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    Well,after getting back at midnight from a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 tournament last night,I decided to hit my local arcade (as usual) today.Anyway,while playing Virtua Fighter 3 with this guy,I noticed he probably wasn't deep into it but he WAS still into it,ok anyway...when I really wanna beat someone I make sure to use Pai to her full potential.That means TONS of trips over and over again,lots of dodging,and I was wondering-Does anyone think that that's not exactly playing with skill?I mean when I want to,I go for the long juggles etc.But if I'm havin lots of trouble with someone like I said,I use Pai with trips.I've seen other people do this (with assorted other chars) but I never really got deep into.In my opinion,any way of playing has some skill to it and I'm sure at some tournaments,the whole trip dodge thing goes on.Now true,an experienced veteran will know exactly how to counter this,but I just thought I'd raise the subject.So what do you guys think?

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    P.S.This post probably makes no sense,but oh well it's late,LoL.
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    at some tournaments,the whole trip dodge thing goes on

    Not really. Just as you suspected, players will know the correct way to get up to avoid swallow kicks. Frankly I have not seen this tactics used in the past 2 years or so.

    lots of dodging

    A bad idea. Random dodging makes you vulnerable for many many attacks. Even with "insurance" techniques, there are about 12(13?) frames your Pai cannot do anything.

    So what do you guys think?

    I have a whole list of what "skills" are in VF3. But at least in VF3, and after having played the game for a while, I'm rarely impressed with physical skills: fast-KS, combos, etc. To me, VF3 requires less hand dexterity than the other fighting games. Everyone can do most of the stuff after certain amout of repetitive practices.
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    random dodging or not...there's never a point in vf where you're not vulnerable to many attacks anyway. except maybe for fuzzy blocking, but we won't get into that.

    so, no, random, in the true and full sense of the word, dodging isn't the best idea, but otherwise i love to dodge. i dodge all the time. sure you're vulnerable, but, as i said, when aren't you? might just as well avoid an attack and be able to counterattack, no?

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    I agree with Senor Bungle here, I find dodging (when done properly, not like how I used it at NYG2) to be a valid defensive/counter-offensive option. I don't really see the argument to make it the weakest option.

    For all the things that one can take advantage of a dodging opponent, it has the advantages of circumventing most linear moves (which many people tend to do anyways).

    However, I guess one of the factors for it being reduced in role as a defense option in the type of play Shota seems to talk about (at least what I imagine him talking about), the opponents probably don't do moves that commit them to an exploitable form of recovery (hence making the counter attack from the person who dodged still something that needs to be well thought out) and they probably don't come in rushing too often for one to exploit the dodge. Does this make sense Shota?

    It is about context of who's playing and how they're playing I guess, but whether dodging is good or not depends on your opponent... In my eyes though, so is every other defensive option. However, perhaps dodging is one of the more complicated options (well, not that it's a complicated thing, but to whom you would apply it might require a bit more factors of concern--does he like to throw, is he just good at spotting a dodge, does he use circular attacks, does he only use P(G))... Anyways, I might not know everything about this, but this is how I see it and would like to see what some would have to say about it. If it's "bad reasoning," "good reasoning," works or otherwise/images/icons/smile.gif


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