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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Chanchai, Nov 15, 2000.

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    As Shota mentioned, even Jacky is hard to play at higher levels. However, Jacky is still a character that is typically easy to pick up and play at a competent level.

    What are some Jacky strategies you are familiar with? And within those strategies, if you choose to add (you don't have to, but it would be nice), what are some examples of tactics you use to properly execute these strategies?

  2. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Chanchai on Jacky

    Here are some additional things in case you do want to respond to them, but not the main focus of this thread.

    I think Jacky is more than just setting up for an elbow (this shows how little I know of Jacky), or abusing his low kicks.

    I know some players love to use their Jacky for flash (read: high risk moves), such as Summers. But in the experience of such players, when did it work? When did it not work? I am more interested in "effective" strategies though.

    As for tactics, I personally tend to use the typical PETE weapons, double low kicks, shin kick (d K G), backfists, and beat-knuckle --> backfist among other things. Not to mention Jacky's Kick variations and a patient elbow (which breaks down to a)single elbow b)elbow-->heelkick c)elbow-->backfist-->low kick).

    I do have to admit however, that my lack of understanding Jacky makes my games typically all tactics with little strategy... The key strategy in my Jacky play is pretty much to engage in yomi and depend on my yomi to work. Don't know if that's really a strategy though. Don't even know if that's a good way to play Jacky as it has no real direction and is limited to the realms of semi-reactive play.
  3. SummAh

    SummAh Well-Known Member

    Re: SummErs on Jacky (longer than any chan's post)

    After a long time, I think I finally figured out how to reply to this post.(Yah, I can be really slow sometimes) /images/icons/smile.gif

    The reason IMO why Jacky is hated by many VFers is not only due to his ease of use n his Elbow BAH combos.

    One of the biggest advantage Jacky has(IMO) is the amount of ways Jacky can attack an opponent(some like to call that option select...funny phrase)

    That's the way I use JAcky. If I know the opponent is gonna crouch, I DO not use the Elbow. Instead, I go for
    b)b, K+G
    c)depending on who the player is, my attack changes in a matter of secs

    One of the bigger complaints I hear abt Jacky is his Elbow BAH combos, followed by pounce. The way I see it, it's an acceptable combo. Only because Jacky has only ONE move that can take off huge damage with one blow (no price for guessing which that is)/images/icons/smile.gif

    Thus, Jacky players would often go for the pounce as soon as they see a chance.

    Yet to me, Jacky players who do this are shooting themselves in the foot. After the pounce, both players are are immediately standing. Now if u're a Jacky player who's having difficulty in cracking the opponent's solid defence, this would be the last thing u want to take place.

    What I'm trying to say is, after all the trouble of finding a way to use the elbow BAH , followed by another BLAH combo, why would u want the okizeme success rate to fall back to zero when the punce is gonna let him stand up in time to defend ur next attack? (I hope at least, ONE reader understands what I'm trying to say here)

    Also, I hear alot of ppl complaining abt Jacky's elbow heelkick combo....yet on this VERY Site(which i consider to be the best source for VF mentoring) the guide specifically says 'the elbow heel kick pounce combo is Jacky's BEST COMBO'!!!

    Not only here, but faqs at many other sites also say the same thing. No wonder there are so many Jacky players out there who stick to this combo like a religion.

    In regards to what I mentioned just now, Jacky has so many ways of attack the player....look, if the elbow is gonna connect, use the beatknuckle instead. Sure, this is simple common sense...but damn..I dun see anyone using it apart from me(that is, in Melbourne anyway)

    Personally, I am not a fan of JAcky's elbow. Ask Doomboy, I hardly used it the last time I played him. Infact, I was overabusing the cheapness of the Lighting kick.

    By using a constantly delayed Lighting kick( meaning a really SLOWWWW one) I was slowly closing on on Doomboy and by choosing to not finish the move, I can immediately switch move and use
    a)backfist +combos
    b) b/f K+G
    d)D,D this little hop is useful man!!!/images/icons/smile.gif

    But, bear in mine, the lighting kick trick is VERY DAMN USELSS against AKIRA! I mean, any Akira player with miserable skill can reverse it with EASE!..AMAZING EASE!

    so against akira, Jacky's attacks will have to be fast n always changing levels of attacks.

    During the melbourne games a few months back...I lost big time to myke due to the fact I was always using the elbow backfist low kick combo. Sure,by using that move, I had a viable flowchart, but fact is, against a good Akira player, that move is piss weak. Against Doomboy last week, I managed to reverse the low kick while i stood there blocking the first two. /images/icons/smile.gif fun fun fun!

    Of course, Myke is just that much stronger than me!!!!! But if I had known how to use moves such as b,f K+G, TT, D,D, hop triphammer...I would have made our matches SO MUCH MORE EXCITING!!!!!!!!! (still would have lost...his Akira is Jap friend saw him played n asked me r we playing a modified VF3)

    Yet, I cannot recommend any sort of tactics while using Jacky. The way I see it, Jacky can be used according to the players personality.

    When I first started playing SF2(1992 i think) Someone once told me, 'IF u have enuff time to block, it means u can use ur fastest move to counter the why the hell would u block???????'

    Till todae, I stuck with that theory.

    Also, sometimes I would deliberately let the opponent hit me(yup, don't even bother abt pressing the G button)
    The point to doing this is to invite the opponent's confidence to he gets braver...I become a happeier man. Cause chances are, he starts attack like a mad convict, wanting to rape me...then I start to Mc the fella.


    I tend to trick the opponents into thinking I am falling into a pattern...then I slam on the brakes, n do something different...

    For ex, if the opponent blocks my beatknuckle, backfist...most players would guard low, think a low sweep would be followed(I assume), times like this i would either
    b)do another beatkunckle
    c)knee shot)

    Option B, C would not take off much health..but what the hell...I outsmarted the guy....

    I have so much more to say...but my head hurts from all the drinking...oh did I mentioned I am actually quite...hmmm..not sober now???

    AH..I'm gonna wake up n feel the shame tomolo...but what the hell...I like it now!!!!

    SummErs' 'FINISHED MA EXAMS FASTER THAN LIGHTING!!!'<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by SummErs on 12/22/00 12:44 PM.</FONT></P>

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