Sega Twitter: 'I TL, cook this year!'

Discussion in 'News' started by MadeManG74, Jun 18, 2017.

By MadeManG74 on Jun 18, 2017 at 3:15 AM
  1. MadeManG74

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    A curious tweet came from Sega's official Japanese twitter account today. A picture of Lau and his model progression through the Virtua Fighter series, with the text 'I TL, cook this year!'.

    The hashtags are 'Lau Chan' and 'Father's Day'.

    Some say it's just a Father's Day message, a cute nod to a famous Sega dad. But, could there be some more meaning behind Lau 'cooking this year'?

    We have a good translation & interpretation thanks to @Modelah !
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Discussion in 'News' started by MadeManG74, Jun 18, 2017.

    1. def
      Fingers crossed for VF6 announcement!
    2. Lewisthewizard
      Sega has been hinting VF6 a lot and i liking where there going with that :)
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    3. Shinobi
      Whaaaat? According to google translate, it says: "It will cook this year, such as Takashi's TL!"!

      What is TL? Taka's Linguine? Taka's Lamb burger? VF6 in some space language?

      Come on, SEGA. COME ON!!!!
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    4. Superkh13
      Takaski's TL? What does that reference to? Why would they say that?
    5. Modelah
      It's a Father's Day message/tease, with the pics of Lau over the years no doubt intended to get fans speculating.

      TL is an initialism for (Twitter's) Timeline. 'おぬしのTLなど' (your Timeline etc) probably means that the message can be found elsewhere too.

      A direct translation of the above post minus 'etc':
      "Cooking on your Timeline again this year!"

      '今年も- again this year' suggests that there may have been similar posts around Father's Day in the past.

    6. Unicorn
      I will love to get hyped and full of hopes for VF6 but knowing how Sega cut off VF6 development in the past and being let downed so many times, I can not.
      Yet I still somehow hope I will be proved wrong this time :)

      Who knows, maybe new panchiko machine incomming? ;)
    7. MadeManG74
      Thanks for the assistance Modelah! Great explanation, I'll update the OP with it and credit you.

      Also, "again this year" gives me some hope.
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    8. MadeManG74
      Also, is it just me, or does 'VF3 Lau' in this picture look very little like VF3's actual model?
    9. Myke
      Had the exact same thought. It looks like they used something out of the CG series instead.
    10. def
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    11. MadeManG74
      Apparently Sega tweeted the exact same thing last year father's day :(
    12. Citrus
      TGS is in 3 months and AM2 still didn't announce their new game.
      This and Sega saying they will revive their biggest IPs.

      You tell me it's not happening.
    13. MadeManG74
      I don't think it would be revealed at TGS if it were coming. TGS is too home market based for an arcade series.
    14. Okiron
      So at the Japan Amusement Expo (the annual trade fair for amusement arcade products) but it's in february 2018 :eek:
    15. MadeManG74
      Announcements don't have to wait for trade shows, in fact I can't think of any time Sega recently announced a game at a trade show instead of via press release etc.

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