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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Oct 25, 1999.

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    I've recently been trying to improve my Shun(to round out my heavy Wolf and Jeffry use) skills, and was wondering what some decent Umiwari techniques would be. Lately I've been tinkering with The Handstand. Seeing as how you can avoid high attacks by using HCB to get into the handstand and low attacks with Up+P+K, it seems pretty useful, to me anywho, in ground games. Of course I realize this tactic shouldn't be abused, so I was wondering what some other good Umiwari techniques for Shun are?
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    Re: Shun Uramawari

    hmm, I think you're really searching for Shun okizeme tactics more than uramawari. Uramawari are movement techniques one does against a grounded opponent to make the computer counter *think* that you have crossed over the opponent - thus causing your opponent to rise backwards.

    I don't play Shun, however - Ice, got any good Shun oki?


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    Re: Shun Uramawari

    There's some Shun Uramawari on page 184 of the Gamest TB Mook, so *ahem* someone should translate it. I'd do it, but it'd take me more than a month given my current (lack of) Kanji comprehension skill.

    But I will add that Shun's uf+E has mad range and can be used quite effectively to dodge around a grounded opponent, reminiscent of Shun's whirlwind techniques in VF2. Used right, you can expose the back of a rising opponent. While lacking the subtle delicacy of Uramawari, it's result is the same. Just be careful you don't confuse yourself more than your opponent as you're whizzing around in circle.

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    Re: Shun Uramawari

    My favorite Shun okizeme:

    Against low rising kick
    [*]u+K combo
    [*]u/f+P combo

    Against high rising kick
    [*]b,b+P -> d+K+E -> butt throw
    [*]d+K -> whiff -> throw (timing must be precise)

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    Re: Shun Uramawari

    Yep..I meant Okizeme, just getting my cool lingo mixed up:)

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