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    Note: This was written by Nyanta and translated by Modelah.

    Nyanta's VF5FS Beginner's Blog post

    Hello everyone, I'm Nyanta. I've been playing since VF5 ver.C came out. Compared to other Beginner Blog writers my contribution here is terribly poor, but if someone out there finds it helpful I'll be happy.

    Aoi's Characteristics, Strengths and Weaknesses
    Aoi has a variety of outstanding tricks up her sleeve, and is a character that excels at defense. A couple of her exemplary techniques are Tenchi In'yō ([P][+][K][+][G]) and Shinchūzuki ([2][3][6][P][+][K]). She also has a unique attack-cancelling system called 'sundome' that she can use to rock opponents with. On offense her returns can be somewhat small compared to other characters but she is particularly good at inflicting damage with her defensive capabilities. However due to her light weight the risks are great if you misread your opponent. All in all, Aoi takes a bit of getting used to, and I think she's not really suitable for absolute VF beginners.

    Basic Skills
    Elbow class:

    [6][P] and [4][3][P]- These are your basic mid attacks. [4][3][P] is a double-limbed attack so it's useful to use against sabaki/reversal happy opponents.

    Upper class:
    [4][3][P][+][K]- On counter hit go for a combo. Use this when you're actively seeking to inflict damage.
    [4][3][P][+][K]CH, [2][K][P], [6][4][P][+][K][P]

    [2_][3][P][+][K][P]- The inital [2_][3][P][+][K] will cause a stagger on counterhit, so hit the follow-up [P] to launch.
    [4][3][P][+][K]CH[P], [P][P][6][P][P]

    Knee class:
    [3][3][P][+][K]- Launches on normal hit. Has good carry so it's useful for ringouts.
    [3][3][P][+][K], [P], [P][P][6][P][P]

    [6][6][K]- A useful move with great reach. Good for getting reliable damage off crouchers.
    [6][6][K], [2][K][P][P]

    Kusanagi- A full-circular low. Even if your opponent guards it hitting [P][+][K][+][G] will put you into Tenchi In'yō, reducing the threat of punishment. An excellent move, be sure to use it often.

    [4][P][K]- A fast, full-circular high. The following [K] hits mid. [4][P] will alone will leave you back turned so BT[P][+][G] is a strong option too.

    [P][+][G]- Throws the opponent forward. If they tech-recover they can create distance between you.

    [6][P][+][G][2]/[8]/[4]- After entering [6][P][+][G], input [2], [8] or [4] to shunt the opponent in that direction, useful when positioning them for a ring out or wall combo.
    Combo (when parallel to a wall use [6][P][+][G][2] or [8] to position the opponent near it):
    [6][P][+][G][2]/[8], [P], [4][3][P][+][K], [2][K][P], [6][K][+][G], [3][K][+][G], [6][6][P][+][K][P]

    Combo (when your back is to the wall):
    [6][P][+][G][4], [6][4][P][+][K][P] (cancel the [P] by holding [G]), sundome[K], [2][K][P], [6][K][+][G], [3][K][+][G], [6][6][P][+][K][P]

    Combos (without a wall):
    1. [6][P][+][G][2]/[8], [P][P][K]
    2. [6][P][+][G][4], [6][4][P][+][K]

    [4][6][P][+][G]- Easy to input, use often.

    [4][1][2][3][6][P][+][G]- Wakigarami; [6][3][2][1][4][P][+][G]- Chōgarami. These start Aoi's throw combos.
    Throw combo 1:
    From Wakigarami (55 dmg) or Chōgarami (65 dmg) [4][8] / [6][8][P][+][G]

    Throw combo 2:
    From Wakigarami or Chōgarami [4][2] / [6][2][P][+][G], [8][2] / [2][8][P][+][G], [2]/[3][P][+][G] (ground throw)​

    [8][4][2][6] / [2][4][8][6][P][+][G][4][1][2][3][6][K][+][G]- The strongest forward-direction throw. The follow-up can be done relatiely slowly, repeat the input to make sure it executes.

    [6][4][P][+][G]- Use this to switch positions with your opponent, useful for getting yourself away from walls.

    [8][6][2][4] / [2][6][8][4][P][+][G]- The strongest back-direction throw. A light down attack is guaranteed to hit. Use this as one of your main throws when your confidence is high.

    Other useful moves:
    [P][+][K][+][G]- Tenchi In'yō- The very definition of Aoi. This will allow you to parry your opponent's high/mid punches and elbows, high/mid kicks, side kicks (3K- thanks to Kingo for clarifying) and knee attacks. The animation is similar when parrying H/M kicks and side kicks but when you know the difference and punish accordingly you'll be able to increase your damage output. Listening to her voice will help here; she'll say 'Hai!' when parrying a side kick and 'Ie!' when parrying a H/M kick.
    After parrying a high/mid punch, elbow or side kick, [P][P][K] is guaranteed.
    After parrying a high/mid kick or knee [3][3][P][+][K] is guaranteed, giving you a combo opportunity.

    [P][+][K][+][G](successful H/M kick or knee parry), [3][3][P][+][K], [P], [P][P][6][P][P]

    Mid-reversal [1][P][+][K]- Aoi's reversals work against most striking attacks. This will work against a lot of moves opponents will use trying to defeat Tenchi In'yō.

    [2][3][6][P][+][K]- Shinchūzuki- This will sabaki high/mid punches and elbows.
    [2][3][6][P][+][K] (successful sabaki), [2][K][P], [6][4][P][+][K][P]

    [2_][3][P] (hit) [P][+][G]- Sodeguruma- Great to use against abare, but the initial attack is punishable on guard.

    [6][6][P]- Koromoguruma- Pushes back so use when setting up opponents for a wall combo. Gives a stagger on wall hit, on opponents who are slow to struggle out of it go for a combo.
    [6][6][P] (wall stagger), [4][3][P][+][K], [2][K][P], [6][K][+][G], [3][K][+][G], [6][6][P][+][K][P]

    Basic strategy
    Attacking when the opponent is able to fuzzy guard:

    [6][P] and [4][3][P] are your basic go-to elbow class mid attacks, and crouch throws ([1]/[2]/[3][P][+][G]) are great against fuzzy guard. Aoi has a good throw game, so use them often. When the opponent starts to abare, it's your chance to go for a mid. Kusanagi ([2][K][+][G]) is also effective. It leaves you at disadvantage if guarded but skillfull application of Shinchūzuki ([2][3][6][P][+][K]) and Tenchi In'yō ([P][+][K][+][G]) will allow you to turn the tables on your opponent and inflict a lot of damage.

    Attacking when the opponent is unable to fuzzy guard:
    Try to put the opponent in nitaku between a fast mid or a throw. Against abare look to get counter hit off [4][3][P][+][K], [2_][3][P][+][K] or [6][K]. Against high guard or evade, use throws. Kusanagi ([2][K][+][G]) is also a strong choice here, too.

    From the Author
    Aoi has many options to choose from, and when you get her working well she can be a very interesting character. If you're looking to try a character with a certain uniqueness, you should definitely give Aoi a shot. Good luck!


    Additional posts- These can be found following the main post (edited)

    No. 16
    I used Aoi's [6][P][+][K] a lot in VF4 but now that it's a high attack in FS I don't use it much. Are there any other good mid options to use at mid distances?

    No. 17
    Unfortunately, [6][P][+][K] is the about the only move with decent range... These attacks are slower, but try [6][6][P] (half-circular) and [6][6][P][+][K] (combos on CH). Use [3][K] to hit backdashers and punish them hard!
    No. 103
    For opponents that evade a lot I should be using the full-circular high [4][P][K] and full-circular low [2][K][+][G], right?
    -Kōhī zerī
    No. 104
    Basically, yes. Both are good against evade and big moves. I also recommend [4][K], a special high half-circular to Aoi's stomach (for opponents who can't recover from the stagger you can follow with [6][P][+][K][P]). Throws are also great against evade.
    As suggested above, a BT throw from [4][P] works quite well for me but what should I do to follow up?
    No. 119
    Buffon, [6][4][P][+][K][P] should be guaranteed. By the way, what are Aoi's best attacks for dealing with backdash?
    No. 120
    Shīda's right, BT[P][+][G], [6][4][P][+][K][P] cannot be guarded (though some characters can ukemi). If you end up near a wall [6][4][P][+][K][P] sundome-cancel [K] will give you a wall combo opportunity.

    Shīda, it depends on the situation but I usually go for [6][6][K] or [3][3][P][+][K]. If the opponent is low on health I think [6][4][P][+][K] is a good choice, too. If you think they'll try to abare look to use the follow-up [P]. If a wall is nearby attacks out of [6][6][P] have good returns, also.

    No. 123
    What do you guys do as soon as the round starts? Also, how do you close the distance with your opponent?

    No. 124
    Linou, depending on your opponent there's so many things you can do but try these:
    [P], [2][P], [4][3][P], [6][P][+][K]- for stopping opponents who like to charge out as the round opens,
    [6][6][K]- to kill backdashers (but can be evaded),
    A dash-in throw- for opponents who stand and guard,
    Backdash- safe as long as your opponent doesn't read you.
    For closing distance [6][6][P] and [6][6][P][+][K] are good. [P][P][6][P] and [P][P][P] aren't bad either. Simply dashing forward and attempting a throw is good too.

    No. 135
    When is the best time to use the sundome cancel?

    No. 136
    When you notice the opponent is getting used to your string attacks start sundome-cancelling them and go for a throw or sundome-[K]. Mid attacks [6][P][+][K][P] and [P][P][6][P] are good moves to start practicing with. When the opponent starts guarding the above strings, start cancelling and attempt a throw. If the initial hits a croucher or counter hits, just finish the string as usual.
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    @Modelah is a machine. A huge Arigatou to this gentleman for helping us get into the minds of some of VF's best players.
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    Love the Q&A !
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