Some Kage TFT combos that might interest you

Discussion in 'Kage' started by death_raven, Jun 9, 2002.

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    here's some combos i figured out, all these combos range from 60 - 91 pts. worth of damage.

    TFT, knee, b,p,k f,f b,k+g

    this works on all weights, but needs quite a bit of fast execution and it will give your opponent damage from 82 - 87 pts. note that if an enemy might do a P+K+G recover bk+G might not hit

    TFT knee b,p,k df,k+g

    this work for all weights but have caution against heavyweights, anyways this gives a devastating 91 pts. of damage.

    TFT d,p+k b,p,k f,f ub k+g

    this works for lightweight and middleweight, also it needs quite a bit of fast execution.this comes to a total of 75 pts.

    TFT knee, b,p,k f,f,k

    works for all weights, although f,f,k may fail if enemy tries to recover from a fall, this move ranges from 73 - 79 pts.

    TFT knee, f,f,k+g

    works for light and mid with 65 pts.

    TFT b,p,k d,p+k, f,k+g f,d,df, p

    works for light and mid, with 77 pts of damage

    hope you kage palyers enjoy this hard hitting combos.

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