ShadowBlade joystick is CRAP for PS2 VF4

Discussion in 'Console' started by feixaq, Jan 30, 2002.

  1. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    For those of you who are thinking of buying an Interact ShadowBlade joystick for PS2 VF4... don't! It is complete crap. I bought one just to play with a couple of friends last night, but the place where I bought it from has a 14-day no-questions-asked return policy, so it's really just to tide me over till my Hori PS2 VF4 stick arrives later this week.

    Why is it crap?
    1. analog buttons means pulling off moves like Akira's knee is a lot harder. The buttons feel mushy as well, not responsive at all.
    2. stick is crap. Even if you like american style joysticks (I personally can't stand them, I'd sooner use Japanese stick-and-ball style sticks), this one has very bad travel, no definite center, a very mushy feeling, and weird microswitches that sometimes click and sometimes don't. Diagonals are especially bad.

    So... if you're thinking about buying the Shadowblade... you have been warned. (This is not just my opinion, but the opinion of the other 3 people who played VF4 at my place last night as well.)
  2. Daniel Thomas

    Daniel Thomas Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the advice. I'm in the market for a couple of sticks, and the salespeople at all the games stores keep pointing to the Shadowblade. Hell, most of these guys draw blanks when I ask for a "joystick." "No, not a joypad. A joySTICK."

    Anyway, I saw a few different PS joysticks around, but I don't know which are the best for VF and other fighting games. What's the consensus on these controllers?

    -- Blaze Pro Shock Life (for PS2)
    -- Blaze Home Arcade Twin Stick (PSX -- big ass pair)
    -- Topmax Dominator 2 (PSX -- this one's very small)

    That's about all I could find this weekend at the Mall of America. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Brisal73

    Brisal73 Well-Known Member

    just buy the vf4 stick by Hori....its great for vf playing
  4. LAU Abuser

    LAU Abuser Well-Known Member

    VF4 Hori Joystick... I've 1 and searching another in Japan...
    Ballstick>similiar to those of arcade.
    Buttons> Very good feel and Akira's Knee is easily excuted.
  5. Legend

    Legend Active Member

    I second FeixaQ's claim.. I tried it on many other fighting games mainly Tekken tag, VF4 and Streetfighter 3rdstrik.

    simply put shadowblade stick BLOWS
  6. Triple Lei

    Triple Lei Well-Known Member

    I've heard some crap things about that stick too. <a target="_blank" href=>Here's</a> an old Zaibatsu article about the Alloy Arcade Stick. (that sucks too)

    If you could get your hands on a Fighter's Choice stick (the box is about the same size as a PlayStation box), I say get it. Though they break easily (mine broke after a month after practicing the harder Tekken 3 Jin combos), they're supposedly great if you get your own parts at <a target="_blank" href=>Happ Controls</a>...
  7. DeathCom

    DeathCom Well-Known Member

    I personally use my old Namco (Soul Edge) stick. The thing is a tank, solid and responsive. Though I prefer it to the Shadowblade, I found the stick to not be a total waste.

    Testing my friends I found it easier (or maybe equal to my Namco stick) to do things like Akira's DLC (which I still pretty much suck at regardless), but more simple 270 degree motions for some throws were much harder. The thing I hate most about that big ass thing is the actual stick itself, the way it feels. Right where my index finger reaches my hand I got serious pains after using the thing a while. Whereas my Namco stick never causes any aches. As for the buttons, I found it to be a mixed bag. Once you get more use to it, I feel they work pretty well. One thing's for certain, I think the Shadowblade is built tougher/will last longer than my Namco or even my DC arcade stick.

  8. nxw0016

    nxw0016 Well-Known Member

    Since we are talking about sticks, I have some questions as I am waiting for the VF4's US release on PS2:

    (sorry if some questions may sound stupid)
    1. Does the Hori VF4 stick work with US PS2?
    2. Living in US where can I buy it? (online or in store).
    3. Is there a converter that converts Dreamcast's controller to fit in PSX/PS2? I heard there was but can't find it on the web now.
  9. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    1. Does the Hori VF4 stick work with US PS2?


    2. Living in US where can I buy it? (online or in store). used to have it, out of stock now still has it I think

    3. Is there a converter that converts Dreamcast's controller to fit in PSX/PS2? I heard there was but can't find it on the web now.

    Dunno, I've seen people solder wires to get DC Agetec to work on PS2, but unsure as to whether there's a retail DC-PS2 converter.
  10. nxw0016

    nxw0016 Well-Known Member

    Thanks a lot:)

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