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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Nov 25, 1999.

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    1) What are good follow ups after Pai's cartwheel (f+P+K+G) and her df+P+G throw? I read in the rvga post collection that her sidekick is guaranteed after the cartwheel but my opponent always escapes it with a dodge. are my options between MC with a sidekick if they ta attack or dash after them and throw if they dodge? its seems like a risky follow up to a low throw. its not worth it but Pai can't really punish her opponent after blocking a low attack.

    2)I play a punch crazy pai, mixing up ppp, df+ppp and sidekicks with the occasional sweep and dash in throw and its really boring. when i'm losing, i go even more punch crazy. her other moves aren't safe and because she does poor damage, i have to stick to safe moves. what over flowcharts can you recommend to me to make her a more interesting character?
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    after f+P+K+G, d/f+K+E is guranteed most of the time. follow up with SWK (u/f+K), d/f+P. Or follow using d/b+K+G. Against Akira (and one other character i forgot ...) in open stance, you can get u/b+K (kickflip) in after SWK.

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