SEGA Announcement on 25 March?

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Mar 19, 2020.

By Myke on Mar 19, 2020 at 7:51 PM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    As a part of SEGA's 60th anniversary, something is being teased that's seemingly fighter related. The announcement will be made on the 25th of March 2020. What could it be?


    The text above roughly translates to "6 days until birth", and will continue to count down until we reach the announcement date on the 25th of March.

    Start speculating naaaoooowwwww!
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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Mar 19, 2020.

    1. MadeManG74

      Nice find, here's a rough google translation:

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    2. beanboy
      Fashionable Witch Love and Berry?
      Wow! That is such an unusual name for a game.:p
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    3. Dragonps
      It's reactions like this that I feel are really unfair.

      Just because he has the resources does not mean he could make a great game. There's a very good reason why Sega hasn't done a new VF yet and I'll go into that later in this post.

      Sega have been trying to figure out what direction to take VF6. Put yourself in their damn shoes and think like a business not a fan for a moment. Sega have to make sure they please the original hardcore VF fans. These fans don't care too much about customization or flashy effects or story mode, they simply want a great system that's rewarding and deep.

      On the other hand they have to please the casual crowd, they don't give a toss about deep gameplay or rewarding systems. They want customization story modes and flashy special effects and OTT gameplay.

      They can't simply do VF5 with pretty next gen graphics, it won't cut it and fans will see that.

      So for once put yourself in Sega's shoes, how do they please both these camps without upsetting the other? Do you think you could figure it out? No you couldn't instead you come on here and really stick your claws into Sega. The url of that website even said "segashiro" so why you got hyped up for something VF related is beyond me.

      Yes I want a new VF like many people here but I also understand how hard it must be for Sega to come up with new ideas for a 6th game.
    4. Sonic The Fighters
      Sonic The Fighters
      "lol SEGA has been trying to figure out what direction to take VF6"

      That was the most stupid excuse by SEGA. Saying this bullshit after 5 great games and also the excellent VF5FS.

      They just don't want to work hard and put the money on the table again to make a great game.

      Why to make VF6 ? :

      To keep the fanbase alive.
      To keep this godlike IP in actual gamers memory.
      To make money.
      To modernize the game (visually, graphics art style, animations, UI).
      To not let Bamco, Capcom, SNK ... taking all the place.
      And also because a lot of people ask for a new game for years.
      They just have to continue the series. Everything is already there ! They just have to look at the previous games to make a new VF game from 2020 with 4k.

      as simple as that.

      For Nagoshi, if he really worked on VF2 (1995), and ported VF2 and VF5FS only for his Yakuza games... But instead he made a real remaster of his average game Super Monkey Ball Wii for the actual consoles, but nothing real and big for Virtua Fighter ... ? I'm sorry but this guy can eat a banana.

      That guy is jealous of Suzuki ? To act like Shenmue and VF don't exist ? He could have done something great for the franchises after all these years and with his power at SEGA.
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    5. Ali
      Again I am not sure why Nagoshi is suddenly the bad guy. I don't really think it's his decision to make...and I think he has done a lot for SEGA and his games are at least good if not excellent and great many times.

      @Dragonps While I really understand your point and reasoning and I had that in my mind, the whole question remains, what will remain out of VF if special effects, stupid story mode and easier fighting system was implemented.

      There is a market for hardcore games...after 5 release of the very same concept I don't think SEGA will alter their IP. If they want flashy stuff and casual appeal they can do a Yakuza fighting game.

      A lot of times, developers tried to appeal for more casual base altering their IP in the process and the results arent pretty a lot of times. You will risk losing the original fanbase and VF's fan base might be not vocal online but it ain't as small as you think.

      I am speculating ... I think SEGA just wants a good timing... Call me crazy but the fuzz that started with SF4 and fighting genre resurgence is actually dying out and they won't rely on bringing a portion of other games' fans to VF.

      There is an undeniable market for hardcore games... Sekiro, NiOH, the souls games...

      Nobody make their games mainstreamed and sacrifice what makes it special these days.
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    6. beanboy
      Yep. Very true.
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    7. MadeManG74
      I don't know why developers think casuals want flashy effects. I think there's more evidence to show they like single player content more than anything.
    8. Dragonps
      I think overall the point I was trying to make was there are two distinct types of VF fan and how does Sega go about pleasing both. I think VF4EVO did a damn good job of being accessible enough and with plenty of casual player fluff thrown in. Hell the tutorial is the best of any fighting game I've ever played bar none.

      I'm just not keen on this nonsensical idea that Sega simply need to make a 6th game and make it look pretty and people will buy it.

      They won't.

      There has to be some kind of draw some sort of feature that keeps players coming back. Everything you can do has already been done by SC and DOA. I can only imagine the dilemma Sega are in when it comes to VF. Not to mention that Sega Heroes mobile match 3 game is shutting down in May, which is a real shame as it exposed casual fans to VF characters.
    9. Ali
      Off topic, but why is that mobile game suddenly shutting down ?
    10. beanboy
      Sega Heroes is shutting down? Lame. The sad thing is, I was planning on downloading it, as soon as I buy a new tablet, with more storage space.:cautious:
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    11. MadeManG74
      Something to do with the developer breaking away from Sega. I think they had part-ownership and have moved to being fully independent, and so the game is being discontinued. You'd have to read the press release to get the full details.
    12. Dragonps
      Have Sega said we'd hear more news around June?
    13. MadeManG74
      Yes, but I wouldn't expect it to be Virtua Fighter related. Probably something more broad around the company.
    14. Dragonps
      You know I'm surprised they've not done a Sega Ages for VF yet. Well a compilation with extra features at least.
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    15. MadeManG74
      Me too. I hope they don't do it and make it Switch Exclusive though :sick:
    16. Dragonps
      I do recall the VF 10th Anniversary PS2 game that was bundled with VF4 EVO I think? Watching gameplay vids of VF2 it really is so smooth if a little out dated. If something VF was coming I'd imagine it will go straight to the Switch as that console seems to have a dozen games not found on other systems like Bullet Hell shooters :D

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