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    Hey All,

    Well, I'm gonna list a site that's been around forever just about... It's an english site. It's Pavneet's VF3 site. Key features? Well, I guess it wasn't until recently that I found that it has a few clips from Max Battle (or so I think). Just a few and I guess it used to get them from a site called "Weekly VF" which doesn't seem to be around anymore (unless Pavneet's site and Weekly were one and the same but I sort of doubt it). Anyways here are the links:

    Main Page:

    Akira vs. Lau

    Jacky vs. Kage (Max Battle according to site)

    Akira vs. Kage (Max Battle according to site)

    Lion vs. Jeffry (I love finding clips of Lion matches/images/icons/smile.gif)

    And for those that really want to know before they check it out if they do... Other stuff at Pav's site:

    -Icon based movelists (sort of like you would see in a magazine or Rich's site, just more "colorful." I don't know if these are outdated or not, I assume they are ob)

    -Icon based combo lists (good representation of basic combos and common starters, were these translated from a Japanese source? It's even got the 5 star difficulty meter)


    -Some broken links unfortunately (wish the Taka movie was still there, was just curious what was on it, me being the VF3/DDR/SF movie clip whore that I am, but I wouldn't suck dip for it)

    -More movies (in .mov format; E3 demos-- as in the history mode, movies from the intro which were taken off of Japan's VF3 site, some combo movies)

    -Character Galleries and some other things like DLC and SPoD explanation.

    I haven't checked this site in a long time, but can't believe I overlooked some of the clips it did have.
    Hmm... Also, if you go to the root of the page .../vf3/ then there are links I guess to Tae Kwon Do stuff (guess that's for you Toronto guys), Megamix (for a very small minority on this board I would assume), and of course the VF3. Oddly enough though, you get to hear Banjo music when you hit this page... Scary... (Yes, I'm from Oregon and it's not all hicks out here, at least not around the Portland and Eugene areas... though I swear Eugene is the hippy capital of the world... not to mention the bud capital. I'll leave it at that...)


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