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Starting out with Shun #1

Discussion in 'Shun' started by Modelah, Oct 16, 2013.

By Modelah on Oct 16, 2013 at 11:00 AM
  1. Modelah

    Modelah Well-Known Member VFDC Translator Content Manager Taka

    Note: This was written by Amuzan and translated by Modelah.

    Amuzan's VF5FS Beginner's Blog post

    Hi, I'm Amuzan. I've been playing since VF1 and have been using Shun since VF2. I pop into busy Tokyo arcades from time to time so hit me up for games if you see me around!

    Shun's Characteristics, Strengths and Weaknesses
    Shun is the only member of the VF cast that has a drinking system; the more drinks he has, the stronger he becomes. The number of drinks you have is displayed on the screen as drink points (X[DP]) during the match, and new moves become available as you drink more. Other characters have moves that will strip you of drink points, so managing your drinks is very important for Shun's game. As you start out with 0[DP] you should focus more on getting drinks than damaging your opponent. This means that as Shun, not only do you have to have a sound nitaku game but you've also got to have a strategy of getting more drinks during the match. I think this extra depth makes Shun a very rewarding character to pick up.

    Basic Skills- Elbow class
    [6][P]: At 15 frames it's 1 frame slower than everyone elses' elbow attack. The follow-up [P] hits mid and [P][+][K][+][G] will get you 1[DP]. It's advantage is great on counterhit, so go for a throw, knee-class mid or low attack. If you're short on drinks (like at the start of the match) I recommend [6][P] with [1][K][K] or a throw for good nitaku pressure.
    [3][P]: Same frames as above, but with a longer reach it's useful to poke at mid range. When you have 8dp, you can use [3][P][P][K]. A word of caution, when doing this from a crouch you might end up throwing out [2_][3][P] instead.

    Basic Skills- Upper class
    [2_][3][P]: A long-reaching mid that you can only unleash from a crouching state. Mostly used after a CH[2][P] but also useful against backdashers if you read it right. Causes a stomach crumple on counter hit allowing you to follow up with a combo.
    [2_][3][P](CH), [2][P], [4][6][P][P][P] -A simple combo that works on all characters
    [2_][3][P](CH), [2][P], [4][6][P][P][P] [P][+][K] -For more damage when you have 6[DP] or more
    [2_][3][P](CH), [6][K] (to Chōkarō Stance), Chōkarō [K][P] -Good damage on lightweights.
    [2][3][6][P]([P]): One of Shun's mainstay techniques. The follow-up ([P]) is available at 8[DP]. A special mid, it doesn't do any damage to a crouch-guarding opponent. However, you can execute it quickly from a crouching state so the main strategy here is to use it when high attacks and throws whiff, and just throwing it out at mid range. This move has deceptive reach so just throwing it out can still pose a threat to the opponent.
    [2][3][6][P]([P]), [P], [6][K][+][G], [4][P][P] -for midweights (excluding Akira) at 7[DP] or less
    [2][3][6][P]([P]), [P], [6][K][+][G], [4][3][P][+][K][P] -same as above, at 8[DP] or more
    [2][3][6][P]([P]), [2][3][6][K][P], [4][6][P][P][P][P][+][K] -for Akira, Wolf and Jeffry
    [2][3][6][P], dash, [2][3][6][K][P][P] or [2][3][6][P][P], [4][3][P][+][K][P](at 8[DP]) -for Taka
    Basic Skills- Knee class
    [8][K][+][G]: A two-legged mid attack that can lead into combos regardless of normal or counterhit. Being a double-limbed attack it will beat sabaki attempts and reversal techniques so it's good to use when you can read your opponent well. It has a slight ducking startup so when at small disadvantages it can often go under high attacks and hit.
    [8][K][+][G], (brief pause)[P], [P][P][4][P] -A stable combo for most characters.
    [8][K][+][G], [8][P] -Use this if you're unsure, but the damage isn't so great.
    [8][K][+][G], dash, [2][3][6][K][P], [4][6][P][P][P][P][+][K](at 6[DP] or more) -Slightly trickier but allows you take a decent chunk of damage so it's definitely worth practicing.
    Some combos won't work on Taka so I think the heavy pounce [8][P] is a safer choice.
    [K][+][G]: A half-circular mid. Counterhits opponents that evade to Shun's back, giving you a good advantage. Following-up the counter with a throw or mid attack is recommended. The opponent's retaliation after [K][+][G] may be difficult for beginners to handle. It leaves you at a small disadvantage when guarded, but thanks to the slight pushback simply backdashing away will be enough to make the opponent's short range moves whiff. Holding [K][+][G] will put you into Chōkarō stance. As the transition phase helps to lessen the frame disadvantage against you, after [K][+][G] hits hold to enter stance then go to [P][+][K], [P] or [P][+][G] for santaku pressure.

    [1][K][K]: A half-circular low. Opposite to the above, this will hit opponents evading to Shun's stomach. It knocks down on hit (except Taka) allowing you to continue to press the advantage. If you're after drinks, step back and you'll be able to get 1[DP] in safely. If the attack is guarded hit [G] to lie down, helping you to reduce the opponent's punishment damage (at the cost of 1[DP]).

    The majority of Shun's throws aren't that powerful but some can get you a bunch of drink points, so try to incorporate them into your game (damage values in brackets).

    [6][3][2][1][4][P][+][G](66): Shun's strongest throw, unlocked at 10[DP]. Also gives you 4[DP].

    [4][1][2][3][6][P][+][G](10, more with combos): Unlocked at 6[DP]. Puts you facing the opponent's back, guaranteeing [2][3][6][P].
    [4][1][2][3][6][P][+][G], [2][3][6][P][P], [P][P][4][P][P] -A stable combo with good carry, great for ringouts.
    [4][6][P][+][G](50): No drink point requirement but you will lose 2[DP] if the throw is escaped.

    [4][P][+][G](50): Tricky direction to throw-escape.

    [P][+][G](40): Shun's neutral throw. Will give 2[DP] but leave your back open to attack if the opponent escapes from it.

    [6][6][P][+][G](40): Low damage but will net 4[DP] for your troubles. Damage is reduced to 30 if the opponent tech-recovers.

    [6][P][+][G](0): A throw that puts you facing the opponent's back. No damage inflicted by this throw but mid attacks 16 frames or less and high attacks 12 frames or less are guaranteed to hit. [2][3][6][P] can be too but the input must be buffered. The safest attacks after the throw are [6][P][P] and [4][6][P][P][P].

    Other useful moves
    [4][P][+][K]:[P][+][G]: A half-circular mid hit-throw. Kinda slow and the throw is possible only after a successful hit, but it gets you 3[DP]. Good for hitting opponents that evade to your back.

    [1] or [7][P][+][K][+][G]: A diagonal-back stepping maneuver. It look like it moves far off axis but you can still get hit by long reaching attacks. From this move [P] and [P][+][K] are both useful high attacks. [P][+][K] gives a head crumple on hit allowing you to do a combo for more damage.
    [1] or [7][P][+][K][+][G] [P][+][K], [6][K][+][G], [P][P][4][P] -Works on all characters.
    [6][K][+][G]: Great for blowing through low attacks and throw attempts, this is one of my main weapons. Leads to combos on some characters. If you throw it out at a slight disadvantage and get hit by a launcher it won't launch you, and you'll just be knocked down instead.

    World champion Fuudo and pro player Itazan also use Shun so I'm sure you can find lots of videos of them in action. Shun really is an interesting character that is well worth investing your time in so I'd be really happy if this post inspires you to try Shun!


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Discussion in 'Shun' started by Modelah, Oct 16, 2013.

    1. akai
      atemi-waza 当身技 is "Reversal Techniques"
    2. Modelah
      Update: Making good use of the new DP emoticon! [DP][DP][DP] :D
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    3. STBShujinkydink
      Hi there! I hope im posting this in the right place and not asking any questions that have been answered elsewhere..i couldnt find them lol. Just a few things..

      1. In training mode, is there a way to reset his drinks back to zero? I always get to 40 and I wanna mess around with some sober stuff lol

      2. What are the best strategies to gain drinks in the early rounds? should I use strings that end in drink? or throw setups? naked pkg? all of the above?

      3. I think his ground stances are hilarious, the handstand and the one where hes laying on the ground all comfy(sorry for lack of techincal terms i dont have the names in front of me :$). Are there any legit uses for these or are they just too unsafe to use?

      Thanks for any help you can provide!
    4. Chill
      G'day, welcome to the forums and ask away!

      1. Sort of! There isn't a menu option but Shun has some moves which sacrifice drinks. So if you have 10 drinks or more [2][1][4][K],[K] will minus 5 drinks. And every time Shun does a move that leaves him on the ground he will lose a drink. So you can also do [1][K][G] then Select to reset (and repeat) to continually drop drinks.

      2. Yep all of the above :). Neutral and [6][6][P][G] throws will gain drinks. [P][K][G] and [6][P][K][G] will obviously give you some drinks but you generally will want to use these when you have a bit of space, if the other player is all over you it's not practical. [4][P][K] is not a bad option, but it takes a bit of practice to use correctly because it's slow. But it's good against a tech-rolling opponent and it's half circular, so if your opponent is trying to evade away from a wall or the edge of the ring you can take advantage of that.

      3. There are definitely legit uses for his Oushin (lying down) stance. [P] and [2][K] can both give a stagger and is a mid/low mixup. [P][G] can catch guarding/evading opponents for a combo. And the forward/back rolls make it a quite manoeuvrable stance.

      Tentouritsu (handstand) is not very useful, it only has a few options which are all pretty risky. Same with Zabantetsu (his sitting down stance). All the other stances have good moves/uses though!
    5. b4k4
      For the record, you can safely transition into Tentouritsu (handstand) to run a mix up by getting your opponent to block Oushin (laying down, ither facing) K+G. Oushin K+G has +frames on block, meaning Tentouritsu K will interrupt them if they attempt an attack. If you condition them in this situation, you'll actually be able to run legit handstand mixups!
    6. Neonomide
      I found the fastest way to drain drinks this: put opponent to break throws and then do 46P+G to her for -3 DP on every escape. When in humongous numbers, 214KK is fast too as mentioned.

      It depends A LOT on the opponent. :) If you can connect flop launchers like 8K+G, do those and 6P+K for really easy 5 DPs. In mid/long range 6P+K+G to P is quite effective. If opponent eats throws, always go for 66P+G first, since it gives 4 DPs flat, otherwise do P+G for 2 DPs. When getting a knockdown with 1KK, time to drink too. Getting the hit from 4P+K is nice after a KD, but remember that Shun's ALL normal stance attacks bar 9P+K and 1KK are evadable to Shun's front.

      Finally, refer to pinned thread here called Drinking Academy, since it has specific tactics for basic drink strategies and their usage. They are many more less obvious ways and instances to drink, of course. Always remember to maximise those after KO drinks! Against pretty sloppy opponents getting 20+ DPs after a couple of rounds is quite easy. But don't just grind DPs, remember to use them. :D

      For absolute rudimentary Shun, 6 DPs (=236P aka Chouwan) is enough for awesome 16f whiff punishing and moderate damage (from laughable dmg Shun has before that).

      i'll add some minor things. :)

      To put it short:

      Tentouritsu aka the handstand
      OUS aka Oushin aka the lying-down-and-annoying-the-shit-out-of-people

      Tentouritsu stuff:

      - OUS cancel avoids the high stuff for more pressure

      - K is for OUS to K+G frametrap for gambling a hit and a KD where you can again go to OUS by P+K+G. Also, K is fast and often wins a hit change and even it's bad block frames are not too bad since Shun just often falls to the ground when hit after a block. The general theme with handstand is that it's weird and quite sucky but punishing is poor too. (good for end of round goofying when in lead)

      - P+G is for standing block freezes and evades(!), a bad idea when attacked or ducked but grants not a full dmg launcher for opponent

      - K+G is slow launcher with no apparent evasive properties (bad) and is a a frame trap (+3 on block), usually for 6PP or 1P+K (15f attacks). Use against rising opponents after K or K+G hit for 15f options against abare, while staying in handstand.

      - jump hopping is useless and slow unless real far awayyy and after a KD and K+G fishing

      OUS stuff:

      Having played around with OUS, the most accurate overall thing Í have to say that is that it's chock full of weird shit. I'll just scratch the surface here. There are actually two OUS stances, which mostly share the same moves as noted below.

      - P is the basic mid poke and works the same in either OUS stance. It repeatedly kills 2P attempts at a correct (non point blank) distance and gets a weak stagger. After a blocked one at range, you get a blue CH (+7) if opponent does, but elbows like 6P usually kill P altogether after a blocked one (OUS evade to back or K+G for blue CH and to handstand). A stagger is interesting here since against 2P it just resets Shun's range for muchos annoyance. Each hit also changes Shun's stance to OUS (head towards) which has some different attacks. Do a linear low 2K to change the stance to the 'normal' OUS (head away).

      The easy counter against P is to block one more so that Shun is at point blank range, whereas you may expect an K which kills point blank 2P for a flop combo (but standing P kills it), or OUS evade to back (wait slightly and attack), or K+G for an all-killing mid full circ option with + on block yet crappy follow-ups. There is a lot of situational force in P, as it can easily blue CH even Lei's full charge rocket punch. Experiment!

      - 2K (head towards aka BT OUS) leads to a low stagger if not low blocked. After a P stagger (as told in previous paragraph) you are in OUS Head Towards now), you can do 2K for a low stagger (which is stronger than P stagger) which is the basic setup for this. You can also change from OUS (head away) to Head Towards stance by 4P+K+G. After 2K stagger the KPK series is guaranteed for 58 dmg and a KD or optionally K+G for handstand KD or P+K for reeally slow stagger recoveries and/or some after-stagger attacks at mid range. Getting BT OUS blocked means shit, as opponent can do little more than nothing.

      - K (head towards aka BT OUS) is basically a low crush flop launcher that is killed by doing any other strike than a low. Go for it when OUS P (at any range) is blocked and you totally expect 2P.

      - P+K is a super slow (26f!!!) special high launcher and has nice range, so it's worth doing once in a while against frozen opponents. After blocked P (OUS), it may hit in between P series (or not blocking after P) eaten by P+K. Not too reliable, but seems to kill elbow class moves so it's worth experimenting for that reason alone. Loses to mid punches like Pai's and Jacky's. Use it also after some wall KO hits for a full 6 DPs after a wall KO.

      - K (head away) is the best hitting attack from OUS (head away) imho, for the simple reason that K is 14f half circular mid (covers back) that allows for a natural KPK combo on any hit. Getting K blocked is not good (-19 and P is high), but K hits so damn often so who cares. At 10 DP, KPK gets KP2KK option for even more damage and a low mixup IF the first K does not hit, so yes it's still a natural combo after K on NH for 56 dmg!

      - 2K (head away) is a half-circ sweep, not too unsafe at -16 (recovers low). Pretty fast and always does a KD. Shun stands up after it hits.

      - 6K (head away) does two kicks (second is a half-circ) and stays in OUS. Unlike 2K, staying in OUS even with -18 on block is actually safer as seen many times and this one covers Shun's FRONT which is really good.

      - K+G (OUS) is a full-circ mid that basically kills everything after a blocked OUS P but enters Tentouritsu aka the handstand, the worst stance Shun has. On block it's +7, so K interrupts any instant counter attack (like noted above). Doing a hit always KDs so you can follow with roll to OUS for pressure or to normal stance by blocking. The Oushin roll (P+K+G) from handstand rolls under high attacks.

      - P+G is a catch throw that hits standing blockers and evaders for +16 aka 1P+K or full 236P combos (6+ DP) with that 5 dmg added from that P+G stumble. Killer damage and arguably the biggest threat in close range OUS. It also magically avoids opponent's 2P after a blocked OUS P, it really does! A totally awesome move!

      - OUS movement is nice too. The front roll 6P+K+G allows for 43P+K (added P at 8DP) mid for a stagger or K for a -21 suicide sweep. You can also do nothing, which is a mixup in itself. OUS evade is simply 2 or 8 P+K+G and avoids stuff like 2P (better towards opponent's back for some reason) and elbow but obviously not sweeps or delayed attacks. OUS 4P+K+G changes to OUS (head towards) for avoiding stuff and different OUS K options or from that position backroll up to Gyoushin Suitai -options (P for stagger or stomach crumble combo or a double limbed low kick).

      Getting into OUS also affects it's options. By 4K (P+K+G) Shun gets the options rolling even with a blocked 4K, as OUS P does a blue CH against immediate 2P. Doing 8K (P+K+G) allows for either a slightly delayed OUS P to stop 2P or even a P+K to blue CH and a combo (yes!). Generally, KPK is here the go-to option IMHO. After 9K+G just mix KPK and 6K as OUS P gets interrupted here. When you want some space, 7K (P+K+G) is a decent option. The only move that ends in OUS (feet away) is 9P+K (blocked) so K for 2P kill and K or P+K against elbows are an option here (mid punches beat P+K though).

      No problem, keep those questions coming!
      Last edited: Jul 12, 2014
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    7. STBShujinkydink
      you guys are all really helpful and great! This is refreshing from the NRS community I come from which answers your questions with a gif of a chick blinking and calling people noobs lol. All the tournaments i travel to dont seem to ever have VF listed as a game, is it there usually run on the side? should i be checking here first to see if its featured by someone? i know ive run MK9 as a side event before
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