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  1. Vicks Biru

    Vicks Biru Well-Known Member

    Now that the stages have been set, it is time to get critical.

    Akira's Dojo

    :: It's a rehash of his VF3 stage. Even the windows are similar. The saving grace would be the more detailed textures, the fire stands and the surrounding scenery which is 1000 times better than the flat VF3 bitmap.

    Pai's Aquarium

    :: Why oh why did they raise the wall? It looks so ugly now!

    Lau's Great Wall of China

    :: I was shocked when I saw this. It was obviously a rushed job. The textures are poor and the stage looks crappy. The good point? Well, the Great Wall is more similar to the real one now, and I sort of like the misty effect [probably the result of poor textures]

    Wolf's Wrestling RIng

    :: They got rid of the SEGA sign and replaced it with something else, I can't see. And they made it a caged ring! Not that bad, but I still wonder if the stage can be selected in VS mode.

    Jeffry's Island

    :: Still satisfied. I like the sand and the stage. A little plain though. Could have added some dolphins. The stage is too empty.

    Kage's Garden

    :: Very nice, except for the water/jell-o/sewage waste.

    Sarah's Colosseum

    :: Nice. It's back to basics.

    Jacky's Building

    :: It's a poor imitation of VF3's. Hey, most of the stages look less impressive than VF3's. And it's just too plain.

    Shun's Cave

    :: Looks like another rush job, and that the stage was stolen from Vanessa's. Nice carving though.

    Lion's Castle

    :: Just knew it would go to a European. And the snow is still as good. Does Lei-Fei and Aoi's sleeves go through the grille floor?

    Aoi's Shrine

    :: The water effect blows everything away. It's the best stage in my opinion. Do the pink trees shed its flowers?

    Lei-Fei's Temple

    :: We've seen it so many times that we're sick of it.

    Vanessa's Marina

    :: Didn't expect it would go to her.

    And how is the character select screen arranged now?

    Is it

    Timer Akira Pai Lau etc. Kage
    Sarah Jacky etc. Lei-Fei Vanessa

    Pls tell me.

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  2. Daniel Thomas

    Daniel Thomas Well-Known Member

    It seemed to me that a lot of the stages were rushed out. There's too many similarities to the VF3 stages (Lau's for instance). And why are there always cages on all four sides? Wouldn't having some variety (like VF3) be better? Hmm. Maybe they'll end up changing it for the next upgrade.

    Overall, though, the VF4 stages look pretty cool; sometimes awesome, sometimes boring.

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