Side throws, Akira's catch throw, charge attacks

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by feixaq, Mar 9, 2002.

  1. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    I'm sure several of you know this, but it might be worth mentioning again... escaping side throws requires f+P+G or b+P+G. Plain old P+G will not escape a side throw.

    Howard and I tested this earlier... you need to hit r+P+G or l+P+G depending on which side the opponent is throwing you. If you do a straight line attack, the opponent dodges to your RIGHT, you have to hit r+P+G. If opponent dodges to left, l+P+G.

    You CANNOT mash r+P+G l+P+G... to try to escape both sides, only the first one will register (much like escaping Aoi's multipart throw). So you have to watch which way the opponent dodges.


    Also, we tested the best way to escape Akira's PIT. Firstly, PIT-P+K is blocked using f+G. PIT-u+P+K is blocked using u+G, and conversely for d+G.

    You *can* block all three by:
    (a) holding F+GGG when you see the PIT, then
    (b) watch whether Akira dodges up or down, then do U+GGG or D+GGG

    Obviously, it's a lot easier under controlled situations to block all three than in the heat of a match, but... blocking all 3 *is* possible. But, if Akira does PIT-u or PIT-d and doesn't hit P+K, but presses f+P+G instead, you'll get hit by the guard breaker. (And then the standing palm ~ P ~ doublepalm combo is guaranteed).

    Which is why you see the Daioh/ACT players do PIT-SE f+P+G so often... it's because the opponents are too busy trying to escape all three P+K options.


    Lastly, dodging charge attacks. You can dodge the charge attack as soon as you see the opponent charge. You don't have to wait for the opponent to release the buttons to commence the attack before dodging, just dodge immediately when you see the charge.

    All charge attacks are linear so you can dodge both ways; Akira's the exception, you have to dodge to his back, but again, you can start dodging as soon as you see him charge. An interesting thing in dodging Akira's b,f+P+K is that if you dodge the right way, you'll get the MC dodge, but if you dodge the wrong way, you'll only get the sidestep (i.e. the game engine considers your button tap to be a sidestep if you dodge wrong).

    That's it for now... little VF4 tidbits brought to you by Howard (segaduck) and I /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  2. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Well, it wasn't common knowledge to me at all, so thanks!

    Regarding the side throws, I was wondering why I would escape when I did a DTE or TTE using b or f. And yet, almost never escape side throws when I would just do P+G.

    The breakdown of Akira's PIT main options was excellent. Again, many thanks to Feixaq and Sega Duck!!!

  3. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    Thanks for outlining the above so clearly. The notes about the PIT follow ups defense were muchly needed for many I'm sure.

    I'm the only one I've ever seen escape side throws... I do it quite often after I have Sarah's b,f+P+G throw reversed. I'm sure Sarah only needs to press P+G to escape the side throw in this situation, at least on arcade Ver B. I've tested this in the arcade. In any case, I'm forever double throw escaping with P+G, b|f+P+G after the b,f+P+G throw is reversed simply out of habit.

    I didn't think Lei's charge attack was that easy to dodge when I've been up against it... but I've still had very limited experience against good Lei players.

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