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SEGA applies for VF3tb online.NET trademark

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Nov 22, 2023.

By akai on Nov 22, 2023 at 9:21 AM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    According to Chizai Watch--a site that tracks patents, designs, and trademarks applications from the Japan Patent Office--SEGA applied for the trademark "VF3tb online.NET" on November 14, 2023. As for what service or goods the logo is intended for: home use; video game console; mobile; computer; are some of the terms listed.

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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Nov 22, 2023.

    1. Virtua Kazama
    2. akai
    3. akai
    4. JCnextinc
      As a fan it make me happy and nostalgic.

      But I'm anticipating the shit storm and all the jokes coming on internet
      I think it' also a way to test new online technologies.
      This trailer made me want another fighter with uneven stages.
      SEGA all stars fighter/FIGHTER megamix 2.. (y)
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    5. akai
    6. jimi Claymore
      jimi Claymore
      Translation, it might have some typos.

      Interview Virtua Fighter 3 Returns to the Arcades

      APM3 Version is released (to use with Virtua fighter ES/US) to be used from now on

      Sega this day (2023/11/25), announcement the ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Version 3 (APM3) for Virtua Fighter 3tb online, which is going to be available(working) at 11/28.

      In 1997 Virtua Fighter 3tb was introduced to the Arcade Scene, as an ambitious, one on one 3d fighting game that introduced team battles and uneven stages.

      However, for some reason, VF3TB got a revival, and finally we got another e-sports series for VF

      This time for 4Gamer we got with us with the Chief producer of Virtua Fighter ES/US, Mr Seiji Aoki and APM3 general producer Toshiaki Yuasa

      The genius who saved VF3tb from becoming lost media


      Today we’re going to talk about the announcement of VF3TB Online and the APM3

      So, please tell us more about it.

      Mr. Toshiaki Yuasa (Mr. yuasa)

      The APM3 is a machine (arcade Cabinet) to play multiple games, we are planning to bring more games to the system as regular basis.

      Here in Sega we were thinking about the next game and system that we are going to release, and VF3TB was the best option for us

      Mr. Seiji Aoki (Mr. Aoki)

      I’m part of one of the main studios in SEGA Ryuu Ga Gotoku Studios

      In (Yakuza/like a dragon) Series there is a lot of mini games to play, if you compare the hardware specs from that time we have a really good improvement today, Specially for emulators that are getting better and better.

      For example the Model 3 Emulator was the key to re-launch this kind of titles

      Note: the model 3 was an arcade machine made by Sega for games from 1997 to 1999


      So you’re saying that Sega made a whole project to develop an Model 3 Emulator?

      Mr. Aoki

      We can’t say it was a project at all, there was a prodigious(Genius) programmer who did all the heavy lifting and testing in his free time.



      Speaking of Genius from SEGA, there is someone who was working in the 360 version of Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram (OraTan) by his own, is maybe the same person?

      Mr Aoki

      Maybe it was the same person (laughs)

      The Model 3 Emulator was being developed from 2 years ago, gathering info and data.

      There is no guarantee that it could be finished, first it was needed to test it in order to continue, but that worked really well in the end.

      In fact, it was really amazing.

      Everyone who was working with the model 3 was already in retirement so we didn’t have anyone to ask about the system

      And we didn’t have any documentation either, so we searched in the “warehouse” to find something.


      3TB is included in Like a Dragon 8 (PC, PS5, SeriesX,PS4,Xbox one)

      (so that means that is going to cause problems?)

      Mr Aoki

      Like a Dragon 8 uses the Dragon Engine, VFes/US and 3TB will use the same engine.

      The Dragon Engine Itself works on PC, it highly compatible with the APM3 since we already have the Model 3 Emulator complete.

      When you have a in-house built emulator is quite easy to add online component also adding additional features becomes easy too.

      Hereafter the Model 3 titles that we’re going to launch, are going to have some small adjustments.

      Mr Yuasa

      We think the arcade cabinet APM, is well suited for fighting games.

      When we released VFes/US, it was well received, so we want to put more Virtua Fighter games to play on the system, we were thinking “Why not bring back VF3TB?”


      Like when you play a fighting game, you can do it in your home or in the Arcade, now you’re playing the same game.

      For older titles in comparison to newer ones seems there is no differences for that.

      Mr Yuasa

      I think the same, going to the Arcade is something than VF3TB player still do regularly.

      Mr Aoki

      Yeah By going to the Arcades, even if you don’t go for a specific game, there is some degree of exposition and promotion, if something is catching your eye you’re going to try it, that’s a really strong point for Arcade.


      I think VF3TB is in a special place for VF in the series

      The uneven stages and the addition of the Evade (E ) button to the well know (P) (K) (G) system.

      The Standard than VF2 and VF4 used (it was any consideration to bring back those games?)

      Mr Yuasa

      As for 2 and 4, it plays at some degree similar to VFes/US

      For VF3tb is more clearly the differences in playstyle and we thought was better for our product line.

      Mr Aoki

      Even now, VF3tb tournaments are still hold in the arcades, so we acknowledge there is a demand for the game.


      VF3tb on APM3 is this the same version as the Model 3 one?

      Mr Yuasa

      We added the online function now, friend code matching, Aime card for battle progress and ring name option, all recorded in the VF3tbOnline.net which you can visit.

      All the APM3 functions are here.


      So, is this good news for competitive VF3tb?

      Mr. Aoki

      Since the Model 3 emulator is ours we can adjust even the smallest details


      It sounds like a dream for SEGA’s fans

      Mr. Aoki

      If we talk about a dream for SEGA’s fans they would love a Model 3 collection to play at home, of course we don’t have planed something like that yet (laughs)

      While working with the APM3 and Like a dragon 8, everybody’s imagination is going to expand, but it is a good idea to dig more and know the interest for those games.

      If a lot of people wants this collection, we might take it into account.

      As for VF3tb we’re going to launch 2CDs (Virtua Fighter 3 tb Online Premium Music Collection in December 14

      Includes the Original Music, The arrangement music from the DLC of VFes/US, The Takenobu Mitsuyoshi’s Vocals and rare and unused music.


      Unused Music?

      Mr Aoki

      Unused music that we found in the real hardware (laughs)



      Is the Arranged Soundtrack going to work with this VF3tb Online?

      Mr Aoki

      You can choose both Original and arranged soundtrack in the game, of course the arrangement was done by original members of AM2, they took this VF-like concept and just make it feel more modern.


      So that means it is going to be easier to launch model 3 games on the APM3.

      Mr. Aoki

      As for the technical part, now we need to see if there is demand for those games.

      Mr. Yuasa

      If there is demand, we already have the technical base for implementation, so we can say we have a lot of options for the future.

      Mr. Aoki

      In Like a Dragon 8 includes VF3tb, Getbass and Spike out, you can even change the language so it can be played world wide.

      GetBass is know as SEGA Bass Fishing outside Japan so maybe some gamers will feel nostalgic about this one.


      By the way we would like to hear more about the announced Virtua Fighter Esports Tournament


      Official SEGA tournament held in the SEGA’s LIGHTHOUSE for the 2024/02/10, Virtua Fighter Esports SPECIAL CUP

      The entry is free, is over 12 years old and everyone can enter, it doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or an amateur.

      The format is single match double elimination and all participants will get the title “NO VF NO LIFE”.


      it's been a long time since the last tournament isn’t?

      but it makes sense since you were working with VF3TB

      Mr. Aoki

      Since this is an event held in an Arcade we need the cooperation with the Arcade, that means various topics to be discussed, is not that easy than do the event with just home consoles.

      Sponsors and volunteer for the tournament are welcome, we hope we can make more events like this in the future.


      And what about the future of the series?

      Can we have some hope for a new collab or DLCs?

      Mr. Aoki

      For now, I can’t say too much about that question.

      But as for Virtua Fighter Esports / 5 Ultimate Showdown we’re not done yet with the project.


      This time, it seems you’re throwing 3tb to the arcades, but how SEGA perceives the actual Arcade Business?

      Mr. Yuasa

      During the Covid-19 pandemic, the impact for the arcade business was huge but thanks to the relaxation to health measures, the actual sales of the whole market are surpassing pre Covid sales.

      As for SEGA point of view his prize machine (UFO catcher) installation area has increased SEGA is making and selling a lot of UFO catchers

      The so-called “oshikatsu”( doing various things to support one's favorite arcade machine) is going strong.

      Character’s goods, Idol’s goods that can only be obtained by this machines are the reason more and more people are coming to play in this machines.

      Recently most of our customers are women

      The Arcade Business is overcoming the negative image of the Covid-19 and is thriving


      And what about the video games?

      Mr. Yuasa

      First of all we have the APM3 which has a line up of games like Initial D, EisakuTaisen, CHUNITHM, maimai and more games have been developed.

      During the Covid, most games played by die-hards and the older gamers were the less affected, the games played by young people play after school were more affected.

      Because the Health regulations they can’t go to the school and then to the game center that was a huge impact for those games.


      This machines gives experiences that you can only get in an arcade

      Draw attention to this is one of the SEGA’ arcade strategy.

      Mr. Yuasa


      But launching titles regularly, from older times we want to do it great care.

      Since the target for the special arcade machines are mostly young people, we want to focus on that market too.

      To think about it SEGA’s IP are really strong in that market, we need find new ways to cover more market demands and if there is something we can do with the APM3 we’re going to have a serious consideration to do it.
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    7. Shoju
      Bring back that evade button in the next game!

      Strange that they would pick VF3 over any of the versions of VF4 for this. That was the height of VFs popularity and competition I believe. It also had the rank and customization system which wasn't there for VF3 and prior games.
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    8. akai
      In the 4Gamer Interview (translation posted above by jimi) - the producer of APM3 (Yuasa) mentioned the reason for choosing VF3TB:

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    9. Shoju
      I know but still surprised. If any prior VF game was going to spark a revival and bring back some of the crowd from the heyday I would've thought VF4FT would be the choice. It had all that Sega Net infrastructure made for it as well. I don't think VF5FS is that similar to the VF4 games too.
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    10. Thesch28
      VF3tb is the most played VF game at Japanese arcades besides FS and esports. Of course they would port it over VF4FT, NOBODY IS PLAYING VF4FT AT JAPANESE ARCADES.

      The only people playing VF4FT are the 10 regular players in Fightcade.
      I'm assuming this arcade release was made to appeal to arcade owners who want to have VF3tb but are having trouble getting a board, VF3tb board are very expensive since they are in high demand. VF3tb is played a lot in Japan about as much as games like Third Strike.
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    11. Shoju
      Really? Is VF4 as widely available to play as VF3 in their arcades?

      If VF3 is doing that well and grows with VF3 online I wonder if it's system mechanics will have any influence on a new game.
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    12. Thesch28
      VF4 in general is forgotten about in Japan, just because VF5FS/esports is too similar in terms of gameplay, not to mention VF.Net for VF4 was discontinued long ago so a lot of cool extra features like customization are gone "at least through official means" also it seems a good number of the playerbase in Japan did not like the system changes Final Tuned made, a lot players would rather play Evolution.

      I doubt VF3tb would influence the mechanics of a VF6 "if VF6 even happens" personally I'd love to see VF3 like gameplay in a new VF, uneven stages included. Like it or not at least that'd be better than putting Supers and rage mechanics. :sneaky:
    13. Shoju
      I remember Homestay Akira saying VF4Evo was his favourite VF game and I think Jin Kage said the same as well though they didn't say why. What changed in the system of VF4FT that was unpopular? I only know that they got rid of the defensive option selects like All Round Escape which seemed OP.
    14. Thesch28
      I can't speak for them, but from what I heard what most people hated was the nerfs movement received in FT.

      In FT AM2 removed VIP a movement tech which went like this: putting evade > attack > crouch forward dash. in FT no attack comes out.

      Also Successful evade lasts 19 frames in FT instead of 17 "Evo" that one also annoyed some people basically made evade less strong, you can't react out of it as fast as in Evo.

      There are probably another changes that were not well received I can't remember off the top my head but yeah the main thing was nerfed movement.

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