Shun's Kumite items.

Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by Doggyollie, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. Doggyollie

    Doggyollie Member

    Does any one know what they are. I searched the forums for shun, kumite and items but came up with nothing. So far I have a the cap of life and the white horse bottle.
  2. Ealsen

    Ealsen Well-Known Member

    Shun's get alot of many different shoes' motive and color.

    I think you'll get a clown mask as a curse items if you losing like 10 times in a row.( I could be wrong ).
  3. akira2001

    akira2001 Well-Known Member

    Trying to get some myself.

    I have a like 4 pair of shoes, a couple different wine bottles, different color stuff, and a lampshade for a hat (haha).
  4. nero

    nero New Member

    and herbal tonic (!)
  5. Chiro

    Chiro New Member

    I have him at 3rd Dan:6 pairs of shoes. 6 hats, including the Red Lampshade and I've seen a Shun with a yellow Lampshade. 3 Bottles.
  6. Munki

    Munki Member

    At 4th dan, I have 6 or so pairs of shoes, the Cap of Life, the Emporer's Cap, the Cap of Meadows, Woven and Red lampshade, a Festive Cap, 2 symbols for his back (one a red japanese/chinese character, the other just a cool oriental style design), and 3 bottles (herbal tonic, white horse bottle, and red dragon bottle (100 win item)).

    This is all I have so far.
  7. Chiro

    Chiro New Member

    Ok, from what I saw in another post you can see the pictures of the items at . And Click on Kumite items. To get some of the bottles I think that it's related to how much you've drunk in a fight. The 100 fight item is the Dragon bottle. If u din't mind cheating to get the items u can use the versus and get your drinking up to 40. Also doing a lot of side step attacks earns u an item. Getting 2 excellents in a row (same fight) as well as 2 ring outs. This is basically for all fighters.
  8. madman1313

    madman1313 Member

    his kumite items are emporers shoes, emporers hat, sandskrit emblem and herbal elixer.

    you have to beat Kamehameha, slick shun, ugly shun some on else but i cant reember

    I have 2 emblems, 6 shoes, 10 hats and 3 bottles. My shun is at 6th dan
  9. archangel

    archangel Well-Known Member

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