BR) はく
      Wolf (PA)​
      Team Oushitsu Izakaya Haibouru - 王室居酒屋ハイボール
      Shoketan しょけたん - https://youtu.be/FDghLSPPpBc
      Chopper ちょっぱぁ~ - https://youtu.be/IdMqROkDGpA
      Rei (LI) レイ​
      Group 2 Teams
      Team Kusshin G Gyappu - 屈伸Gギャップ
      Kasshin カシン
      Kurita Oyakata 栗田親方 - https://youtu.be/kaFkKtWdHqQ
      Amamo (BR) あまも​
      Team Ungaii - 運がいい -
      Ungaii Sousui 運がいい総帥
      Ungaii Taiga (JA) 運がいいたいが
      Ungaii Bita 運がいいびた​
      Team Osaka ni Sumimasu - 大阪に住みます
      kosuke (JN)
      Tsumugichan つむぎちゃん
      Gensou Chou 幻想蝶​
      Team Saisoku Sekkendou 19XX-toshi - 最速截拳道19XX年
      Metasura (JA) メタすら
      Tonchan とんちゃん - https://youtu.be/dzkCeKjOpJM
      ChinpanJ ちんぱんJ - https://youtu.be/sVKwMl0shaM
      Team Shinobu no Sato - 忍の里 -
      Zan 斬
      Wasabi わさび - https://youtu.be/Z__vbFwbOBU
      Shake (KA) しゃけ​
      Team Hōmuzu Gakuin - ホームズ学院 -
      Tsugasan つがさん - https://youtu.be/FdUXLZoFMyc
      Yunomi (AO) ゆのみ
      Kentsui けんつぃー​
      Team "Socchikei" Sākuru -「そっち系」サークル -
      Gakusei Sarah [Kiken] (SA) 学生サラ【危険】
      Kobajirou こば次郎
      Julietta ジュリエッタ - https://youtu.be/bdKQk6WsdWs
      Team Betādeizu ベターデイズ
      Janne じゃんぬ
      Shirotakuan (LA) しろたくあん​
      Team LYK+
      Raion らいおん
      Yogo ヨゴ
      Kuro Inu (LE) 黒犬​
      Team Tetsuko no Heya - 哲子の部屋 -
      Yamada Tetsuko 山田哲子 - https://youtu.be/sL6ZQJZE_IU
      Awa Akira (AK) 阿波アキラ
      Homestay Akira ホームステイアキラ​
      Team Yasochanzu - やそちゃんず
      Yasokami (LE) やそかみ
      Yanchan やんちゃん
      Serori せろり - https://youtu.be/8bRWUT7TFa4
      Team Yamagata Ken es Rengou A - 山形県es連合A -
      Iromaru イロ丸
      Fugu(Chanhina) (JA) フグ(ちゃんひな)​

      Challenge Cup 1.2 FREE Qualifiers
      Double elimination, 120 players
      Group 1
      Kiriko (VA) キリコ
      Masa Goh (GO) マサ剛 - https://youtu.be/6FFuJp19meg
      Taii (VA) 大尉
      Tome (SA) とめ
      Homestay Akira (AK) ホームステイアキラ - https://youtu.be/xhPYgaBePrQ
      Goma(WO) ゴマお
      Ikebukuro Sarah (SA) 池袋サラ
      Osage (BR) おさげ

      Group 2
      Pometarou (JE) ポメタロウ
      Koufu Megane (AO) 甲府めがね - https://youtu.be/VtSLKIlf1e4
      Okuyama SP (KA) 奥山SP
      Sanjii Hōshi (LE) サンジー法師 - https://youtu.be/74UJBWqZK7E
      Ginrou (WO) 銀狼
      Zoroshii (PA) ぞろしー
      Julietta (SA) ジュリエッタ - https://youtu.be/etEu-onsCwY
      konamon (JE)

      Group 3
      Chopper (LI) ちょっぱぁ~ - https://youtu.be/IdMqROkDGpA
      Metsu Ryu Jacky (JA)メツリュウJACKY - https://youtu.be/KHdRb-H0ouU
      Ītomo (KA) いいとも
      babukichi (AK) - https://www.twitch.tv/babukichi
      Dunz Neibii (AK) Dunz★ネイビー♪
      Tatsuya (TA) たつや
      PiiO-kun (VA) ぴー〇くん
      Arumajrio Otouto (LI) アルマジロ弟 - https://youtu.be/WyzeHi-G770

      Group 4
      Zan (TA) 斬 - https://youtu.be/RZ6oESdQC1Q
      Zonchan (LE) ゾンチャン
      moichang (VA)
      Giracchi (JA) ギラッチ
      Reorao (GO) レオラオ
      Makki Eileen (EI) まっきぃアイリーン
      Torakuma (TA) 虎熊
      Kanzen Nitaku (WO) 完全二択

      Group 5
      kotobuki (VA)
      Inchiki Jiji (SH) いんちきじじい
      Kiisu (BL) きーす
      Neppa (JA) ねっぱ - https://youtu.be/HZ13Bg2PXxU
      Megajene (PA) メガジェネ
      Oichan (BL) おぃちゃん
      Raion (JA) らいおん
      Jīku Lion (LI) ジークリオン

      Group 6
      Kekkafuza (JN) 結跏趺坐
      Akua (AO) あくあ
      Gakusei Sarah [Kiken] (SA) 学生サラ【危険】
      Jin (KA) ジン - https://youtu.be/NDyzw5SFVxc
      Suberitarou (TA) すべり太郎
      Puuta (JN) ぷうた - https://youtu.be/mtBvkNGR1-M
      Mataru (VA)マタル
      Higemati (BR) ヒゲマティ

      Group 7
      Miyabi (JN) みやび
      Kashin (TA) カシン - https://youtu.be/7l4q6n2kGwg
      Kurita Oyakata (TA) 栗田親方 - https://youtu.be/kaFkKtWdHqQ
      YOU (SA) - https://youtu.be/XTuSEjOVxAM
      Masatopi (AO) まさとぴ
      Piroo3 (VA) ピロオ3
      Monkichi (VA) 悶吉 - https://www.twitch.tv/monteru3
      Yodoriba Jacky (JE) ヨドリバジャッキー - https://youtu.be/sRGIf7Synhw

      Group 8
      Wolf 500 Yen (WO) ウルフ500円 - https://youtu.be/gUB6ryxTD5k
      Shindou Jacky (LA) 新道ジャッキー
      Tane (AK) たね
      Raizu (BL) らいず - https://youtu.be/6WmkZSyFRFg
      Kubinashi Rider (LE) 首無しライダー - https://youtu.be/u2f7sJ23DWU
      Hira (SH) ひら
      Shirotakuan (LA)しろたくあん
      Aki (LI) 亜希

      Group 9
      Samejima (VA) 鮫島sirzima - https://youtu.be/GGyCzJiREY8
      Inami Takashi (BL) 伊波貴志
      Kaesaru (JA) カエサル
      Panchan (PA) ぱんちゃん - https://youtu.be/Xw1RBDMpLG4
      Kochou (PA) 胡蝶
      Janne (JA)じゃんぬ
      Porori (TA) ぽろり

      Group 10
      Densetsu SP (JN) でんせつえすぴ~ - https://youtu.be/9xdklCYA2jc
      Donpara (AK) ドンパラ
      Masazou (JE) まさぞう - https://youtu.be/jY5Kz3EQIZM
      Suiryuu Kokumesen (SH) 酔竜功久米仙
      Wasabi (KA) わさび - https://youtu.be/qCv975MHUTs
      Torasaburou (BL) とらさぶろう
      Kyouchan (SA) 狂ちゃん

      Group 11
      Shiokara (AK) 塩辛
      Yūki (AK) ユーキ
      Kiyoharadai Jacky (PA) 清原台ジャッキー。
      Tehepero (JN) てへぺろ - https://youtu.be/w7dtgTTeCfo
      Choutarou (JN) ちょーたろ
      Tonchan (JA) とんちゃん - https://youtu.be/-k_uKGnYXHE
      Doesu (JN) どえす - https://youtu.be/BRUfBtwmeO4

      Group 12
      SHU (SH)
      Ruri (JA) 瑠璃
      Kawa (AK) 皮
      Shiro (JA) しろ
      Awa Akira (AK) 阿波アキラ
      Yokkun (WO) よっくん
      Kudoukun (GO) 苦道訓 - https://youtu.be/PoO6EyUwXuI

      Group 13
      Naoto (LE) なおと
      Mannish (BR) マニッシュ
      Akikan (AK) 空き缶。
      VF-Ou Kishougun (JA) VF王騎将軍
      Shizuru (AK)しずる
      GKJ Polaris (VA) GKJポラリス - https://youtu.be/lfczh4q9JXY
      Rike (EI) りけ

      Group 14
      α (GO) - https://youtu.be/kwqwfBmSxBE
      ChinpanJ (JA) ちんぱんJ - https://youtu.be/UD8TlBOWHFk
      Chainapao (AO) チャイナパオ
      Momo (JA) 桃
      Drum's Ko (AK) Drum'S子
      TURBO (BL) - https://youtu.be/6uHEHZQJRDA
      Māzupīpuru (AO) マーズピープル

      Group 15
      Umecchi (EI) うめっち
      hanapekko (VA)
      M-Shima (JA) M島
      Shinkuro (AK) しんくろー
      Buruha (SH) ぶるは
      Fukuchan (AK) ふくちゃん - https://youtu.be/ZTEmWwNKDWc
      Manji (KA) まんじ

      Group 16
      Kamishakujii Sarah (SA) 上石神井サラ
      PON (SA)
      Tomarion (LI) とまりおん
      Hitoshi (AK)
      Haato-sama (TA) ハート様 - https://youtu.be/zwz7_6POu3Q
      Shirotora (PA) しろとら
      Shibamaru (WO) しばまる - https://youtu.be/5cHsYvO2Khs
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    11. akai

      YouTube video time=stamped. I did a preview of the Challenge Cup 1.2 Qualifier participants.

      No official stream from SEGA, but many participants usually stream the event from their POV. You can use this https://kakuge-checker.com/stream/vf/ to get a quick list of VF streamers (Friday night in North America, past midnight in Europe).

      If home internet is stable, I will likely provide links to participants POV vids / brackets in the previous post.
    12. akai
      3on3 Category, the teams advancing to the offline finals:

      Team Kishidan Kouen-Kai - 氣志團後援会 [Shiro しろ / SHENRON (GO) / Kishidan Jr. (WO) 氣志團Jr.]

      Team Saisoku Sekkendou 19XX-toshi - 最速截拳道19XX年 [Metasura (JA) メタすら / Tonchan とんちゃん (JA) / ChinpanJ ちんぱんJ (JA)]
    13. akai
      FREE Qualifiers Winners
      1. Osage (BR) おさげ
      2. Pometarou (JE) ポメタロウ
      3. Ītomo (KA) いいとも
      4. Kanzen Nitaku (WO) 完全二択
      5. Raion (JA) らいおん
      6. Jin (KA) ジン
      7. YOU (SA)
      8. Tane (AK) たね
      9. Janne (JA)じゃんぬ
      10. Densetsu SP (JN) でんせつえすぴ~
      11. Tonchan (JA) とんちゃん
      12. SHU (SH)
      13. Shizuru (AK)しずる
      14. ChinpanJ (JA) ちんぱんJ
      15. Umecchi (EI) うめっち
      16. Haato-sama (TA) ハート様

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