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Discussion in 'General' started by Chanchai, Feb 21, 2002.

  1. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    <a target="_blank" href=>REAL ULTIMATE POWER!</a>
    You like Ninjas? They got Ninjas! After going through at least the main page, be sure to check out the Alternate ending under Secrets!

  2. Darkseed

    Darkseed Well-Known Member

    Hahahahahaha! That little tune on the page cracks me up /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  3. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    Yikes! Gotta get me one of those "I love ninjas with all my body (including my pee pee)." t-shirts... /versus/images/icons/laugh.gif

    Yeah, where's that pic of Genie in his ninja suit... I'll submit it to this guy's site.
    "Ninjas flip for VF too!" =)
  4. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    lol thats what I thought!/versus/images/icons/wink.gif
  5. Shadowdean

    Shadowdean Well-Known Member

    ROFLOL...but no vulcan mind probe?
  6. Goom

    Goom Active Member

    That's a harsh site.

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