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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Chanchai, Sep 28, 2000.

  1. Chanchai

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    Just thought this might spark some interest in the non-experts (or non-heavily-experienced anyways). I also checkout just about as much as versus city. Seth-Killian (S-Kill) has written some good (imo) articles in his domination column.

    I personally find these articles to be pretty well written (well, the articles regarding the better players from the good anyways) and recommend anyone to read it as either a casual read, a reminder of some things in one-on-one competitive games (they pretty much apply to all 1-on-1 competition including FPS games), or for some inspiration even. As this stuff is natural knowledge (practically considered common sense by many) for seasoned, competitive players... It may not be obvious stuff to everyone. In any case, I find these articles to be a good read at least.

    Check out if you're interested in Capcom related games of recent (MvC2--not my game, Third Strike, Capcom vs. SNK, Alpha 3).


    Check out for S-kill's articles listed from newest to oldest. The only article I didn't find that interesting (at least not on the same level) is the one on "Why SF rules," it's more for the Fighting game purists (compares SF to NFL). However, I find all the other articles to be at least an enjoyable read.

    Hope you enjoy them/images/icons/smile.gif


    P.S. Darn it, only thing I don't like about this message board (by far probably my favorite one though) is that plus signs become spaces and anything in gator-brackets are ommitted.... ergghhhh (no Myke, not Ehrgeiz/images/icons/tongue.gif)
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    Thanks for the link, Chanchai. Y'know, I wandered over to to check it out and discovered something that I miss greatly in VF. Fun with tournaments. I was reading some guys account of a (what sounded like) 'huge' MvC2 tournament. It's amazing but we can all play and play and play and analyze and train and bash around but, for me, the most excitement comes from playing against someone's strongest character (except Jo's!) with my strongest in a match that means advancing or elimination. There's a lot emotion, adrenaline and plain ol' fun in that.
    Furthermore, I really enjoy reading people's account of tournaments - who played who and when and how it went. Were there upsets? (there always are) Who played supremo-super-godlike that day? How on earth did that scrubby guy make it into the semis?? Here at we always yack about techniques, missed opportunities, what we *should* be doing...this, imo, needs to change.

    We need more tournaments - more incentive to keep the competition thriving until the next hopeful chapter (VFX). It's this incentive that will drive the eager competitive bug in us all.


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  3. Chanchai

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    Yeah, I know what you're saying Llan/images/icons/smile.gif

    The tournament was B4 if I understand correctly... Man, wish we could organize a tournament of the scope of B4 for VF... Basically, if I understood B4 correctly, it was the big North American tournament which had around 100 (give or take) participants overall competing in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Alpha 3, Third Strike, and of course Super SF2 Turbo. Not only that, but the top 4 "overall" players won a paid trip to Japan to represent as Team USA against Japan's organized team. So I think that's happening in the not so distant future, Team USA vs. Team Japan in those games. Not to mention that it will be setup so that controls are to the standards of the players playing them. Anyways, Clopin would know much more about all of this stuff than me, I think.

    In any case, I really wish VF3tb had the competition in arcades as it once did. Actually, wishing even further, I wish it was at the level of the SF series (and well.... ummm... the vs. series I guess as well) in our continent... I finally do have someone to play VF against around here (though during college it's difficult) and what's great is that he's providing more than just a challenge.... Both of us are constantly improving, on our own rate I guess, but the fact that we're constantly improving and all is great. One night I'm the one holding the streak, next night he is by a longshot... Then I think about it over a day or two, we play some more, I slaughter him.... Next night he does the same to me... Man, what a wonderful feeling... I've also gotten into the SF3: Third Strike scene in Portland, though now I'm away at college... In any case, that's been going great and my "sparring partner" (vf wise anyways) has been training me at that game. He tied for 9th at B4 btw in that game.

    All this reminds me of how much I want to play Adam at any of the SF2 games again. I have wonderful competition for the classics here, but Adam and I playing cutthroat SF2 at NYG2 was one of the many highlights for me. I look forward to the next time (Adam, thanks for bringing that along to NYG2). I eventually hope to reach a similar if not above level of play with my VF. VFX or no VFX, I'm still hooked on tb (DC and Arcade).

    Anyways, there's a link on the main page of if you want to check out what went on with B4 as well as an image gallery (I wish VF players had a real image gallery of events and all... only one I can think of is Just click on the icon that says B4.



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