Styles for Lion(request)

Discussion in 'Lion' started by Chan415, Apr 4, 2002.

  1. Chan415

    Chan415 Active Member

    If anyone has any good (english) links to chibita's lion vids taht are SMALL, please post /versus/images/icons/smile.gif

    I would like to scout out how others play lion, so any other good vids would be nice.
  2. DrLovesAlot

    DrLovesAlot Member

  3. Onny

    Onny Well-Known Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    DrLovesAlot said:


    [/ QUOTE ]

    hahah now that is fucking classic.

    *note to all newcomers; there are good ways to use the search feature and bad ways. one of the bad ways is to reply to 2 year-old posts with useless, brain-deadening, single-sentence replies*
  4. pkg_inc

    pkg_inc Well-Known Member


    there's also a rule banning media requests...

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