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Discussion in 'General' started by Chanchai, Feb 15, 2001.

  1. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    I should start playing this game again. It's been a month since I touched it, but I enjoy talking about it. Anyways, with the interest in some of the members (and some fresh air to wipe the temporary insanity away) I decided I would start a links resource of sites with 3S material.

    Here are some sites regarding Third Strike:

    -Some combo movies for those interested (pretty good stuff though)
    -Their forum does actually have some people knowledgeable in 3S. So far, more knowledgeable than many sites, in a convenient section for the game.
    -This site focuses more on Alpha 3 and Super Turbo. If those are your games, you'll definitely find some good stuff here.

    -Everyone knows this site, but might as well put it on the list.
    -Huge community of Street Fighter related fighting games (Super Turbo and up).
    -As far as Third Strike goes, you'll find only a bit, but some info is useful (kara cancelling coverage for instance).
    -As far as the forum goes, there actually are quite a few people who are pretty knowledgeable of 3S and do post about the game, the downside is that you have to weed through all the posts of other games (mostly MvC2). However, you are likely to find some nice stuff, mostly in posts from a few months ago.

    -I found this site out through Summers.
    -Not the most organized sites but they have some 3S movies of combos ranging from the outrageously impractical, to the core basics. Worth at least a look.
    -Can't say much about the forum except I wish it was of the more modern designs.

    -Purely Third Strike
    -If you are a beginner or need some basics reiterated (or even just starting on a new character), this is a very good site with a bunch of info (Except for a few characters).
    -Last I checked, the forum wasn't the most active but there were some posts that were good. Some posts not that great either. But everyone there is almost guaranteed to be a Third Strike fan and it's definitely bound to have great info within.

    If anyone else knows of any sites of Third Strike interest, go ahead and branch off this thread. There's enough in Third Strike to have good potential to interest some of the VF crowd (focus on mind-games, many defensive options).

    On a sidenote, I wasn't too into the Usenet culture, so I'm not sure if I did things right, but oh well. I decided to denote game specific threads with a common form of indicator, in this case for 3S, I used (SF3:3S). I'm bound to have messed up on this somehow.

  2. SummAh

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    b4 anyone download the combos and go whooooo waaaahhhhh at gamming matrix online...

    I should help clear up a few things.

    A)see all those multi hit combos...
    plz note they only work when opponent is dizzy

    b)while the whole multi hit combos might only work when opponent is dizzy, try n break them up into little pieces, they become instant good combos. Throughly applicable

    The Remy combos are the best, B4 I DL the clip, I already had my own set of Remy combos, so hooo haaaaaa....when I saw some of my combos in there. (well, I know they are not mine, But I'm glad someone is pushing the boundries as well)
    Some Remy combos I never thought of, some modified(meaning, when he ex, I don't, when he don't ex, I do)

    c) the chunli combos are FANTASTIC!
    If there is one u must DL, let this be it.

    I would only recommned ppl going to SRK.com for the kara cancel, other than that, that site is pretty much useless for 3S

    Same as Chancai, I throughly recommend 'beginners to 3S' to this site

    <font color=red>SummErs' 'mibu's lone wolf'

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