S'pore. Bugis is finally set to THREE SQUARES!

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by danny13, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. danny13

    danny13 Well-Known Member

    Not to forget, 60seconds per round. See you there guys!
  2. Tetra

    Tetra Well-Known Member

    finally! waste my marnee last tuesday tio whacked by Alan! /versus/images/icons/frown.gif
  3. Morpheus

    Morpheus Well-Known Member

    u 4got 2 write only in VS. =P
  4. Tetra

    Tetra Well-Known Member

    "goes into flamingo stance"
    "270 throw activated"
    "kick morpheus all over the place"
    "shouts, GO BACK HOME"
  5. Rulakir

    Rulakir Well-Known Member

    Probably going down for a while on friday evening.
    This is good though, hopefully can train newer characters... Suddenly feel like picking up Wolf.... /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  6. SG-Lion

    SG-Lion Well-Known Member

    I will be there this evening... /versus/images/icons/smile.gif (12th April)

  7. danny13

    danny13 Well-Known Member

    see you there!!!!!!
  8. danny13

    danny13 Well-Known Member

    Setting to three squares has so much so much difference. Atmosphere, pressure were all just there. Not to forget saving on the $$. We,ve got to organize more outings like this. Too bad only one machine working properly.

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