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    Note: This was written by ???? (though further blog posts are answered by a writer named 'Ossan') and translated by Modelah.

    ????'s VF5FS Beginner's Blog post

    Hi, I'm an old guy ('Ossan' in Japanese- Modelah) living out in the sticks who uses Jacky. I use a bunch of characters but Jacky is the only one I'm proficient at.

    Jacky's Characteristics, Strengths and Weaknesses
    For strengths, Jacky has great strings, and can blow away opponents without giving them a chance to fight back! On the flipside, it can be difficult to break down opponents with good defense. As it's quite easy to win by simply mashing away I think he's great choice for beginners. Incidentally, voice actress Asami Shimoda uses him so if you're into that sort of thing Jacky is the character for you!

    Basic Skills
    Close range:

    [P] Straight Lead- A standing punch, this is Jacky's fastest move. If guarded you'll still have enough advantage so the opponent's elbow won't interrupt, so from there go for nitaku with your own [6][P] or a throw. To follow up you can mix things up with fuzzy guard or use [P][4][K], [P][P], or go to [6][P].

    [6][P] Middle Smash- VF's 'King of Moves', this speedy move is excellent because it doesn't leave you at large disadvantage if guarded or evaded. If it hits a croucher or counter hits your opponent's abare attempts, you'll be awarded more advantage than usual, allowing you to apply nitaku with a slower mid attack or a throw. Strings from this move are [6][P][K] and [6][P][P]; both follow-up hits are high.
    [6][P][K] will knock down, and on counter hit [K] allows for [9][K] combos for everyone except heavyweights.
    [6][P][P] has it's own follow-ups; [P](mid), [K](low), and [2]/[8][P][+][K][+][G] (Slide Shuffle). From Slide Shuffle you can use [P], which hits mid, so use that or a throw for nitaku pressure.​

    [1][P] Slant Back Knuckle- A rarity in Jacky's arsenal; a low move useful against standing guard. It's -1f on normal hit so your follow-up [2][P] will stop all attacks barring your opponent's own [2][P] (sabakis/whiffing are a different story). Also, from this you can attack from Slide Shuffle ([1][P], [4] Slide Shuffle [P]), this is effective to use from time to time as the opponent's standing attacks won't interrupt it. If Side Shuffle [P] counter hits use [6][K] to launch them and go for a combo.

    [1][K][+][G] Low Spin Kick- Your next big low move after [1][P]. The downside of [1][P] is that it can be evaded, but being a full-circular low, [1][K][+][G] cannot be evaded. It is, however, highly punishable on guard so don't overuse it.

    [1][P][+][K]~ Dragon Combinations- One of Jacky's signature moves. [1][P][+][K][P][P] is a mid string that is ridiculously delayable, quite often just doing this string will kill opponents. After conditioning the opponent you can try a throw after the second hit, when they start to abare against your throws you can apply a nitaku game after the second hit. On a croucher the second hit will cause a stagger and the third hit will launch for a combo. If the third hit is a counter hit you can combo also.
    [1][P][+][K][P] (crouch stagger) [P], [K][K][K]
    [1][P][+][K][P][P] CH, [4][K][K][K]

    [P][+][K] Beat Knuckle- A single-command mid attack with decent speed. It will only launch on counter hit, so use it if you anticipate the opponent will throw or if their attacks whiff. Use the follow-up [P] to lead into a midair combo.
    Combo (counter hit):
    [P][+][K]CH[P], [1][P][+][K][P][P]
    These moves inflict damage on opponents using a standing guard.
    [P][+][G] Dragon Grapple- Not very damaging but not readily broken by opponents mix this with your other throws.

    [6][4][P][+][G] Knee Strike- Does good damage but can be relatively easy to break.

    [4][6][P][+][G] Sadistic Hanging Knee- If the opponent tech-recovers, this throw will do less damage than the Knee Strike, but leaves Jacky with an advantage. If performed near a wall you can follow with [7][K] to take away around 40% of the opponent's health bar.

    Mid/long range:
    [6][6][K] Dash Hammer Kick- A fast mid attack that knocks down on hit.

    [4][K][+][G] Spin Heel Sword- A mid launcher mainly used when at long distances. When opponents close in to attack try to catch them with this.
    [4][K][+][G], [P], [1][P][+][K][P][P]
    Basic Strategy
    At close range use your strings to get opponents guarding, and when they lock up, throw them. When they start to abare in an attempt to beat your throw go back to your fast attacks and victory will be yours.

    Recommended strings:
    Use the Dragon Combinations well. Try stopping at the second hit of [1][P][+][K][P][P] and starting over again. If you think the opponent will try to attack you go for the third hit. Also, try stopping at [1][P][+][K] and go for a throw. This approach is likely to make the opponent throw their controller through the TV.
    When your [P] is guarded use the follow-up middle kick ([P](guarded)[4][K]) or try to throw them. Even experienced players will have a hard time dealing with this, so to make things even more difficult for them stop at [P] and use [1][K][+][G].

    From the author
    This guide is for absolute VF beginners. Someday I'd like to write a more in depth move analysis and strats against the rest of the cast, but for now I hope this guide helps you start out with Jacky. Good luck!


    Additional posts- These appear under the main post (edited)

    No. 57
    Thanks for the useful post! Does Jacky have any moves that allow him to combo off the opponent's rising low kick?
    -Tokushima Tetsuo
    No. 59
    While descending from a jump, Jacky can combo off [P] or [K].
    Jump (descending) [P], dash, [2][P], [1][P][+][K][P][P]
    Jump (descending) [K], [2][P], [4][K][K][K]

    No. 70
    What can I do after Pak Sao ([5]-high punch reversal)?
    No. 75
    After Pak Sao Jacky has 10 frames worth of advantage so only a throw attempt is guaranteed, but due to the distance created between you can't actually go for one unless the opponent is near a wall.
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  2. Manjimaru

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    Looking forward to the finished guide..
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  3. IcKY99

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    Will use this guide to troll ranked! thanks modeh
  4. Manjimaru

    Manjimaru Grumpy old man

    I see no glaring errors, so its good. (even if more than a bit simplistic :p - because beginner guide I guess)

    edit. oops there is that one... 1P+KPP(CH) 4KKK instead of KKK
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  5. Zekiel

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    In Dragon Combinations it should be 4KKK""When your P is guarded use the follow-up 4K or try to throw them'' You mean just throw them. 4KKK is useless if P is guarded.
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  6. Krye

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    Krye NL
    I think the followup middlekick is meant, so p4k. The opp will get hit when he tries to fuzzy if you use this.
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  7. Devdan

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    Ug, that kind of attitude is what killed BlazBlue for me. And looking at her resume, I can't imagine why she would ever have been that relevant to anyone, but I said the same thing about Tsubaki "secretly the most popular character in BlazBlue apparently?" Yayoi's VA.
  8. Dhaval Katbamna

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    May have to try jacky out. Seems like a sweet character.
  9. Lulu Lulu

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    Hmm.... nothing about the "Iaigeri" (which I still don't know what that means)..... looks like this is my chance to finally Contribute !!! ;) y'know...

    Just as soon as I find out how it works.
  10. KrsJin

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    While it's easily one of his best stand alone moves, I don't think it's wise for beginners to implement it into their early game outside of combos really (Even then, if their execution isn't so great yet, I'd would just leave the move alone for a bit).
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    I just needed to be confident I could do it first before I learned how to actually play Jacky..... I don't want to get Blind Sided by that in the middle of the learning process.... thats the worst feeling.

    Anyway my only interest in the Iaigeri (and Jacky in general) is how lenient it is....I don't think I'l be using Jacky. He's my Back Up in DoA and don't want to get my combos and strategies Confused (even though one or two of them seemed to have transitioned rather well).

    So I just wanted created a thread specifically just for the Iaigeri (just like the one in FreeStepDodge)..... but only after I can figured out how it works using the Input Display in the Dojo.

    I'm also hoping I can take that knowledge and use it in DoA aswell.... assuming it works the same way (or similar enough)
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