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Discussion in 'Shun' started by sterling, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. sterling

    sterling New Member

    Hi all,
    I have been experimenting with Shun for some time and I just saw the movelist for shun at this site. I need some clarifications and comments as my command inputs are not reliable/fast enuff and sometimes I get some "Whoa, wat did I just do?" results.
    1. I pressed down+p+k+g, down+p+k+g, p, p. What I get is Shun doing a back turn and then he carries on with a low punch backwards + high punch backwards (body arching back). I suppose the simpler move is just down+p+k+g, p+k+g, p, p?
    2. So this move is actually a Random Walk + L-Shaped Attack rite?
    3. I have done some move (drinking or not, can't rem), that had shun like elbowing abt twice in fast speed. He is fast in doing this move and he is also leaning a bit (drunk?) on the attacking side/direction. Any ideals how to do that?
    4. The move "Double Knuckle, Backfist, Hip Check" has a Chinese name to it methinks, some " a (f)lute" or something. Anybody knows?

    Thx in advace.
  2. ken

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    D+PKG is his random walk. All it basically achieves is turn Shun so he is BT(back turned) it dodges a bit. Its always risky back turning and this dodge and back-turn is really risky. Unless of course you are an excellent player, if so you wouldn't be asking this question. Generally stay away from this move.

    (BT) P+K+G, P, P
    is actually a sequence that Shun can execute while BT. If you have 10 drinks and the last P connects its an automatic hit+throw. The punches are with Shun with his back arched and facing up.

    d+P+K+G, P
    If you do the punch fast enough in the random walk that his two elbows. If you're slow and mashing the buttons you'll probably be seeing the move above.

    db+P+K, P
    you may be seeing this variation as well.

    In general be accurate in your button inputs. I have a feeling you're mashing hoping something useful comes out. With stance based characters you need to think a few steps ahead to know what your options are when you enter and exit the stance.

    A common mistake is to force a particular stance or move. You need to use moves that suit the situation rather than using moves that you feel like doing.

    On another note.. you don't seem to recognise Shun's stances and states.

    They are:

    -Standing face forward:
    I shouldn't need to explain this

    -BT, Back turned:

    -Sleeping, Lying down:




    Much of Shun's powerful moves are within his stances. You can also flow between stances via particular moves.

    Ho Sin Gu
    "river saint maiden" there are eight drunken gods.

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