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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by CreeD, Sep 24, 2001.

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    Due to the overwhelmingly popular response to the first trivia post ("you're wrong about this, this this, and this." "Where the fuck are 41-49?" "Why are there two 23s?") It's time for yet another round of trivia. This is just 25 questions, and that's the actual number of question, not just what I've numbered them up to.
    These are also much more accurate and you will never ever win an attempt to argue the answers. Let's hear it for Mr. Bungle for coming up with 'em.
    (golf applause)
    Now, to the questions:
    1. Name the only credited American programmer to have worked for AM2 for the VF
    series arcade games, and for which games in the VF series he worked on. Extra
    points if you can name what position he held in the development of the game(s).

    2. What character was cut late into the development of VF1, so late that he
    remained on the VF1 monitor glass?

    3. The TKoD could work on a back turned opponent in one of the VF games, T/F?

    4. In VF2 and VF3, if Akira's dashing elbow (f,f+P) connected, it had a shorter
    recovery time than a whiffed dashing elbow, T/F?

    5. Kage was originally named "Yagyu", T/F?

    6. What does the writing in Lion's VF2 stage _really_ say? :)

    7. Name which moves in Lion's arsenal that were removed from VF3ob to VF3tb.

    8. Describe the quick-fix AM2 came up with to weaken the effectiveness of
    Kage's TFT in VF2.1.

    9. Describe the one large bug in the NA release of VF2 Saturn which effectively
    renders the VF2.1 mode unplayable (or at least absurdly unfair and unenjoyable
    by anyone sane).

    10. When playing against the CPU in arcade VF3ob/tb, name the stages which
    Dural would never, ever use when you reached her.

    11. The VF3 CPU "learned" like the VF2 expert mode; i.e. it would attempt to
    learn and use moves, flowcharts and combos that human players would use, T/F?

    12. Explain why it was never possible to achieve 9th dan with Shun in arcade
    VF2 ranking mode.

    13. In VF2, which character could leave the ring and explore the outer reaches
    of the stage, and how?

    14. In VF2, which characters gained the most from a "perfect" PKG and which
    characters gained the least?

    15. What does the Japanese writing on the "Hedgehog Importing Co." sign say?

    16. The in order in which you fought your opponents against the CPU in VF3 was
    random, T/F?

    17. What is the Mating Ritual?

    18. In general terms, describe how Jacky's VF4 low backfist differs in from his
    VF1/2/3 low backfist (this question does not refer to effect on opponent; i.e.
    it looks and acts different, why?).

    19. Which character has the largest bust?

    20. The performance differences in some VF2 characters between their 1P and 2P
    costumes were:
    a) bugs
    b) intended "features"
    c) "features" which Sega had meant to remove but apparently overlooked
    d) none of the above, no differences existed

    21. Jeffry could throw his opponent clear across the ring with his body lift
    throw in VF1, T/F?

    22. What somewhat derogatory name is Taka referred to in arcade VF3ob's own
    records data, and what does it mean?

    23: What's the largest VF faq (excluding VFKids or FMM), counting either for a
    character or general faq?

    24: Which images from the VF Gold Disk series can be found in VF3, and where?

    25: Who or what were Fried Noodles?

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  2. jackybrothas

    jackybrothas Well-Known Member

    2. Siba
    lol that's all i know
  3. GLC

    GLC Well-Known Member

    1: Jeffery Buchanan; worked on VF1 and VF2. He worked on texture design in VF2. I can't remember what he did in VF1...

    2: Siba (or Shiba, whichever).

    3: True, in VF1.

    4: False, it recovered longer.

    5: True.

    6: Approximately: "Duel to the death."

    7: F+K high kick and FC,P TT punch.

    8: Shorter, smaller arc if opponent had more than half of his lifebar remaining; normal VF2.0 arc if opponent had less than half of his lifebar remaining.

    9: All moves connecting in a float count for MC damage.

    10: Aoi's, Kage's, and the cave stage.

    11: False.

    12: Due to a bug the CPU never counted the necessary d+K+G.

    13: Kage could shinsodan outside of the ring after the bell.

    14: Characters with the fastest punches gained the most and, incrementally, characters with the slowest punches gained the least. So, in order: Kage/Sarah/Akira/Jacky/Wolf/Jeffry.

    15: Instructions for how to do the shinsodan.

    16: False. There were two dozen or so pre-set courses.

    17: Lion's front facegrab throw.

    18: In VF4 Jacky now uses his rear arm instead of his forward arm, spins the opposite direction, and he now changes foot stance. Also, the opponent stumbles to his knees after being hit.

    19: Wolf ;)

    20: c; AM2 originally planned for all the characters to have different properties depending on their costume.

    21: True

    22: "Debu"; means "fatso" in Japanese.

    23: My VF3tb General FAQ ;)

    24: The image of the car and the image of the chair with the towel are in Jacky and Sarah's CG collection, respectively. They are seen in the advertisements in Sarah's VF3 stage.

    25: Victims of VF2 Lau's rush.

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