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Discussion in 'General' started by Guest, Jul 29, 2000.

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    If any of you have had a chance to go to fighters.net's DOA site ( which is bloody brilliant!! ) you'll have probably had a chace to see a movie clip showing a collection of tag throws. as far as i know, they're from the PS2 version

    did any of these throws make it to the DC version? i waited ages to get DOA2 in the UK because tecmo had to make 'a few improvements'.

    i hope i didn't wait a couple of months just to play shadowman!!

    any ideas?
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    Those are a compilation of all of the tag throws that were PS2 only. As to whether or not they made the cut for the UK version remains to be seen.

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    Actually, the tag throw between Hayabusa and Ayane is already in the dreamcast version. ^_^
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    There's also a new movie at doaonline with a couple new tag throws for DOA2: Hardcore

    Imagine a tag of Tina's Giant swing --> Hayabusa's multi ender
    Hayabusa's HCF+S+P --> Bass catching them at the top and pile driving em (personal favorite)

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