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Sega Cup Schedule and Stream

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Apr 20, 2013.

By akai on Apr 20, 2013 at 8:42 AM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC


Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Apr 20, 2013.

    1. Pai~Chun
      So sweet, can't wait to see the action later with a few cold ciders :)

      Huge day for VF!! :eek: :cool:
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      Hey akai welcome back, how are you? Thanks for putting up the stream for the peeps.
    3. akai
      Front page links are working correctly, click on the top 16 for the final results.

      Congrats to all that went and that had a good time!
    4. Plague
      I love SEGA!
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    5. Lyama
      Its realy great to see that SEGA supporting community in world, not just in japan. Thx for that and hope we see next events in future) great action) but i think its not fair that japan players get in tournament, for many reasons) its more intresting if japan players will be stars that play with other outside of the tournament)
    6. akai
    7. steelbaz
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    8. Tricky
      Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown

      1. RZR|Fuudo (Shun)
      2. GentlemanThief (Jean, Pai, Jacky)
      3. RZR|Itabashi Zangief (Shun)
      4. Choufu K・K Sarah (Shun, Aoi, T-Arashi)
      5. Tricky (Eileen)
      5. EMP|Rodnutz (Akira)
      7. Rocket (Brad)
      7. Renzo (Brad)
      9. AyuFanb0y (Akira)
      9. EMP|Denkai (Jacky)
      9. LA Akira (Shun)
      9. Myke623 (Kage)
      13. BLACKSTAR (Sarah)
      13. AdamYuuki (Jeffry)
      13. myth_boy6 (Lei-Fei)
      13. ChiefFlash (Wolf)

      Grand Finals

      RZR|Fuudo (Shun) vs. GentlemanThief (Jean) – 3-0
      Losers Finals

      GentlemanThief (Jean) vs. RZR|Itabashi Zangief (Shun) – 3-2
      Winners Finals

      RZR|Fuudo (Shun) vs. RZR|Itabashi Zangief (Shun) – 3-1
      Losers Semifinals

      Choufu K・K Sarah (Aoi, Shun) vs. GentlemanThief (Pai, Jean) – 1-2
      Top 8 Winners

      Choufu K・K Sarah (T-Arashi) vs. RZR|Itabashi Zangief (Shun) – 0-2
      Tricky (Eileen) vs. RZR|Fuudo (Shun) – 0-2

      Top 8 Losers

      Rocket (Brad) vs. GentlemanThief (Jean) – 0-2
      Renzo (Brad) vs. EMP|Rodnutz (Akira) - 0-2

      Tricky (Eileen) vs. GentlemanThief (Jacky) – 0-2
      Choufu K・K Sarah (Shun) vs. EMP|Rodnutz (Akira) – 2-0

      Top 16 Winners

      RZR|Fuudo (Shun) vs. LA Akira (Shun) – 2-0
      Myke623 (Kage) vs. Tricky (Eileen) – 0-2
      AyuFanb0y (Akira) vs. Choufu K・K Sarah (Shun) – 0-2
      RZR|Itabashi Zangief (Shun) vs. GentlemanThief (Jean) – 2-1

      Top 16 Losers

      Rocket (Brad) vs. BLACKSTAR (Sarah) – off-stream
      AdamYuuki (Jeffry) vs. EMP|Denkai (Jacky)off-stream
      Renzo (Brad) vs. myth_boy6 (Lei-Fei) – off-stream
      ChiefFlash (Wolf) vs. EMP|Rodnutz (Akira)off-stream

      Rocket (Brad) vs. AyuFanb0y (Akira) – off-stream
      EMP|Denkai (Jacky) vs. GentlemanThief (Jean) – 1-2
      Renzo (Brad) vs. LA Akira (Shun) – off-stream
      EMP|Rodnutz (Akira) vs. Myke623 (Kage) – off-stream

      Winners Bracket Match Log

      Penguin Trois (Sarah) vs. hseiken (Lion) – 1-2
      Sorias (Aoi) vs. Zass (Wolf) – 0-2
      Chanchai (Lion) vs. BLACKSTAR (Sarah) – 2-1
      Cruzlink (Akira) vs. LA Akira (Shun) – 0-2
      ThisisEubanks (Vanessa) vs. RZR|Fuudo (Shun) – 0-2
      Devil REI (Vanessa) vs. hseiken (Lion) – 0-2
      JINXHAND (Jeffry) vs. Zass (Wolf) – 0-2
      RZR|Fuudo (Shun) vs. Rocket (Brad) – 2-0
      LA Akira (Shun) vs. Chanchai (Lion) – 2-0
      hseiken (Lion) vs. floodnhard (Goh) – 2-0
      LA Akira (Shun) vs. Zass (Wolf) – 2-0
      hseiken (Lion) vs. RZR|Fuudo (Shun) – 0-2
      AdamYuuki (Jeffry) vs. Plague (Akira) – 2-0
      Hawktopus (Pai) vs. EG|fLoE (Jacky) – 0-2
      Cros (Jacky) vs. Tricky (Eileen) – 0-2
      Dennis0201 (Jean) vs. oneida (Lau) – 2-0
      Myke623 (Kage) vs. Barzabal (Pai) – 2-0
      AdamYuuki (Jeffry) vs. CrazyDude (Shun) – 2-0
      EMP|Denkai (Jacky) vs. rickstah (T-Arashi) – 2-0
      00000000 (Vanessa) vs. Tricky (Eileen) – 0-2
      Myke623 (Kage) vs. EG|fLoE (Jacky) – 2-0
      AdamYuuki (Jeffry) vs. Radical Reactor (Vanessa) – 0-2
      EMP|Denkai (Jacky) vs. Dennis0201 (Jean) – 2-0
      Tricky (Eileen) vs. RadicalReactor (Vanessa) – 2-1
      EMP|Denkai (Jacky) vs. Myke623 (Kage) – 1-2
      Shouta (El Blaze) vs. Toma (Akira) – 2-0
      PikoCat (Aoi) vs. ShinobiFist (El Blaze) – 1-2
      EG|Justin Wong (Jacky) vs. MarquisPosa (Eileen) – 2-0
      Renzo (Brad) vs. DeathWalksAlone (Brad) – 2-0
      Choufu K・K Sarah (Shun) vs. myth_boy6 (Lei-Fei) – 2-0
      Brisal73 (T-Arashi) vs. Shouta (El Blaze) – 2-1
      Phanatik (Lei-Fei) vs. ShinobiFist (El Blaze) – 2-0
      soakrates (Lei-Fei) vs. ShinyBrentford (Goh) – 0-2
      EG|Justin Wong (Jacky) vs. Choufu K・K Sara (T-Arashi) – 0-2
      Renzo (Brad) vs. Brisal73 (T-Arashi) – 2-0
      Shidosha (T-Arashi) vs. Phanatik (Lei-Fei) – 2-0
      AyuFanb0y (Akira, Kage) vs. ShinyBrentford (Goh) – 2-1
      Shidosha (T-Arashi) vs. Choufu K・K Sara (Lau) – 0-2
      Renzo (Brad) vs. AyuFanb0y (Kage) – 0-2
      RZR|Itabashi Zangief (Shun) vs. GodokuNoDan (Vanessa) – 2-0
      ChiefFlash (Wolf) vs. siLE Pai (Pai) – 2-0
      Airegin (Wolf) vs. DRE Fei (Akira) – 2-1
      GentlemanThief (Jean) vs. BL (Jacky) – 2-0
      EMP|Rodnutz (Akira) vs. Kamais Ookin (Jeffry) – 2-0
      R_Panda (Brad) vs. akuma001 (El Blaze) – 2-1
      RZR|Itabashi Zangief (Shun) vs. MLP 715 (Lion) – 2-0
      Shag (Goh) vs. MotorCityJacky (Jacky) – 2-0
      EMP|Rodnutz (Akira) vs. Waverusher Kobi (Aoi) – 1-2
      GentlemanThief (Pai) vs. ChiefFlash (Wolf) – 2-0
      RZR|Itabashi Zangief (Shun) vs. Airegin (Wolf) – 2-0
      R_Panda (Brad) vs. Shag (Goh) – 0-2
      RZR|Itabashi Zangief (Shun) vs. Waverusher Kobi (Aoi) – 2-0
      GentlemanThief (Jean) vs. Shag (Goh) – 2-0

      Losers Bracket Match Log

      hseiken (Lion) vs. Rocket (Brad) – 0-2
      RadicalReactor (Vanessa) vs. AdamYuuki (Jeffry) – 0-2
      EMP|Denkai (Jacky) vs. Dennis0201 (T-Arashi, Jean) – 2-1
      myth_boy6 (Lei-Fei) vs. Mike B (El Blaze) – 2-0
      ShinyBrentford (Goh) vs. Brisal73 (T-Arashi) – 2-1
      Shidosha (T-Arashi) vs. myth_boy6 (Lei-Fei) – 1-2
      Renzo (Brad) vs. ShinyBrentford (Goh) – 2-0
      R_Panda (Brad) vs. ChiefFlash (Wolf) – 1-2
      Waverusher Kobi (Aoi) vs. EMP|Rodnutz (Akira) – 0-2
      Shag (Goh) vs. ChiefFlash (Wolf) – 0-2
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    9. Zass
      I'm looking through the archive at http://www.twitch.tv/leveluplive/b/393497353, I'm not seeing pools 1 and 2. Am I missing something? I'm looking for the maches in pools 1 and 2, but they doesn't seem to be there. Seems like the coverage starts with Dennis vs Oneida.
    10. steelbaz
    11. FakeSypha
      Watching most of the stream yesterday was really enjoyable. There was skill, there was fun, there was hype. VF needs more events/streams like this one! :D

      Congrats to all you attended. Props to GentlemanThief for DAT awesome victory against Itazan.
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    12. Craigbot
      Sega Cup was one of the best tourney I've seen in a long time :D. I saw some of the people I play online and it was great that they represented the game so well. So many great matches, how can you favor one over the other? Congrats to everyone that participated and hope for another Sega Cup to come around.

      Thanks Sega for hosting the event and I hope that you continue to do more events like this for the VF community :D. Watching the matches made me want to get better, so that's a priority on my list :).
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    13. GodEater
      I couldn't watch much of the stream at the beginning. Caught Tricky winning over Myke, had to leave and then was able to watch the top 16. That was awesome.

      Congrats to everyone that was able to attend - would have loved to come, if not play but alas...

      Big congrats to Tricky and GT. That was fantastic. Tricky made Eileen and his hitbox sing. It was all kinds of exciting to watch GT's Pai counter pick demo Chofu's Aoi and then to watch the Jean steamroll on those Shuns. Thank cow you broke up the top three.

      Good shit, as the kids say.
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    14. El_Twelve
      Congrats to everyone! I won't have time to watch the stream yet, but it sounds like it was a great success.
    15. Sozos
      Great show guys. Its so nice to see how damn big progression western people can do. It was amazing. All of you from Western, American and Europe from your last performances ( Sega cup and WGC 2013) you showed to the world that this game worth more love. VF succecs and future depends on us,the community and will succeed!
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    16. Krafty Matt
      Krafty Matt
      What a great time. It was wonderful to see everyone again. It was great meeting new people.

      Congrats to everyone who made Top 16!

      Big congrats to Miles who made Top 16, SoCal's Rising Star!
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    17. MilesA.
      Just wanted to give a big shout out to SEGA and to everyone who participated at the cup. Met a lot of cool people and it was a lot of fun! I'm glad to have played some of the players I've heard so much about, it was an honor. Till the next tourney, guys.

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