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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Jan 13, 2000.

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    here's a fun trick i learned way over a year ago but never thought to post of. works on dc or arcade.

    beat the game in a short enough time to get your initials on the board. at the alphabet man, where you enter in your initials, you can either knock the AM down or press start at the selected letter or number to lock the letter/number in. either pressing start (at any of the three letters) or completing your initials will then lock the camera into a static position.

    with the camera locked, and hopefully in a good position, you can maneuver your character right up to or even inside the camera. if you do a really good job you can get the camera inside your characters head, where you can see eyeballs and teeth (yes..eyeballs and teeth. it's freaky).

    if haven't saved or uploaded any data to the dc and you've beaten the japanese DC version for the first time, you'll get a note onscreen telling you that you can now view the hidden movies. this note has no time limit; you can take your time positioning your character.

    you only have about 45-60 seconds or so on the arcade version, but it's made up for by the fact that the graphics are so much better. if you so desire, you can manuever wolf's crotch or ass up close to the camera and read the miniscule label on his jeans or read his buckle (the dc version is just a washed out texture). super extreme close ups of the faces on the arcade version are just incredible.

    have fun...
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    God Rich, the one thing that amazes me about you is your alarming attention to (obscure) details! ;) Now, tell everyone about the bird's heads on Pai's stage! (People, you'll love this!) *snicker*

    m y k e
    how ya gonna win when ya ain't right within?
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    >Now, tell everyone about the bird's heads on Pai's stage!

    can't remember exactly. been years since i saw them extremely up close. sick detail..separate wing, body, tail and head sections, all moving around in order..head bobbles up and down, left to right, tail up and get the idea.
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    Hey, got a chance to view this stuff. It's bizarre, but way cool. Thanks for enriching the board with your post.

  5. Sudden_Death

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    how did you get to see all that detail?

    is there any way to put the camera at a bird?

    <font color=black>PICCOLO</font color=black>
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    oh yeah...

    this is pyroedge/jarisky since i didn't bother to make a new account...i've messed around with that stuff too...something cool i noticed is that the graphics were done so well that when you get their face upclose kind of from a sideview, their eyeballs are actually set back from their eyelids. There is a space between their eyeballs and eyelids, and since polygons are only opaque on oneside (transparent on the other), you can see through the spaces, and through the "inside" of the polygons of the head to the sky of Wolf's daytime desert stage you beat up alphaman in. Looks cool to see sky through someone's head! Just my little tidbit on the subject.

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