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Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by ABD_Yuki, May 26, 2002.

  1. ABD_Yuki

    ABD_Yuki New Member

    What the heck do I wrong ? I've fought the last three days and have beaten more than 10 Subjugators consecutively but I only become a Demonlord. Is it not allowed to save between the matches ? Can I lose to other CPU fighters who are in the same branch ? (conqueror, vanquisher ?)

    Please, I need any tips.

    ABD Yuki

    p.s.: Sorry for the bad english, I'm from Germany /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  2. Robyrt

    Robyrt Well-Known Member

    To be a Stormlord, you need to have at least a 78% win ranking; otherwise, you're a Demonlord. If you're right on the border, just let yourself get demoted and win matches until you've got enough for a Stormlord; otherwise, just keep going on the Demonlord path.
  3. ad91791

    ad91791 Well-Known Member

    that happened because every time u beat 10 straight same ranked opponents the u move up a ranking

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