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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Chanchai, Nov 15, 2000.

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    strategy : an elaborate and systematic plan of action

    tactics : A procedure or set of maneuvers engaged in to achieve an end, an aim, or a goal.

    These are just some (of many) definitions I found on strategy and tactics (one definition each obviously).

    Alright, I'm gonna beat on an age-old topic on anything competitive... Hopefully something productive will come out of this and I don't recall the last time there were direct discussions on these topics on this incarnation of Versus City. Hopefully, this will stir up good traffic again as well.

    This thread is mostly just to supplement threads that will come a bit later (one right after this one). Setting some background for discussions...

    ***Skip to next set of asterisks if you understand strategy and tactics***

    Anyways, strategies tend to be the setups and situations we look for in our matches. That's how I see them anyways. Generally, our strategies tend to be consistant, but some players make use of a lot of different strategies. However, where things get really different and really do depend on the opponent and conditions is the tactics.

    For example, a newbie will probably attack a lot. My strategy will probably always be making the conditions for my strongest setup (from which I will have the options I know very well and how to use them). This strategy will probably be something I would use on almost any opponent (while some opponents it probably won't work, depending on the setup). However, I probably can't use the tactics I use on a patient and defensive opponent. This newbie probably has no real flow to his attacks and hence he's pretty random. So my tactics will probably be something like defending until he commits himself by doing a heavily counterable move and either whiffing or get blocked. Then I can create my setup with some other tactics (or maybe that was the setup I was looking for) and take advantage and implement my strategy.

    Okay, for most everyone here, I assume that's pretty basic, but that was for those that didn't really understand those concepts.

    ***end of example of strategy and tactics***

    This message is sort of an introduction to the threads I plan to bring out every once in awhile (probably weekly). My hopes is that the intermediate, advanced, experts, and highly experienced players will contribute to the threads. I know not that much is new to them, but at least they do have a lot to contribute and I think many people enjoy reading stuff on the topic.

    Anyways, I plan on bringing up threads towards certain characters every now and then and seeing if people can contribute.

    I make the request that in the discussion of tactics, it is assumed that the opponent is at least competent. If they are machi, that's fine. If they are aggressive, that's fine. Perfectly balanced, that's fine. I just want to make clear that there are intermediate, advanced, and expert players of each type and more. Those are characteristics of part of their strategies as well as the government of their tactics. Anyways, I'm sure everyone can distinguish bad players from competent ones.

    Anyways, that was just a background on strategy and tactics which will lead to my other threads. *Note: Please specify which version of VF3 you play if you respond to the threads.
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    Thought I would add to the Strategies idea as I wouldn't want anyone to think I was looking for particular strategies...

    They can be in the realms of creative or orthadox (mechanical). Based on a situation or on a set of move(s). Based on certain techniques or anti-techniques. Being seemingly random (key word is seemingly) or dare-inducing (like entering a game both players know). Any kind of strategy. And in support of those strategies, any kinds of tactics if you think they would better illustrate your strategy or would just like to add to it.

    Also, they don't have to be your strategies or tactics (for those that want to keep their personal "surprise appeal"). They can also be those that you have witnessed, seen, or experienced from other players.

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