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Discussion in 'General' started by Daydream, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Daydream

    Daydream Well-Known Member

    Daydream CE
    With the costume packs available with Final Showdown, I thought it would only be fitting to have a thread based on what our characters look like.

    Most of you probably have a camera phone of some sort. Snap a picture of your outfits and upload it to a site like There you can also edit down the size of your picture as well so it won't fill the whole screen.

    Mine is nothing special. I went for the "jungle girl"-look right away with my Eileen. I wanted her to look primitive with monkey king influences.

    For some reason the site wouldn't show the images with the image plug-in. I'll try another upload site later. Just click the links for now.

    Now, show yours!
  2. PKGJimmy

    PKGJimmy Active Member

  3. Daydream

    Daydream Well-Known Member

    Daydream CE
  4. DurViener

    DurViener Well-Known Member

    You're better off just making this a general "show off your costumes" thread, or moving it to the character section.
  5. DurViener

    DurViener Well-Known Member

    I'll post mine later. Still messing around with them.
  6. Johoseph

    Johoseph Well-Known Member

    Lau of America
    Yeah they were actually disappointing to me. You get 6 shirts, one for A B C D E S costumes. And thats it.

    The other options are nice, can use pants from nearly every costume set. Also there are NO shoes. Only light plates.

    Not regretting the decision to buy them, but just a few more chest and shoe options would be nice.
  7. akai

    akai Well-Known Member

    Akai JC
    The shoes are not under the same setting as the light plates...try the legs section (I know it is a little counter-intuitve)
  8. Tha_FeauchA

    Tha_FeauchA Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I was a little baffled about the amount of shirts you get too. And also in some of the other categories. I've only customized a few characters. But I thought there'd be more than 6-9 options for the tops/shirts for some of them outfits. It seems like 60% of the items are hair and pants.

    I'd still buy em again in a heartbeat though. Just sayin.
  9. Guayaba209

    Guayaba209 Member

    can ppl see your characters costume if they dont have the bundle? and how many items does each character get? i'm sure i speak for everyone because we all want to know
  10. Tha_FeauchA

    Tha_FeauchA Well-Known Member

    To see someone elses costume, you need the item pack for that character. They don't need the bundle. But having a bundle lets you see the customizations for the characters that are in that bundle. You get 600-900 items for each character.

    This link will probably answer any other question you might have.
  11. Kiu

    Kiu Member

    Good idea for a thread! Can't wait to show off my Jean costumes I've made. [​IMG]
  12. Guayaba209

    Guayaba209 Member

    sucks so much that someone cant see my sick charcter. Me and a friend are gonna buy a bundle pack, but i'm gonna have bundle 1 and he'll have bundle 2, so we are gonna be looking at nothing [​IMG].
  13. Seidon

    Seidon Well-Known Member Content Mgr El Blaze

    You don't even need the same pack as them. Even the single character item packs are 1.93Gb so you should still be able to see other characters even if you don't have the packs.
  14. casualdreamer

    casualdreamer Member

    I play on ps3 so I guess the xbox version is different but the item packs were only between ~70 and ~150 MB each.
  15. JackyB

    JackyB Well-Known Member

    You guys on PS3?
  16. Reno

    Reno Well-Known Member

  17. synapse

    synapse Well-Known Member

    That Taka looks amazing. SO bad ass!
  18. Shinobi

    Shinobi Well-Known Member Bronze Supporter

  19. casualdreamer

    casualdreamer Member

    Here's mine:
    There are a few for Jean, Eileen, and Sarah in the album. I'm maining Jean and in VF5 vanilla I played Eileen and sometimes Aoi. The costume I pretty much always use for Jean is the one with the hat and headphones.
  20. Watson

    Watson Member

    How to unlock standard costumes C and D? Do i need buy customisation pack for that?

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