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Discussion in 'General' started by samtheseed, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. samtheseed

    samtheseed Well-Known Member

    Shun is Drunk
    Ok, the purpose of this thread is for anyone at all to contribute to the story. Anyone can jump in, THE BATMAN can jump in after like 20 posts. Lets just make this completely ridiculous as possible.

    So let us begin:

    There once was an assasin named Goh who had to get plastic surgery because his face was all fucked up. Because...
  2. Heartbreak013

    Heartbreak013 Well-Known Member

    he read the story time thread and cut himself because
  3. CobiyukiOS

    CobiyukiOS Well-Known Member

    of peer pressure of the stereotype that Goh is an Emo because
  4. Cozby

    Cozby OMG Custom Title! W00T! Content Manager Sarah

    Stn Cozby
    he's been diagnosed with Humidermituberculosis a.k.a. "Great-Great Grandma's Malboro curse" but he likes piercings because
  5. Heartbreak013

    Heartbreak013 Well-Known Member

    sarah told him piercing were awesome because
  6. Jay David

    Jay David Well-Known Member

    so he decided to spend the night with sarah so long as she still loved him in the morning.
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  7. Poppa

    Poppa Well-Known Member

    The end.

  8. Truesonic2k

    Truesonic2k Well-Known Member

    Edit: It ended...
  9. Jay David

    Jay David Well-Known Member

    Of the story was no where in sight. Dural continued to kick John Conner in the nuts.
  10. SDS_Overfiend1

    SDS_Overfiend1 Well-Known Member

    After Giant swinging T-1000 through a windshield.
  11. samtheseed

    samtheseed Well-Known Member

    Shun is Drunk
    of the windshield... that was being driven by Jacky Bryant in the last lap of the race. So he failed... afterwards he decided to...
  12. Jemun

    Jemun Well-Known Member

    ...use handcuffs on the one who made the first place, but someone disturbed the bondage-game, and the name of him/her was...
  13. Poppa

    Poppa Well-Known Member

    ...Cousin Itt who needed Jacky for the epic task of...
  14. Shadowdean

    Shadowdean Well-Known Member

    posting pictures of his sister on the internet in order too...
  15. AkiraZero

    AkiraZero Well-Known Member

    raise enough money in order to start his own arcade business. But suddenly....
  16. TheWorstPlayer

    TheWorstPlayer Well-Known Member

    Akira flew to his house and SPOD'd his balls.
  17. mattfabb

    mattfabb Well-Known Member

    Alas, Jacky was nowhere to be found. Akira would have his revenge, but that was a dish best served cold. Where could Jacky be? Well, recently he spent a few nights with Lion and The Worst Player, since they came out of the closet. He might be still there! Let's go and check...
  18. TheWorstPlayer

    TheWorstPlayer Well-Known Member

    Jacky is still there and wow so is mattfabb strangely enough. Apparently
    mattfabb was due for his annual prostate massage and Jacky wasn't about let a
    such a regular client down. In fact MattFabb was going to get a special discount
    two for one deal. Jeffry walks out of the bathroom, smiles, creates a hammer fist
    and says "This is going to hurt you, more than it's going to hurt me." Mattfabb
    grins and grows nervous when the door swings open to Lions apartment.

    TWP and Lion are laughin their asses off, TWP says "I told you that outfit was gay
    man. We gotta go back into that closet of yours and just burn everything. Grab
    yourself a hoodie and some timbs. Remember the ladies love a thug. You'll be
    alright. We might even get some testosterone injections for that fucked up voice
    of yours and stop with the limp wrist shit."

    TWP looks at mattfabb in a sling "What the fu.....?"
    Jacky looks at Jeffry who's lubing up his arm.
    Jacky, "Less talk. More action! Yeah!"
    Jeffry pulls back his fast and lunges at mattfabb.
    Jeffry, "Now that's Mariners power!"
  19. Seidon

    Seidon The God of Battle walks alongside me! Content Mgr El Blaze

    An orange haze hung over the darkening skies as the sun ebbed out of sight, preparing it's self for the next day. A faint breeze passed over Akira as he stood silently at the door of Lion's home. With his eyes closed he listened carefully to the whispers the wind produced as it wove through nearby trees, preparing himself for what was to come. Akira opened his eyes to confront the heavy wooden door before him. With practiced grace he rapped his knuckles thrice upon the door...


    A shuffle from within set Akira's senses alight, he was right to come here, he knew what was required of him and he was confident in his abilities. With an audible creak the door opened revealing the small yet powerfully built frame of a young woman grasping a pale blue sheet against her otherwise naked body. Sweat glistened as it ran down her flesh giving it an almost reflective sheen.

    Her deep brown eyes met Akira's and her hands released, dropping the sheet at her feet, her lips parted and she spoke softly, knowing full well what both she and Akira wanted...

    'Teh uber gayzorz live over there lololololol' She exclaimed pointing towards a large pink house with the words "Lion's man hut" emblazoned upon the door.

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