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Sponsors and Collaborators

Discussion in 'VF Circuit' started by akai, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    Thanks to the collaborators and sponsors of the VF Circuit. Also, thanks to everyone that participate in the Circuit and share the goal of building a stronger VF community! If anyone else wants to help contribute to the Circuit or have ideas they want to share, it would be appreciated.

    Disclaimer: The sponsors of the VF Circuit are not the ones running these events and are not responsible for anything that happens during these events.

    Mad Catz Prize - Sponsor Homepage
    Currently there will be a total of 7 Divisions - 4 in PS3 (Japan / Europe / Eastern North America / Western North America) and 3 in 360 (Europe / Eastern North America / Western North America) that will be awarded with the Mad Catz Prize. The top 3 players in points per division will received the Mad Catz Prize at the end of the season!

    First Place – Mad Catz SFXTK Arcade FightStick V.S. and TRITTON Detonator Headset ($280 total value)
    Second Place - Mad Catz SFXTK Arcade FightStick PRO and TRITTON Detonator Headset ($240 total value)
    Third Place - Team Mad Catz shirt and TRITTON Detonator Headset ($100 value)

    SEGA Prize - Sponsor Homepage
    One of the goals of the Circuit is to promote the growth of the VF community and also players' participation in organized events. Based on player's participation in the Circuit, certain players will receive the SEGA Prize.
    The SEGA Prize consists of Virtua FIghter 5 Final Showdown T-shirts or Posters.

    U-be - Inspired by you Prize - Sponsor Homepage
    Thanks to Godeater for contributing boxes of Smoothie Berry Barz to the VF Circuit! These will be given out as prizes during Major Events. Details will be given before Majors.

    The VF Circuit currently has players participating from North America, Europe, and Asia. Not everyone speaks English as their primary language and many people have used their websites to help mediate information to their VF gaming communities:

    Virtua Fighter Italia - the Italian VF community - (Mister administrator and for the translations)
    Virtua Fighter France - the French VF community - (Mikiway administrator)
    FIGHTING.RU - the Russian VF community - (Lyama, ryanwalter, ZBEP, and Sugata for their translations)
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