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Sega's Update Information Special Broadcast

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Jul 25, 2021.

By akai on Jul 25, 2021 at 11:32 AM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    In the latest video from Sega, the first part is a look back at the Pre Season Match finals with Shiro.

    They had a team battle exhibition with players of different skill level.
    Ikeburo Sarah

    No Motion Hoshi no Kotetsu
    Kubinashi Rider

    And the final portion (1h30m) is a look at the major Summer update to Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown.

    The update that was teased before release for the game will be in this major update to game:

    Regular Tournaments
    - Online tournaments on the weekends! There is also a special title for the top prize winners!

    Team Battle - Introducing a popular battle format in the domestic virtual community! Cooperate and defeat the other team! Highly customizable that can have up to 8vs8 or 1vs15 team battles.

    Simultaneous Play in Room Match
    - Multiple battles proceed in parallel allowing tournaments and leagues to progress much faster.

    Updates that was not mentioned before this announcement today:

    Options for Stage Selection in Room Mode - option to make stage to be non-random and allowing players to change stage in rematch.

    Side Counter Hit Color has been adjusted - Previously difficult to distinguish from normal side hit, the counter hit version will be purple instead of blue.

    Additional Updates
    - Filter option for Rooms without Passcode
    - Change to how secondary characters gain rank after player's main character reaches a certain rank
    - In League games, final standings will take into consideration the number of battles won and the number of rounds won.
    - Trophies (For the new achievements related to the Tournament and Team Battle modes)
    - More bug fixes

    Side Note: Aoki appears to have found a 1000 t-shirt to go with his 800. For those that have been following, his t-shirts have been emphasized a lot during videos. It suggests how many times the game have been downloaded worldwide.

    Acknowledgement: wrekka for translation clarifications
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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Jul 25, 2021.

    1. Shensun
      Awesome news. Cant wait to jump back in
    2. JCnextinc
      We started from the most elegant fightinggame, with its DNA respecting martial arts. The most realistic game in the genre. with only subtle flash on counter hits (with super cool effects like saliva drops and sweat effects.)

      We used to make fun of other games that illustrated hit effects with galaxy explosions, and here we are 30 years later:cry:

      4th of July with more colors. More sparks even these ugly PS1 clouds during hit (even during throws)
      When exagerated dust would have been cool enough..!:( Rather that mess.

      Subtle flash to RED BLUE YELLOW Sparks Clouds and now a new PURPLE color ?? :mad:

      AOKI is making VF Puyo Puyo E sports.
      Aoki doesn't understand VF.
      He thinks Transparent walls are not realistic enough and got rid of them.

      What do you think is more important for E sport and visibility ? Not seeing fences and walls (HUGE importance in this game!!) and getting staggered , ring yourself out OR
      Giving people 4 PUYO PUYO colors ?

      In that mess they kept classic "subtle" flash but it's not as subtle as before since it last forever .
      How a 60 + frame flash would help you to hit confirm ?? lol...

      Aoki imposes his most literal, most basic, most simplistic and most stupid vision of E sports . But VF isn't just a random E sports game
      As if it was a simple puzzle game or a free to play Fortnite or whatever
      Virtua Fighter is not just that Mr. AOKI.
      You must remember that it was SEGA's technological showcase.
      The pride of SEGA
      30 years of realism traditions that you just trampled on without shame.
      It's an insult to Yu SUZUKI's original vision :(

      And it marks a halt to VF as a technical innovator that pushed the boundaries of technology and realism.
      The end of VF as the most ELEGANT fighting game with no BS lasers fireballs devils wings Pandas or galaxy explosions hit effects.

      There are a lot of way to make hit effects why did you go the most simplistic..?
      The Ugliest..? PS1 way..?
      Where is VF innovation..? All I see is a Tekkenization, a step backward.

      Where is AM 2 innovation and realism..?
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    3. Shinobi
      So, 10.000.000 downloads? Anyway, I'm really excited for the summer update! Nice stuff. Maybe we can run tournaments as well!
    4. SSfox
      -Filter option for Rooms without Passcode

      I think it's the most interesting thing in this update.
    5. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      10 million download is massive.
      Now I demand a real retail edition with all the missing content and more, they have no more excuses.

      Nice summer update, tournaments and team mode are nice.
      But I don't see the needs of fireworks, maybe I'm little old but pro nowadays need all these informations to play properly?
      The old subtle light effect was enought in my opinion, they are starting to do a real mess with the tekken sparks, 4 colors codes...

      Someone call Yu Suzuki, we need him now!
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    6. SUGATA
      Aoki san & SEGA, please, add to VF5US the SAVE REPLAY feature +ability to turn on Frame data during Replay and Spectator/VFtv+slow frame-by-frame FWD/BWD controls in replays = like in VF4Evo!This is important for cybersport analysis and for new and pro players to learn the game!
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    7. wrekka
      Just to help out with Akai's update
      - The trophies are for new achievements related to the tournament and team modes.
      - In league matches, the number of rounds won will count in the final standings. Not simply the number of games won. So if there is a tie, the winner will go to the number of rounds won.
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    8. Zaibatsu
      When this update will be released? Is there any release date?
    9. Adam Gibson
      Adam Gibson
      More than anything, I really want some new item DLC. It would be amazin if they could add music from some other Sega franchises too (Last Bronx, Outrun, Golden Axe, etc.)
      Last edited: Jul 26, 2021
    10. SDS_Overfiend1
      give it a rest already. You sound like a broken record. If you don’t like it… don’t play it. Go sit down somewhere and shut the hell up.
    11. masterpo
      In his interview Aoki said that Sega is now primarily targeting players under the age of 19..

      In his blog he said

      " Utilizing RGG’s Dragon Engine Technology, we dramatically upgraded the look and feel of the game, remaking character models and stages entirely from scratch. Visual effects like lighting and shaders received a significant rework, while modern CG expanded the range of effects we could produce. An entirely new opening cinematic added the final layer to the presentation."


      "Every change we made had to serve our goal of bringing the series forward for a new generation".

      Now that Ryu GA Gotoku Studios has primary control over the visual presentation Virtua Fighter is now being target to children and young adults.

      The HIt effects are just the beginning. Aoki and crew are going to bring us whirlwinds, explosions, fireballs, and all the rest of the graphical pyrotechnics that the new generation of players love, and the graphics that the 2D gamers live for.

      Remember , Aoki refers to the previous players of VF as the "VF Old Men" (VF Oji, VFおじ) and in his blogs emphasizes:

      Remade for a new generation

      When development began in 2019, we knew there was an entire generation of gamers who had never seen or played Virtua Fighter. To us, 2012’s Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown represented the series pinnacle – the result of nearly two decades of fine-tuning and development. But many younger fans had never experienced the fluid 60fps martial arts combat, intricately balanced and grounded in reality, that game perfected in its day.

      He really is not focused on the old players, old timers, and old generation of VFers. Aoki's focus in on teens, and young adults. In a recent interview Aoki says:

      Aoki - I wonder if there are many teenagers who are actually playing "VFes". However, as part of Sega, we want to see young people play the "Virtua Fighter" series and participate in e-sports competitions. There was a debate about whether we should make the division for 19 years old or younger, or a little higher, 24 years old or younger. I wanted people to know that I want the younger generation to participate, so we decided U-19.

      4Gamer - You mentioned earlier that a player of a generation like Shiro won the championship, but will you continue to consciously discover star players?

      Aoki - Yes, I am quite conscious, but that does not mean we are making any special selections. I thought it would be great if a new star player could be born from the younger generation. I think it was a result in the sense that a new history is about to be born, including the fact that this final was between Barugo and Shiro.
       On top of that, I want to work with the "VF Old Men" (VF Oji, VFおじ) who has continued to play the Virtua Fighter games for a long time and with legendary players to create a community that will lead the younger generation.

      Virtua Fighter is going to be transformed into the best cross between Tekken and Street Fighter that Aoki can make it. Here comes the:

      • Fire Balls
      • Larger, Bigger, Better Hit Effects
      • Projectiles
      • Super Moves
      • Power Ups
      • Come back Mechanics
      • Simplified Move Lists
      • Kangaroos, Bears, Pandas,Werewolves, Robots,etc
      • Disappearing - Re-appearing
      • Whirlwinds
      • Explosions
      • Teleportation
      • Rage Art, Rage Drive

      You know all the things the the younger generation and the new generation of fighting game fans enjoy.

      The reality is that every version of Virtua Fighter since VF4 EVO has been a little less Virtua Fighter than the previous version. So here we are now 20 years later with Red, Yellow and now Purple Hit Flashes that obscure the animations and a game that's really just an online mode that is targeted towards players under the age of 19.:confused: The age of Virtua Fighter realism is officially over(n)

      @JCnextinc VF5US has not been made for you or the "VF Old Men" that liked realism. Its being made for children and the young adults that prefer more of an Anime + Street Fighter + Tekken aesthetic:cool:

      These days when I want authentic martial arts (karate,judo, tae kwondo, muay thai, sambo, sanda, kickboxing, wrestling, jujitsu) realism in a fighting game I go with the Ultimate Fighting Championship Martial Arts games made by THQ and EA Sports;)

      Last edited: Jul 26, 2021
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    12. faster 10 lightning
      faster 10 lightning
      I don't think VF will get fireballs, teleports or other crap, not because they don't want to do this, but because the "grounder to reality" is the only point of difference for VF.

      I'm afraid that VF6 will be a really watered down Vf game, and while I don't think Akira will ever launch an Hadoken ("grounded to reality"), I can already see for example visual effects like Shun's bottle that glows as the drink counter increase, different colored auras when Lei Fei change poses and other useless things like that.

      Let alone the gameplay of VF6 that will probably be a disaster judging the current Aoki attitude.
    13. JCnextinc
      Don't let Aoki to be in charge of VF6 .:notworthy:
      I prefer to see Daichi KATAGIRI Makoto OSAKI or Yu SUZUKI to continue VF tradition and Legacy for new generation.
      No Fortnitization or Low end Tekkenization ! It's like they think teens under 19 are completely stupid :(

      Younger generation deserves betters than low end productions/Free to play to continue VF legacy.(they learn to play very difficult games at young age now and they have inernet to improve fast.)
      They are not Dumb , it's not because of 4 colors code and ridiculous hit sparks that they'll find interest in VF !
      And if you don't trust VF's inherent qualities what next ? Water down the system for younger generation because you think they are dumb ?

      VF only needed exposure and good marketing.
      With this new social media and streaming era , all VF needs to find success is to be as gorgeous and visually ahead of its time it was before.
      Puyo Puyo Esport shouldn't be the EXACT same model for VF .
      You have to adapt and respect VF's DNA.
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    14. JCnextinc
      Maximilian Dood made a video about that. He said that people and mainstream pick up a fighting game because of visual and characters.

      Making VF6 , with a lot of realistic details (SEGA AM2 tradition.) , making VF6 the most elegant the most beautiful and technically impressive fighting game ,making VF gorgeous AGAIN would be enough nowadays in twitch era. (y)
      No need of of PS1 hit sparks.
      (Colored clouds look outdated and even hit effect on block could be improved , it looks like a 2D game when the dust on block should look like a Martial art movie. But does RGG studio undertand this..? Does they care..?)

      On HIT: Just keep the exagerated dust effects (looks nice) with the subtle flashes. Bring back saliva drops+ sweat effect on counter hits.:love:

      NO NEED OF PURPLE and new colors !

      You want people to understand or react to side counter hit..?
      If the sounds the saliva drops the flash is not enough for you then bring the MAJOR SIDE COUNTER ICON from the training mode in the game!

      Like VF5 vanilla Hit Combo counter!
      Why should it be more difficult to put than the stagger Icon ?:cautious:

      This is complete HYPOCRISY
      These new devs hated VF as it was and wanted it to be more like Tekken and other 2D fighters :cry:

      Visuals ahead of their times and Cutting edge technologies are also VF's DNA
      It HAS to look super good impressive and realistic.
      Not cheap and cartoonsish

      VF has always been an hommage to actual martial arts and martial arts movies.
      don't kill this tradition please..
      Last edited: Jul 26, 2021
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    15. Shinobi
      So, Ultimate Showdown is not real VF, because of the colorful hit-sparks? I guess that you didn't like Final Showdown at first place, which is, basically, the same game as US.

      SEGA doesn't respect VF, even though US is good old FS, running on a different engine? I don't get you guys...
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    16. masterpo

      Sry mate, Its should be clear by now that

      are no longer really in the picture. They are part of the "VF Old Men" , and from the old days. Aoki and Ryu GA Gotoku Studios are the new face and part of the new
      of Virtua Fighter for those under the age of 19. Katagiri , and Osaki are no longer really in control. They are just figure heads and AM2 is only mentioned to help us accept the new Virtua Fighter. Virtua Fighter really is now being produced by RGG studios. When you beat arcade mode, you can see the real credits on the screen at the end of the old credits. That's why Aoki's face and voice is everywhere. Notice you don't see in interviews by the AM2 team, only representatives of RGG. The new Virtua Fighter for the new generation will have mostly the same roster of characters and the same basic fighting engine, but the presentation is going to evolveNo interviews by Daichi KATAGIRI, or Makoto OSAKI. What does Yu Suzuki have to say about the new updates to Virtua Fighter:ninja:

      Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple Hit Sparks are just the beginning.:cautious:

      Aoki and RGG studios are going to show how to make VF popular like Guilty Gear, Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc. for players under the age of 19.

      I think in the future we will hear less and less about AM2, Daichi KATAGIRi, Makoto OSAKI and more and more from Aoki and RGG and the new direction of Virtua Fighter. More sales, 10, 000,000 million downloads.

      You should probably be worried about what the new customizations are going to look like:oops:

      Also everyone asking for new balancing will give Aoki an excuse to simplify the movelists for all the characters. Aoki might also drop Shund Di from the roster
      because he is too old. Remember Tekken dropped Wang Jinrei and DOA 6 dropped the Genfu character because they were too old and Tekken 7 wanted and DOA 6 wanted to appeal to a new younger generation of players. Shun di is probably going to dropped from the game, and Lau who is sick and dying is probably going to be dropped. Maybe we'll get two younger characters who will appeal more to players under the age of 19;)

      Virtua Fighter as it once was is gone.

      The current Virtua Fighter is not much more than a big Online Mode that has added Red, Yellow, Blue and Purple Hit Sparks being marked to kids under the age of 19.
    17. SUGATA
      Absolutely DISAGREE w you.

      This is an awesome news that Side hit counter has its own color like all other hit statuses! It is logical and needed.

      90% of info we are getting from eyes, not ears. Visual recognition is much FASTER than audio. So, we NEED VISUAL identity for Side CH (b/c now Side CH has the SAME visual hit spark as Side normal hit = FALSE info to the player). The only hit that was w/o its own visual recognition was side ch - now its is FIXED! Btw there are players with audio malfunction, so these hit sparks helps them.
      Last edited: Jul 26, 2021
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    18. JCnextinc
      @SUGATA I understand your point.

      I'm not against specific side counter hit indicator. I Just want it to look good.
      Not Cheap and Ugly.
      VF as the best looking Fighting game it was back in the days deserves better.

      Is it the best way to do it ? no.
      Is this 4 color code the only possible way ? No.
      Is the most elegant way to it ? No.

      And I'm not making up things this is science. Human Ear react faster at an audio stimulus than the the eye to a visual stimulus.
      Do your research.

      Even chief flash in his video playing Lil Majin VF ultimate showdown on his stream , was asked by Lil Majin "how do I recognize Counter hits in this game.." :ROTFL:
      With ALL these new effects and Dozen hours of gameplay a PRO PLAYER like lil Majin was still confused.
      And do you know what was Chief Flash answer to Lil Question..? "i actually identify counters by the "splash" sound.
      (If RGG studios want some advices for E sports..)

      Human ear reacts faster. This is science.
      Last edited: Jul 26, 2021
    19. joanot
      Who cares about hit sparks ? lol, is ok to not like them but the hyperbole in here is too much ...

      Sega isnt the same company it was back in 2.006, the world has changed a lot, our beloved AM2 included. And ofc we are not the main target anymore, we are a bunch of old farts. VF needs new blood to thrive and thats ok. Get over it guys, the golden days are over, stop complainig and just go back to play VF4-5.
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