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    If we were to start from square 1 with todays technology what would you put into a game machine?

    Curious to know what you guys are thinking.

    I'd Sli a Geforce 3 (more powerful than a gamecube)
    (Geforce architecture is already designed to work in SLI format, hence their high-end strategy of comging out with new boards for workstation use)

    256MB of texture memory,with support for texture compression schemes like S3 texture compression (although no one really uses it and with 256MB you'll be set for any nearly any game.)

    Use a 1 Gig Thunderbird (AMD's chip with a great floating point unit) (actually for game machines you care about what a chips FPU can do vs. the CPU, the calculations of the FPU are much more important to the graphics card, CPU calculations go into the AI etc.)

    Dedicated AMD chipset to go from CPU to Geforce 3 so there is no botleneck from old architectures like PCI and AGP interfaces.

    Decicated Northbridge Chipset from the Geforce 3 to Memory, giving you 4.7GB's per sec of memory bandwidth.

    Built in Ethernet 100 with software browser support to connect to external cable/dsl modems from third party isp's (so you can choose your own isp)

    4x DVD drive for movie support and game media.

    10-15 GB HD using Segates serial ata interface, giving you lightling fast HD drive transfers.

    Built in HDTV decoder

    HDTV, VGA, S-Video, Component, & optical outputs built in.


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