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Discussion in 'General' started by Akira Yukii, Aug 16, 2001.

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    Here's a topic I think should be adressed.
    As many of us are aware of; Street Fighter EX3 was one of the launch titles
    when the playstation 2 was released (all 4 of them).

    The first game I purchased, and the last ( Rent. Beat. Repeat. ). Well, allow me to quote Clark Steel from the King of Fighters.
    "I Had fun. For about 5 seconds".

    It was actually the first EX game I had played, so I was expecting a slightly different gaming experience, since ARIKA joined Capcom to make the series, but I wasn't expecting the shameful title I wanted all that time so much.

    Now, I was impressed by the following.
    - Sufficing endings. No animation, but the text was informative and interesting.
    - Kicking everything that moves ass while the credits are rolling.
    - Characters are done PERFECTLY.
    - Control is easy (a bit too easy, but wtf.)
    - Tons of characters
    - Nice enviroments
    - Classic NES megaman like music!!!

    But. As my haters know. I'm picky as hell. PICKY. But, from what I've heard from some friends and the odd stranger, EX3 was a dissapointment. I agreed. For starts, I am a fan of Jugglers. They are funny, fast, and brutal. You cannot use Jugglers in the tournament mode, only in practice. Secondly, even if Jugglers were allowed, some characters would have been able to do and endless juggling combo.

    Difficulty was ripe according to SOME elements. Like Sagat being a cheap ass and a half with tiger shots, and Bison being WAY ASS HARDER than everyone else. But overall? Too easy. Double teaming Garuda? Please. He's easy without the partner. But, that can be helped with "fighting alone" option provided. I don't know if I'm the only one who was able to pick up the fact that moves where way to easy to actitivate. It made VF and KoF look impossible for button combinations.

    It got old fast. For SOME reason I honest to god can't put a finger on, I had enough of this game after three days. I havn't played it in AGES and I'm not dissapointed. Note that I'd appreciate a reason (Not an insult) for why.

    I was SORT OF dissapointed that you couldn't use the enviroments to your advantage.
    So. I'll lay a bottom line down then!

    The game mocked the arcade version (a fine game) perfectly, but there could have been some console extras to keep gamers fresh and in the action.


    "Every gamer developes a FEEL for the fighters they play. It's probably the only non optional aspect."

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