Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by GalzPanic, Feb 24, 2002.

  1. GalzPanic

    GalzPanic Member

    Hey. .who plays at Sunnyvale? I want play. . .tell me what time y'all go and I'll try to make it too.
  2. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    A bunch of us used to play VF4 at SVGL, but we're playing PS2 VF4 now (version C, *proper* Japanese arcade sticks, etc.) Where are you located exactly in the Bay Area?
  3. Yamcha

    Yamcha Well-Known Member

    I still play there occaisionally since I don't have the PS2 version yet. Post a time or PM if you want to meet up or something.
  4. siLEpai

    siLEpai Well-Known Member

    I'm at SVGL every now and then for my weekly VF quick fix =) Gotta love 'em kOoKiEs 'n corndogs! =)
  5. EvilBowlOfCereal

    EvilBowlOfCereal Active Member

    Oh so people do play the VF4 at sunnyvale. Geez everytime Im down there theres no one on that machine. back Then I wasn't into V now like I was a few weeks ago. Im still more into tekken. Maybe sometime I'll see someone down there. I don't go very offten however. To far to go. Like a 50 mile drive.
  6. Jason Cha

    Jason Cha Well-Known Member

    I'd like to gather a list of people who play so that we can play more regularly (esp now as I finally have a vf4 stick... no more SVGL crap sticks.)

    So far the core group really is me, Chris, Howard and Akira Taniguchi. Ben and John are both fine players, but I don't know how hardcore they are about getting really good at this game. There's also (Nongli? Sorry, don't know how to spell your name) who's learning how to play and also Don to round out what I consider the regulars in the bay area.

    If you are in the bay area and really enjoy VF4, send me a PM, as again I want to start playing often and more regularly with a broader group of fairly serious players.

  7. jackybrothas

    jackybrothas Well-Known Member

    yo im there.... well i don't go there as often as i used to... but yea i was there today..... and my name is jason by the way. just pm or post a time or somethin'
  8. Jason Cha

    Jason Cha Well-Known Member

    Ah, sorry to have forgotten you Jason,

  9. Shadowdean

    Shadowdean Well-Known Member

    I am not quite sure of the geography, but I am going to be in San-Fransico from the 9-12th...I am in some sort of competition on the 11th and I would love to meet up with some people in and around that area while I am up there. Chris - whats the word? You said something about snowboarding that weekend. If not, PM me or IM me on icq...anybody else...I would love to meet a few of you down there for some friendly competition.
  10. GalzPanic

    GalzPanic Member

    OK guys it's cool that there are people around here that play (as I expected hehe). Anyway I live in Fremont and I'm willing to make the drive if you guys have gatherings.

    Also, I will be at SVGL on Saturday for the CvS2 tourney. Whenever I'm not acutally playing CvS2 I'll probably be playing VF4, especially if I see someone else playin.

    = )
  11. Yamcha

    Yamcha Well-Known Member

    When's the tourney? I should be able to head there Saturday afternoon.
  12. GalzPanic

    GalzPanic Member

    The CvS2 tourney starts at 4 i believe. I'll probably be there a little early to warm up.
  13. Shadowdean

    Shadowdean Well-Known Member

    I am not quite sure yet where I am staying, but I assume it is near the airport...if Jason and Chris can't make it sat, I would love to meet up, but I would need a ride.
  14. Jason Cha

    Jason Cha Well-Known Member

    If you live in Fremont, that puts you fairly close to Akira and Don, who are in San Ramon. I think we're pretty much scattered throughout the bay area, with Chris and myself in the city (Jemin as well, in South San Francisco), Howard in South San Jose, and Akira and Don in the East Bay.

  15. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    Jemin has been playing VF4 at home with his roommate, btw. He's free to play this Sunday (either in SF or Daly City).
  16. GalzPanic

    GalzPanic Member

    Sorry, but this Sunday is no good for me. Saturday is definitely the best day for me, unless I have strange plans ala CvS2 tournies. Please keep your gatherings posted though... thanks!
  17. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    Actually, I think we're playing Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun this week. Hehe.
  18. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    We're probably going to play today (Friday Mar 1) and tomorrow at Howard's place in Sunnyvale, if you're interested in joining us, drop me a line via private message or email ( Actually, I'll send you a PM right now...
  19. mushen

    mushen Well-Known Member

    You guys are going to be a Sunnyvale tonight? Man, I want to meet you guys (VFers in the bay area). What time are you planning to be there?

    I'll try to make it there tonight to hook up.
  20. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    Hmm, now I don't know if it's going to be at Sunnyvale or San Francisco. Just called Howard earlier, he's actually up in SF right now... not sure what the plans are yet.

    I sent you a PM with my contact number, give me a call and we can figure out the details.

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