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  1. Nemesis02

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    I searched a lot for Sphere information bout I only found a little. Does anyone know about when Spheres will start appearing? And what do spheres look like, about when will I find them and how do I know a character has one? How will i know if I have one.. is there anywhere i can look to see or anything. Lastly, what items do you get for these spheres?... I'm sorry if these have been asked before, I searched but found no answer, thanks for your help everyone. (collect all of them once for an itm, and collect them twice for another item...right?)
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    You will start seeing kumite opponents with spheres when you rank up very high; I'm not sure exactly what the ranks are in the US version, but they will probably be High Kings when they have spheres. You will basically see these colored balls on top of the lifebar; you can't miss it. /versus/images/icons/smile.gif

    If you beat an opponent with a sphere, and it's a color that you don't have, you will steal it from him.

    Check another recent thread here on this board, somebody posted pics from the White Book on all the items you can get. Some characters only have 1 item u can get from the spheres, so once you get a full set of 7 spheres, you will get that item and that's it! Other characters have several, so you can try to get several sets of spheres (7 colors in one set).
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    High Kings Carry spheres, you will begin to see high kings when you are around the Stormlord level (give or take a few levels either way).

    Each High King you meet will carry a sphere of a different color. There are 7 different spheres. And i believe 4 sets of spheres (or so i have been told. I am on my third set now)

    If you face a high king who has a sphere that you already have, you do not get the duplicate. He keeps it until you fight again, at which point, if you dont have that sphere then, you can win it then.

    Dural also has a full set of spheres when you encounter her. Defeating Dural will give you any spheres you are missing, and the Dural will keep the ones she has that are duplicates of yours. So you can fight her again later, when you dont have spheres to get any you missed the first time.

    If you lose a match while you have a sphere, you lose the sphere. I believe you lose the last sphere you gained. You have the find the person whom you lost the sphere to, or find another high king with that type of sphere to get it back.

    Once you have 7 different spheres they all disappear and you get an item. I am not sure it the items gained this way are at all special. They seemed to me like normal items.

    Also, once you beat a High King for his or her sphere you can no longer get a sphere from that same high king, with the exception of when one of them beats you and then takes one of yours.
  4. Nemesis02

    Nemesis02 Well-Known Member

    Okay, thank you for your help.

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