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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Nov 19, 1999.

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    I noticed in one of the posts on combinations that it was suggested as part of a Sarah combination that you do her PPPb+K move by instead using the sequence PPu+Pb+K, because u+P is quicker than plain P. But when I do PPu+Pb+K, I get the same kick as if I had inputted PPPu+K. In other words, I can't get the backflip to come out this way, only a high jumping kick forward. Is this a timing issue? Any suggestions?
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    err...if you do PPu+P and then do any direction and press K you will always get the jumping/take-off style kick. The only way to do a combo using both the quicker recovery of PPu+P and a flip-kick is to guard cancel after the last jab and then execute the flip-kick.

    So fore example:
    d+P+K,K> PPu+P> G> u/b+K


    UK GUY

    Yomi is the key.
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    UK Guy is correct. It's just become habit now, if I try for the 6 punch combos. If you have problems sticking the G in and getting the flipkick to come out correctly, in most situations P,P,b+P,K will give you the same thing, though in rare occasions the 3rd punch in the second set will whiff because of the 1 frame difference. The flipkick will also do less damage than the G cancel into regular flipkick. Total damage loss is only about 5 points though. For almost all other combo situations (i.e. you're not going for 6 punches) usually using any P,P,P set will suffice, but I would suggest using P,P,b+P,K for the tight situations.

    P,P,P --> 10 frames last punch
    P,P,b+P --> 9 frames last punch
    P,P,u+P --> 8 frames last punch

    The flipkick is a real groundscraper for combos, occasionally hitting the opponent just after they hit the ground. One you should see more than once, if you continue playing Sarah, is FC, f+K,K, F+P,n+P,b+P,K on a slight uphill. You will eventaully get the Double Knee, Punch(hits), next 2 miss, Flipkick scrapes em off the ground. I've landed this on Lau, so it's not lightweight only. Haven't checked for stance dependency, though. One thing I've really started to notice, and Hiro drove this point home while he was here, while stance isn't as important as Jacky's for ground based attacking, for combo setups it is absolutely critical, if you plan be able to capitalize on all MCs and mCs.
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    Thanks UK Guy and Nutlog.


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