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Streamed PSN Lobby: Friday, March 16th, 8PM-Midnight ET

Discussion in 'PlayStation Network' started by Vencabot, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Vencabot

    Vencabot Well-Known Member

    Long time no see, VFDC! I'd be surprised if any of ya'll remembered me, but the time that I spent here 6 years ago was very formative for me. You guys taught me to love fighting and showed me what it felt like to be a part of a supportive community. That experience has helped me over the past few years more than anyone (especially me) would've guessed.

    For a little under a year, I've been streaming on Twitch for 40 hours a week, and the channel is mostly known for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. This Friday, though, we'll be running an event where I introduce our viewership to my first love: Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown (PS3) !

    There's a problem, though: I've completely forgotten how to play! That'll put me in the same position as many of the viewers, who may be spectating VF for the first time.

    Is anybody here interested in demonstrating the game in a PSN lobby, this Friday, March 16th, from ~8PM-Midnight ET? Everyone is welcome! If the event is well-received, I may try to finagle more time to play VF on the channel, since I think there's probably a pretty decent demographic cross-over.

    Do any knowledgeable players want to join in commentating the stream? The channel's usual format (for 3rd Strike) is a public-lobby commentated by the strongest players there, with weaker players asking questions, getting coaching, etc. I'm not confident that any of our usual commentators (especially me) knows enough about Final Showdown to be able to provide helpful commentary. We're all curious to learn about this game, and I'm going to need a crash course to refresh my legendarily terrible memory!

    If you're down to play and, even better, interested in commentating via Discord from inside the lobby, let me know by responding here and I'll PM you with more details. I really think this could be a cool event, but if it just ends up being me and a few 3S guys goofing off and trying to figure the game out, that would be fine, too.

    If you guys want to learn more about the channel or if you want to catch the stream on Friday, you can find us at https://www.twitch.tv/vencabot . At the time of this post, tomorrow is Bruise-day Tuesday, which is our weekly 8-hours-of-3S event, in case any of ya'll want to learn more about our format or learn more about 3rd Strike!

    Sorry to bug you guys. I'll see you around, and if you have any questions, let me know.

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  2. Ares-olimpico

    Ares-olimpico Well-Known Member Content Manager Lion

    Ah i need to learn English.
    Where are you from?
    Remember attack when you have advantage and defend when I are in disadvantage:p
  3. MarlyJay

    MarlyJay Moderator - 9K'ing for justice. Staff Member Gold Supporter

    What timezone is ET again? UTC+1?
  4. MadeManG74

    MadeManG74 Moderator Staff Member Tournament Manager Silver Supporter

    It's times like this I wish I lived closer to the US! I would have joined the room if I lived closer.

    Maybe @BLACKSTAR or @Blitzball Champ would be interested? They both hosted/host regular streams.

    I'd offer to commentate myself, but mid-day Saturday probably won't be a good time for me to commit, also you'd probably rather someone who can actually join the room as well! I will definitely try to tune in at least!
  5. Vencabot

    Vencabot Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the hot tip. :cool:

    Eastern Time, for the east coast of the US, is UTC-4 right now. UTC is 9PM right now, and it's 5PM here. :D

    8PM ET on Friday is mid-day Saturday where you live? Dayumn, you really DO live far away! I appreciate the thought, anyway, and maybe we'll see you there!

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