Sega reaches out to fans for 60th Anniversary - Share your love for Virtua Fighter!

Discussion in 'News' started by MadeManG74, Apr 21, 2020.

By MadeManG74 on Apr 21, 2020 at 10:48 PM
  1. MadeManG74

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    Sega is gearing up to celebrate their 60th anniversary this year, having already launched a website and new mascot in Sega Shiro. Now, they are asking fans to contact them and share what they love about Sega, and share their thoughts!

    As fans of Sega's Virtua Fighter franchise, let's tell Sega how much we love the series and how much we'd love to see the games on more platforms and more from the franchise in the future!

    The message can be sent to Sega here:

    You can even choose a Virtua Fighter icon to be attached to your message!
    Sega Icons 60th cropped.jpg

    Not only can you send a message, but submit fan-art or pictures to go along with it, so get creative!
    Messages will be displayed on the website from June 3rd.

    Everyone who submits something will go into the draw to win a prize!
    Use the link for full details;
    60th_massage_img sm.jpg


Discussion in 'News' started by MadeManG74, Apr 21, 2020.

    1. Jotamide
      Cool, I also asked for DFCI and even the latest Blade Arcus. This was the image I attached.
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    2. MadeManG74
    3. Ali
      I think SEGA is opening/has opened ways to deliver our interest to them. They did that before and we scored 3rd place or so... We can do better...

      I wonder if known fighter games personal (Max dood..etc) can help ?
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    4. MDog
      Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition
    5. bruciethebeast
      Lol why are you even here? Anywho, this is what I wrote:

      "Please give your fans Virtua Fighter 6 or a localized port of Japan's 5 Final Showdown for current consoles and PC. If Virtua Fighter 6 is coming, do not use nonsense like lower skill ceilings and comeback mechanics (Tekken Rage Arts). Those have no place in 3DCG Fighting Games."

      If someone can trim this to be more to the point and translate it to Japanese, it can go a farther way. SEGA message board only allows for140 Japanese characters, and they are more likely to take messages in Japanese seriously.
    6. Jotamide
      Another fighting game published by them. I asked for them to start porting / localizing all their fighting games. Sega not only neglects VF but other communities too.
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    7. SoulTruth2013
      I have submitted mines. Just only an appreciation message lol
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    8. Dennis0201
    9. MadeManG74
      Good stuff, it is meant to be an appreciation after all, not just a wish-list.
      I made sure to say thanks for their work on VF and how much I enjoy the series.
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    10. Thesch28
      I sent mine just an appreciation message and saying that my fav SEGA game is VF3tb.
      also a drawing of Shun Di i made.
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    11. Dragonps
      Sent mine, nothing fancy just my love for VF and hoping we see more of the franchise.
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    12. JCnextinc
      Everybody gave up for asking VF6 and how it should be or what ?

      It's like we had a lot of chance like that come on!
      _AAA VF 6 don't save Money! Even if it's niche VF is your brand reputation!
      _VF should be considered part of your communication budget.
      _Vf was traditionnaly the technical showcase of SEGA research and developpement.
      _VF is History
      _Vf is the ast time SEGA was on the top of the world.
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    13. SoulTruth2013
      Exactly like I don't want to demand SEGA to make a new VF but to show how much I appreciate them of making all of the VF titles that I am able to enjoy to this day including FS.
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    14. lordraptor
      As much as I'd love to see Sega realizing that there's a market to cater to in their fighting games department, I severely doubt we'll get a new game, at best, Virtua Fighter's characters, or their skins would make it to a different game, like it has in the last...8 years :meh:.
    15. MadeManG74
      I don't care about a new game, just give me the games that exist on relevant hardware.
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    16. lordraptor
      Even that could be too much to ask of Sega bet is to play it on Yakuza 0 for consoles, I'd actually prefer a PC version, that'd be even better.
    17. MadeManG74
      It's on Yakuza 6 and Judgement, not 0. However, even then the port has no training mode and no online, so they're not very good.
      If Sega can take a plunge on a new Sakura Wars, they might be willing to port a game that should be relatively easy.
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    18. Parasite_eveNZ
      The history section really gave me nostalgic feels sega is a company who loves it's games, fans and who loves them back. Despite how much criticism for how low budget thier games look it's never been about graphics for them i feel. they have thier own signiture with thier unique ways they convey stories and themes through unique mechanincal constructions that is recognizably Segas E.g Shenmue, Valkyria chronicles, skies of arcadia, shinobi, sonic, VF, Phantasy star the list goes on and on. God bless you sega i could go through my favourite developers too but this post would be too long.
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