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    I was playing VF3TB against the computer using Shun Di. I think it was my 6th match when I faced Wolf. Well, on the third round, I got a perfect and in the win pose there was a snowman sitting in the background of the desert.

    However when I tried to go into vs. mode and recreate the
    event, but I couldn't get the snowman to appear again. Does anyone know what causes this? Are there other winposes that have special elements like this?
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    ya gotta use shun (and only shun) and get an "excellent!!" victory over your opponent in wolf's stage to have a chance of seeing the snowman.

    whether or not you actually see the snowman is arbitrary - sometimes the camera misses it, sometimes it catches it.
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    OK, thanks for the info. Now here's another question:

    Sometimes when I win with a ring out, I can get the characters to stumble outside the ring during their win poses. However, what I can't figure out is why sometimes my character will appear next to the stage edge for the pose while other times they will be standing on the ring edge. I know that if the character falls out before the screen switches to the replay, the character will automatically be place back in the middle of the stage. But this also occurs anyways when I just let the character stand there, and I can't figure out why...
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    Same problem, but I notice this only happens in arcade mode most of the time. In versus mode, I can get this to happen, and it is humourous to see them go "Better run home to - D'oh!"
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    I have seen the snow man once and it really different from the arcade-secrete one... It's a huge snow man....

    and the fall-down interesting thing. I found that every time if you had KILL your opp, and you add an attack to him/her (eg, a pounce or stomp), you will be back to the middle of the stage. but if you just let them down and slowly position yourself to the edge, you will got that!
    So, don't stomp and pounce once you K.O. them.

    Try it to see it works or not.

    From Hugo

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