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    Reno's post about Taka's combo is great but incomplete, incorrect or out to date (remember this one is a console ver. combo thread).
    There's tons of other stuff that you can do with the big fat guy !
    And alas, Reno is not here everyday to edit and complete.
    Everything we posted (usefull or not) is also scattered everywhere in Reno's post. It can be sometimes hard to read or remember.
    So following Akai's advice, this post will list every bit of knowledge we acquired about Taka's combos and I'll try to edit things regularly if there's something else that is found !

    It is for now a work in progress and I will complete the post little by little.
    EDIT : Work completed. Will edit if need be to add stuff or new discovery or if explanation needed.


    Natural combos :

    [4][P][+][K], [P]

    Natural counter combos :

    [4][P][P]+[K] - !!! : NCC but it's NC on side hit
    [P][P][6][P] - Taka only
    [6][K][P][P] - Taka only

    mC NC combos :

    [K]+[G][P] - only if side hit or if opponent is crouched in his recovery - Everyone - combo avaible, see CH K+GP combos
    [6][K][K] - Everyone - combo avaible , see 6KK combos
    [P][P][6][P] - Taka only
    [6][K][P][P] - Taka only - combo avaible , see last hit of 6KPP combos

    NH starters :

    Legend :
    >> Starter
    [5]Combo - Dmg - Characters the combo work with
    !!! : Remark

    >> [P]+[K]:
    [5] [P] , [3][3][P]+[K] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 74dmg - closed stance only - Eileen, El Blaze, Aoi
    !!! : Works with both stance against Aoi. 6_P necessary in order to hit El Blaze.
    [5] [1][P][P] , [P] , [K]+[G][P] - 70dmg - Eileen, El Blaze, Aoi only
    !!! : This combo has one of the best carry against El Blaze in order to wall hit if you only do K+G instead of K+GP (free 33P+K/33P).
    [5] [6_][P] , [1][P][P] , [4][K][P] - 68dmg - closed stance combo - Vanessa, Sarah, Pai, Lion only
    [5] [1][P][P] , [6_][P] , [6][K][K] - 70dmg - Timing dependant combo - up to lightweights and Brad, Lau
    !!! : No timing against Brad and Lau.
    [5] [6_][P] , [1][P][P] , [6][K][K] - 70dmg - Timing dependant combo - Vanessa, Sarah, Lion only
    !!! : This combo is way easier than the previous one. Delay is on 6_P.
    [5] [1][P][P] , [K]+[G][P] - 64dmg - Shun
    !!! : Better wake up game than the next combo
    [5] [6_][P] , [1][P][P] , [4][6][P] - 65dmg - Shun
    !!! : Wake up game is crappy but sobers 1DP
    [5] [P] , [4][P][P][P] - 67dmg - closed stance only - Eileen, Aoi, Vanessa, Sarah, Lion, Jean only
    [5][1][P][P] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 65dmg - Everyone except Wolf, Taka
    !!! : Yes it works on Jeffry.
    [5] [6_][P] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 59dmg - Everyone
    !!! : This combo has the best carry against most characters. Best used to setup a wall hit (free 33P+K/33P) or a ring out.
    Anti-Taka combo.

    >> [4][P]+[K][P]:
    [5] dash , [1][P][P] , [P] , [K]+[G][P] - 75dmg - Eileen, El Blaze, Aoi only
    [5] dash , [1][P][P] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 70dmg - Timing dependant against Jeffry, Wolf (easy timing though) - Everyone except Taka
    !!! : This combo has the best carry against superlightweight characters. Best used to setup a wall hit (free 33P+K/33P) or a ring out.
    [5] dash , [1][P][P] , [K]+[G][P] - 69dmg - Shun
    !!! : -1 DP
    [5] dash, [2][P] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 62dmg - Everyone except Taka
    !!! : This combo has the best carry against lightweight characters. Best used to setup a wall hit (free 33P+K/33P) or a ring out.

    >> [3][3][P]+[K]/[3][3][P] (33P+K combo dmg in red. Add +5dmg for 33P combo dmg):
    [5] [1][P][P] , [P] , [4][3][P] , [K]+[G][P] - 88dmg - closed stance combo - Sarah, Vanessa, Lion only
    [5] [6_][P] , [1][P][P] , [4][3][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K] - 87dmg - lightweight characters
    !!! : This combo has the best carry against lightweight characters. Best used to setup a wall hit (free 6KK).
    [5] [P] , [4][3][P] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 74dmg - up to middleweight characters
    !!! : This combo has the best carry against characters up to middleweight. Best used to setup a wall hit (free 33P+K/33P) or a ring out.
    [5] [P] , [4][3][P] , [4][P][P][P] - 87dmg - up to middleweight characters
    !!! : This only works in closed stance with 33P starter against middleweights and against El blaze with 33P+K starter.
    [5] [P] , [4][3][P] , [6][K][P][P] - 84dmg - Akira
    [5] [P] , [4][P][P][P] - 72dmg - Jeffry, Wolf

    >> [3][3][P]+[K] only :
    [5] [4][3][P] , [4][P][P][P] - 81dmg - Taka
    [5] [4][3][P] , [6][3][2][1][4][P][P] - 75dmg - Taka
    !!! : This combo has the best carry against Taka. Best used to setup a wall hit (free 33P) or a ring out.
    Yep, better carry than 6P+KPP for the fat guy !
    [5] [4][3][P] , [6][3][2][1][4][P][P][P]+[K] - 85dmg - open stance combo - Taka

    >> [3][3][P] only :
    [5] [3][3][P]+[K] , [P] , [4][3][P] , [K]+[G][P] - 98dmg - Eileen, El Blaze, Aoi
    [5] [P] , [6][3][2][1][4][P][P][P]+[K] - 81dmg - Wolf, Jefrry
    [5] [6_][P] , [6][K][K] - 66dmg - Taka
    !!!: 100% consistant combo. There's other stuff to do, but it's mostly range dependant. Yomi posted a good one with 2 character width away : [3][3][P] , [4][3][P] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] for 78dmg.

    >> [4][4][P]+[K] :
    [5] [4][3][P] , [3][3][P]+[K] , [2][P] , [6][K][K] - 90dmg - Eileen
    [5] [4][3][P] , [3][3][P]+[K] , [6_][P] , [6][K][K] - 92dmg - timing dependant combo (1f delay 6_P) - Middleweight characters
    [5] [4][3][P] , [3][3][P]+[K] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 87dmg - up to middleweight characters except Kage
    [5] [4][3][P] , [3][3][P]+[K] , [K]+[G][P] - 86dmg - up to middleweight characters
    [5] [4][3][P] , [4][P][P][P] - 80dmg - Akira, Jeffry, Wolf, Taka
    [5] [4][3][P] , [6][3][2][1][4][P][P][P]+[K] - 84dmg - open stance combo - Akira, Jeffry, Wolf, Taka
    !!!: It works in closed stance for Akira, Jeffry and Wolf but it's only 79dmg against Jeffry and Akira in closed stance. It deals 84dmg against Wolf with both stance.

    >> Tachi'ai [P] :
    [5] [4][3][P] , [3][3][P]+[K] , [K]+[G][P] - 82dmg - everyone except Taka
    !!! : It works against Jeffry in closed stance only
    [5] [4][3][P] , [3][3][P]+[K] , [6][K][K] - 82dmg - Akira, Jeffry, Wolf only
    [5] [4][3][P] , [3][3][P]+[K] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 83dmg - Taka

    >> [4][1][2][3][6][P][+][K](Full Charge)/[2] or [8][K][+][G]/Tachi'ai - [P][+][K][+][G] against opponent blocking/[6][3][2][1][4][P][+][G] :
    !!!: +15adv. so....
    [5] [P]+[K] combo of your choice.
    [5] [6][6][P][P] for ringout, when one character width away from mid-fence

    >> [4][3][P]/[4][K]+[G]/[6][K][K]/[8][K] :
    [5] [1][P][P] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - ~70dmg - Eileen
    !!! : Same kind of stun BUT :
    - this will connect everytime against Eileen except for 4K+G in closed stance where it won't connect.
    - this will connect against El Blaze only both stance with 6KK and only in closed stance after 8K
    [5] [1][P][P] , [6][K][K] - ~69dmg - Eileen, El Blaze
    !!! : Will connect against Aoi both stance with 43P starter only.
    [5] [1][P][P] , [2][P] , [K] - ~62dmg - Lightweight characters
    [5] [1][P][P] , [3][3][P]+[K] - ~58dmg - everyone except Taka
    [5] [1][P][P] , [2][P] - 47dmg - Taka

    >> Last hit of [6][K][P][P] :
    [5] [1][P][P] , [6_][P] , [K]+[G][P] - 70dmg - Aoi, Eileen, Blaze
    [5] [1][P][P] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 65dmg - Everyone except Taka
    [5] [6_][P] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 59dmg - closed stance combo - Taka
    [5] [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 51dmg - Taka

    >> [7]_[8]_[9][G][P]
    [5] [P] , [4][3][P] , [4][P][P][P] - 76dmg - Up to lightweight characters
    [5] [P] , [4][3][P] , [6][K][P][P] - 73dmg - Up to Akira
    !!! : Can be done against Jeffry but only in closed stance
    [5] [3][3][P]+[K] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 62dmg - Jeffry
    !!! : Can be done against Wolf in open stance
    [5] [1][P][P] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 59dmg - Jeffry, Wolf

    >> [K] when opponents backdash :
    [5] [3][3][P]+[K] , [1][P][P] , [P] , [4][3][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K] - 123dmg - Eileen, El Blaze, Aoi
    [5] [3][3][P]+[K] , [1][P][P] , [P] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 111dmg - lightweights characters
    [5] [3][3][P]+[K] , [1][P][P] , [P] , [K]+[G][P] - 111dmg - middleweights characters except Jacky
    [5] [3][3][P]+[K] , [1][P][P] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 106dmg - Everyone except Taka
    [5] [3][3][P]+[K] , [4][3][P] , [4][P][P][P] - 117dmg - Taka
    [5] [3][3][P]+[K] , [4][3][P] , [6][3][2][1][4][P][P][P]+[K] - 121dmg - closed stance combo - Taka
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    CH starters :

    >> [K]+[G][P] :
    [5] [1][P][P] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 95dmg - Aoi, Eileen, Blaze
    [5] [1][P][P] , [K]+[G][P] - 91dmg - Pai, Sarah, Lion, Shun Di
    [5] [1][P][P] , [6][K][K] - 94dmg - Vanessa
    [5] [1][P][P] , [2][P] , [K] - 88dmg - middleweight characters
    !!! : Deals 93dmg against Jean
    [5] [1][P][P] , [3][3][P]+[K] - 83dmg - Akira
    [5] [1][P][P] , [K] - 82dmg - Jeffry, Wolf
    [5] [1][P][P] , [6][P]+[K][P] - 83dmg - Taka
    !!! : That's not an error. 6P+KP and not 6P+KPP !

    >> [4][1][2][3][6][P] :
    [5] [6_][P] , [3][3][P]+[K] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 91dmg - up to lightweights
    [5] [6_][P] , [1][P][P] , [4][6][P] - 82dmg - everone except Taka
    [5] [6_][P] , [1][P][P] , [6][3][2][1][4][P][P][P]+[K] - 82dmg - open stance combo - everyone except Taka
    !!! : better wake up game than the 46P one.
    [5] [6_][P] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 76dmg - everyone except Taka
    !!! : This combo has the best carry against characters up to middleweight. Best used to setup a wall hit (free 33P+K/33P) or a ring out.
    [5] [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 55dmg - Taka

    >> [7]_[8]_[9][G][P] :
    [5] [6][K][K] - 49dmg - Taka
    !!! : Best damage is for [7]_[8]_[9][G][P][P] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] for 59dmg, but since [7]_[8]_[9][G][P][P]is nearly never used...

    >> [6][K] :
    [5] [1][P][P] , [P] , [4][3][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K] - 93dmg - Eileen and Blaze.
    [5] [1][P][P] , [4][P][P][P] - 84dmg - Aoi
    [5] [1][P][P] , [P] , [K]+[G][P] - 81dmg - Lightweights
    [5] [1][P][P] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 76dmg - Everyone except Taka

    !!! : Against everyone except Taka, CH 6K is better than CH 6KP. Taka has no CH 6K combo but you can use CH 6KP (hitconfirm) to get this combo :

    >> [6][K][P] :
    [5] Tachi'ai [P]+[K] - 63dmg - Taka

    >> Tachi'ai [K] :
    [5] [1][P][P] , [6][K][P][P] - 74dmg - Eileen, El Blaze
    !!! : Works against Aoi but it works only on open stance.
    [5] [1][P][P] , [1][P][P] , [6_][P] , [6][K][K] - 74dmg - timing dependant combo - Lightweights
    [5] [1][P][P] , [2][P] , [6][K][K] - 72dmg - closed stance combo - Sarah, Vanessa, Lion
    !!! : Closed stance only but no timing needed.
    [5] [1][P][P] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 69dmg - everyone except Taka
    [5] [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 55dmg - Taka
    [5] [2][P] , [P][P][6][P] - 59dmg - closed stance combo - Taka

    >> Side hit [K] / Side hit [3][P]+[K] :
    !!! : Side hit CH K damage in red, make it -3dmg to get Side hit CH 3P+K dmg.
    [5] [4][3][P] , [3][3][P]+[K] , [2][P] , [6][K][K] - ~102dmg - Aoi, El Blaze, Eileen
    [5] [4][3][P] , [3][3][P]+[K] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - ~99dmg - Up to lighweights characters
    [5] [4][3][P] , [3][3][P]+[K] , [K]+[G][P] - ~98dmg - Up to middleweights characters
    [5] [4][3][P] , [6][3][2][1][4][P][P][P]+[K] - ~96dmg - Akira, Jeffry, Wolf, Taka
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    Wall combos :


    W! = Wallhit
    STG = Stagger
    !!! : only the first wall hit will be shown in the combos.

    >> [2_][4][P]+[G] W! :
    [5][3][3][P]+[K] , [4][3][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K] , [1][P][P] , [3][3][P] - 110dmg - Lightweights characters and superlightweight characters
    [5]dash , [1][P][P] , [4][3][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K] , [2_][4][6][P]+[K] - 100dmg - Middleweights characters except Jean and Jacky
    [5][3][3][P]+[K] , [1][P][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K] - 85dmg - Jean
    [5][3][3][P]+[K] , [4][6][P] (wall again) , [1][P][P] , [3][3][P] - 96dmg - Jacky, Akira
    !!! :The 46P won't wall again at max range of 2_4P+G W! against Akira or Jacky, use the Jean combo at max range.
    [5][3][3][P]+[K] , [6][3][2][1][4][P] , [3][3][P] - 84dmg - Wolf, Jeffry
    [5][4][6][P] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 80dmg - Taka

    >> [3][P]+[K]/[K]/[4][P][P]+[K]/Jump [K] W! STG :
    [5][4][6][P] , [3][3][P]+[K] , [4][3][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K] , [1][P][P] , [3][3][P] - ~122dmg - up to lightweights characters except Jacky
    [5][4][6][P] , [3][3][P]+[K] , [4][3][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K] , [6][K][K] - ~119dmg - up to midweights characters except Jacky
    [5][4][6][P] , backdash , [1][P][P] , [4][3][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K] , [6][K][K] - 114dmg - Jacky
    [5][4][6][P] , [P][P] , [4][3][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K] , [6][K][K] - ~113dmg - Akira
    [5][4][6][P] , [P] , [4][3][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K] , [6][K][K] - ~111dmg - Jeffry, Wolf
    [5][3][3][P]+[K] , [4][3][P] , tachi'ai [P]+[K] , [6][K][K] - ~110dmg - Taka
    !!! : This combo is very powerfull. But stagger can be broken if they're really fast (fastest destun can break it) and you'll end up doing a -18 move in their guard. Be carefull !
    If you know they're able to break this stagger, you're still at massive advantage with their back against the wall.

    >> Any high wall splat like last hit of [4][P][P][P] W! or [4][6][P] W! :
    [5] delay , [3][3][P]+[K] , [4][3][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K] , [6][K][K] - 92dmg - up to midweights except Jacky, Jean
    [5] delay , [1][P][P] , [4][3][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K] , [6][K][K] - 87dmg - Jacky, Jean, Akira, Wolf, Jeffry
    [5] [4][3][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K] , [6][K][K] - 80dmg - open stance combo - Taka
    [5] [6][P]+[K][P][P] - 49dmg - closed stance combo - Taka
    !!! : all those combo are avaible on side hit high wall splat like after CH [1][P]+[K] W! or CH [2_][6][P] W! if you OM in front of your opponent.

    >> [6][K][K] W! (first 6K creates a wall stagger that can't be broken) :
    [5] [1][P][P] , [4][3][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K] , [K]+[G][P] - 115dmg - up to lightweights
    [5] [1][P][P] , dash , [3][3][P] - 78dmg - up to midweights
    [5] [1][P][P] , [3][3][P]+[K] - 74dmg - Everyone except Taka
    [5] [3][3][P] - 62dmg - Taka

    >> [4][P][P]+[K] W! :
    !!! : If you're completely face to the wall you can do Tachi'ai K or Tachi'ai P+K wall combo. Tachi'ai P+K will go for high wall splat wall combos. Here is alternate version with Tachi'ai K.
    [5] Tachi'ai [K] , [1][P][P] , [4][3][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K] , [6][K][K] - 112dmg - up to Akira
    [5] Tachi'ai [K] , [1][P][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K] - 78dmg - Wolf, Jeffry
    [5] Tachi'ai [K] , [1][P][P] , [3][3][P] - 75dmg - Taka

    >> [4][4][P] W! :
    !!! : There's a stagger but BT K is garanteed.
    [5] BT [K] , [1][P][P] , [4][3][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K] , [K]+[G][P] - 128dmg - everyone except Taka
    [5] BT [K] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] , [3][3][P] - 106dmg - Taka

    >> [K] when opponents backdash near center of the ring :
    [5] [3][3][P]+[K] , [6_][P] , [1][P][P] W! , [4][3][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K] , [6][K][K] - 137dmg - Up to Akira
    [5] [3][3][P]+[K] , [1][P][P] W! , [4][3][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K] , [6][K][K] - 135dmg - Jeffry, Wolf
    [5] [3][3][P]+[K] , [4][3][P] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] W! , [3][3][P] - 127dmg - Taka

    >> CH [6][P] W! STG :
    !!! : +12 adv. for fastest destagger so... mix it up (throw, or any wall combo starter) or take your garanteed damage :
    [5] [P][P][P] - 57dmg - Everyone
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    Maxou Well-Known Member

    Seems pretty much finished.
    I added every bit of information I had on Taka's combos and tried to make it as clear as possible.
    I'll edit if we find new stuff or if needed.

    Remarks :
    - Be aware that I listed best damage, but you won't always want to do best damage, to have a good wake up game or good positioning for exemple.
    - Some combo are kinda hard to do too like the P+K 1PP 6_P 6KK (apart against Brad and Lau) one so I'd advise against them in a competition situation.
    - Not every wall combo is listed, I didn't list some wall staggers situations you could get with 4PP or 4PP+K if you're at an angle with the wall since they're completely angle dependant and position dependant, so... kinda inconsistant, but you'll have to take my work for it, you can go up to 120+dmg at a specific angle on closed stance with : [4][P][P]+[K] W! STG Tachi'ai [P] into combo. There's some 4PP stuff W! STG you can do too.
    I also didn't list 2P+K W! into 33P+K since I couldn't find the correct situation in training mode. It is garanteed according to videos, but I couldn't do it. If someone has the explanation, please tell.
    - Don't hesitate to tell me if I forgot something or if you found new stuff, I'll edit asap !
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  5. YOMI

    YOMI not a legendary game designer

    I didn't notice you asking for advice on a Taka specific combo from 33P until now. My advice is to not use 33P against Taka, the move has too much recovery to get good comboes on Taka; If you are too close, you cannot bound them with 43P, but if you are at the right distance you can bound them after, but dash 6P+KPP is pretty much the only thing you can get. So a Taka 33P combo: At around one character widht away 33P, 43P, 6P+KPP for 78 damage. It's something, but 33P+K has much better options, so just use that. No real need for 33P against Taka anyway.

    BTW here is a combo on Aoi: 33P, 33P+K, P, 43P, 6KK_K+GP, 98 dmg, works both stances.
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  6. Maxou

    Maxou Well-Known Member

    Thanks about 33P !
    The Aoi combo is already written btw (check 33P only in NH combos).
  7. Maxou

    Maxou Well-Known Member

    Something I found and I don't know if it was known but :
    [6][K][K] and [K]+[G][P] are NC on mC.

    K+GP is especially interesting :
    - If you evade, K+G side hit will be -5 block, K+GP will be -12 block.
    - It is an easy i17 punishment instead of 33P+K. It deals quite a big of damage too (80+). That's an easy 80+dmg (max 90 against superlightweight) for any sweep you blocked.
  8. Modelah

    Modelah Well-Known Member VFDC Translator Content Manager Taka

    Sorry, noobish question, but what's that?
  9. Mister

    Mister Well-Known Member Content Manager Wolf

    Natural Combo on minor Counter
  10. Maxou

    Maxou Well-Known Member

    Yes, K+GP is not garanteed on NH (neutral hit) but it is if you punish an opponent (=minor Counter).
  11. Manjimaru

    Manjimaru Grumpy old man

    minor counter = hitting opponent during their recovery.
  12. YOMI

    YOMI not a legendary game designer

    Ah, so it was. My bad. But I have a remark regarding to [3][3][P]+[K]/[3][3][P], [1][P][P] , [P] , [4][3][P] , Tachi'ai [P]+[K], you've listed this as an closed stance only combo, yet it works from both stances on Shun, Lion, Vanessa, Pai and Sarah.

    I'll add to this too that the whole 6KPP string is NC on mC against Taka, plus you can combo him afterwars with at least 6P+KPP for easy 87 dmg after blocking his 2P+KP or 1P+K.
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  13. Maxou

    Maxou Well-Known Member

    Very nice !
    I don't know why I put that in closed stance only, thank you for notifying me ! Too much Ctrl-C Ctrl-V I guess.

    I didn't work that much on Taka related combo, I'll add an addendum about them later. Thanks for the informations !

    Oh btw, K+GP is indeed combo on mC BUT opponent needs to be crouched or side hit. Doesn't MC punish against standing stuff :/ It's kinda too bad because it means it's only evade or sweep related. Oh well... Not that bad I guess though ;)

    EDIT :
    Found out that against Taka you can go up to 97 dmg with 6KPP mC :
    [6][K][K][P] , [6_][P] , [6][P]+[K][P][P] is combo against him.
    Really nice ! That's more than a 33P+K punishment for an easier imput.
    EDIT 3 : I am an idiot, I forget the combos I wrote, it was already written in last hit of 6KPP combos. And only works in closed stance.
    EDIT 2 :
    Updated some stuff.
    - Added a Shun related combo after P+K for -1 DP, 64dmg, and better wake up game than the combo I listed before.
    - Changed the 33P+K 1PP P 43P Tachi'ai P+K combo to 33P+K 6_P 1PP 43P Tachi'ai P+K. It doesn't change damage, it doesn't change character, but it's an easier way to do the combo, even on CH (CH is harder to time because characters are launched higher, with 6_P 1PP you only need to delay 6_P a bit).
    - Added a mC NC combos section just after the NCC section.
  14. Maxou

    Maxou Well-Known Member

    And... updated again !
    Added 9GP combos that I forgot to write when I made the topic.
    I nearly never use that move, but that's perhaps a mistake on my part since it deals nice damage and can be used for shenaningans with 9GPP strings.
    When would you use that move guys?
  15. YOMI

    YOMI not a legendary game designer

    Never used that move, never even thought of using that move. The only jump attacks I do are 9K and 9P, 9K gives you a combo (1PP, 33P+K) on hit while P gives you a crouch throw attempt on hit if they just freeze and block afterwards. Shenanigans both, but they can work.
  16. Maxou

    Maxou Well-Known Member

    I used that move a few time.
    9GP is actually +1 on block and the NH combo is quite nice. Problem is that it's a high. Most of the time, I used it when I anticipated throws and knew my opponent would have a bad reward if I jumped.
    I didn't try 9GP into wall combos but I am pretty sure you can do some stuff with that. At the very least 9GP 1PP 6P+KPP W! 33P+K is garanteed.

    9K is actually quite good (better than 9P) BUT it's -10 on block. And pushback is not that nice.
    9K combos are written there btw.
  17. YOMI

    YOMI not a legendary game designer

    I've got a couple of remarks for the list.

    These comboes work on Jeff only from closed stance:

    [3][3][P], [P] , [6][3][2][1][4][P][P][P]+[K]
    [3][3][P], [P], [4][P][P][P]
    CH [6][K], [1][P][P], [6][P]+[K][P][P]
    [K] when opponents backdash, [3][3][P]+[K], [1][P][P], [6][P]+[K][P][P]
    CH Tachi'ai [K], [1][P][P], [6][P]+[K][P][P]

    Regarding these, here are some open stance comboes against Jeff:

    [3][3][P], [P], [6][K][P][P]
    CH [6][K], [1][P][P], [3][3][P]+[K] (Really can't figure anything better on him from open with ch 6k)
    [K] when opponents backdash, [3][3][P]+[K], [1][P][P], [3][3][P]+[K] (Ditto)
    CH Tachi'ai [K], [1][P][P], [6][K][K]

    [3][3][P]+[K], [P], [6][3][2][1][4][P][P][P]+[K] works from open stance, but it only does 71 damage as not all of the hits of the HHS string hit so it's better to do the [3][3][P]+[K], [P], [4][P][P][P] one instead. It does, however, give a spinning knockdown, good for setuping back hits for those who tech in place.

    I'm also having a very hard time landing [4][P]+[K][P], dash [2][P], [6][P]+[K][P][P] against Jeff from any stance, way too hard to be listed as a consistent combo on him IMO. Last hit of [6][K][P][P], [1][P][P], [6][P]+[K][P][P] also has a pretty tricky timing against him.

    Moving on from Jeff, here's a CH K+GP combo on Goh, works from both stances:
    CH [K]+[G][P], [1][P][P], [2][P], [3][P]+[K] - 87 dmg
    However, it will NOT work if K+G hit while Goh was crouching. Regular CH only.

    Finally, this combo does not work on Blaze after [8]_[2][K]+[G]:
    [P]+[K], [P] , [3][3][P]+[K] , [6][P]+[K][P][P], pretty much just have to stick with [P]+[K], [1][P][P], [6][P]+[K][P][P] after 8_2K+G. Blaze has a weird hitbox.

    EDIT: BTW you have one CH combo listed as Jean taking more damage than other characters, this is not true, refer to this thread: http://virtuafighter.com/threads/jean-takes-more-damage-than-other-characters.15927/
  18. Combolammas

    Combolammas Sheep Content Manager Goh

    Tested the combos listed on the combolist currently vs Goh for possible mistakes.

    33P+K, 1PP, P, 43P~P+K+G, tachi P+K works from open normal hit and closed on CH.
    33P+K, P, 43P, 4PPP does not work from closed
    both vs. Taka combos work on Goh both stances on CH (though one hit misses in the middle of 63214PPP+K)

    33P, 1PP, P, 43P~P+K+G, tachi P+K works on CH both stances.
    33P, P, 43P, 4PPP does not work from open.
    Last 3 listed 33P combos work on Goh both stances.

    44P+K, 43P, 33P+K, 1FK 6_P, 6KK I can't get the jab to hit either stance.
    44P+K, 43P, 33P+K, 6P+K,P,P does not work either stance.
    44P+K, 43P, 63214PPP+K works both stances.

    Not listed on there, but 6KPP, 1PP, 6_P, 6KK works from closed for 70.
    Other listed 6KPP juggles work on Goh just fine.
    6KPP, 6_P, 6P+K,P,P is not stance specific vs Taka BTW

    descending P, P, 43P, 4PPP works from open.
    not listed but descending P, 1PP, 6_P, 43P~P+K+G, tachi P+K works from both stances on CH
  19. YOMI

    YOMI not a legendary game designer

    Thanks for the help, I'll be listing everything up once I've created a category for all launches and tested everything.
  20. Dennis0201

    Dennis0201 Well-Known Member

    Aoi specific wall combo against Aoi only,

    63214P+G>P+K>P>K(wall hit)>P>43P Tachai P+K >6KK

    The ender 6KK might whiff but the idea is the wall hit.

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